Coastal engineers have developed a unique project of the fishing boat dock


Established at the suggestion of Primorye Governor Sergei Darkin design team presented a unique project, which has no analogues in the world for efficiency and low-cost — Fishing Vessel docking of new generation.

Established design team has extensive experience in the design of ships, fishing weapons, creation of computer simulators. In particular, during 1998-2000. members of the group had successfully implemented a project to restore a small fishing fleet in the Sakhalin region.


The structure design team includes: Ltd. "RPK Poseidon" SUE "Sahalizingflot" OAO "Far Eastern Bank" Ltd. "Poseidon leasing."

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The lake is big again Nanoga fish kills. Photo


Photo: A reader

18.01.12.V Ozersk Chelyabinsk region on Lake Big Nanoga began again fish kills. Where there are open channels, the fish comes to the surface. It seems necessary to take action again …

I recall that in March 2011, a few weeks residents Ozersk same mass mortality of fish in the lake Big Nanoga

Source: Ozersk online

Photo: A reader

Photo: A reader

Photo: A reader

Photo: A reader

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Presented the first Russian electrobuses

Pre-production samples of the city electric buses, along with other models of long-term transport on display in the capital. In the next year a new type of production vehicles will take to the streets of Moscow.


Low-floor Electrobus large class of Engels soon begin to gradually replace traditional bus routes in the capital, where there is no catenary trolley

We are talking about buses built "around" the advanced lithium-ion batteries of the Novosibirsk "Liotech. "On the first such project for Novosibirsk and about the company's Web site commented in detail. Parachuted Today in the

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Presentation, which waited 15 years in Kursk city opened Circus

Kursk, 11.11.11g.

After an extensive renovation in Kursk city opened a circus. The old building burned down in a fire in its place built a complex that will be the largest and most modern in the country.


Today transformed not only the building of the circus, but the area in front of him. Work is being completed on the restoration of the fountain. It will be a 13-jet fountain with lights and a huge water bowl. Near the new circus, a monument to Yury Nikulin and his partner on stage Michael Shuydina. These two brilliant

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Chairman of the SEC Dawn Alexander Leyhtling — I am not a capitalist — just know how to work

About the SEC "Dawn" in Cherepanovsky district of Novosibirsk region today do not know except that lazy.


Everything about him is not, as is customary in Russia in the village: pay people to pay, home building, the money from his boss does not ask himself copes. Cope — not a word. Every year in his farm there is something new, a new shop, the new farm. Ideas — a grander another.


Today the SEC "Dawn" — a diversified economy in which there is a field crop and livestock production, and, most importantly,

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Chupacabra. A selection of photos and videos

Chupacabra — A mysterious creature that is seen in all countries of the world. Lots of photos and video material, as well as drawings created by eyewitnesses. What is it really? Indeed mystical creature, the result of cross-breeding of animals, mutation, or a skilled installation enthusiast? Perhaps the answer to this question is not found until it's creation will not be caught. I offer you a selection of photos and videos about this creature.

Video Chupacabra. Watch


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Company Barnaul modernize production

At Enterprise Ltd. "Martika" produce plastic products: Since 2007, the volume of production increased by 2 times. At present, the share of LLC "Martika" accounts for 4% of total Russian production of such goods. The factory produces more than 320 kinds of products made of plastic. The production capacity of the company — about 5 million tons of products per year.


In 2012, the company intends to implement a new project worth about 20 million rubles. On the market there will be jars with capacity from 15 to 100 liters. An assortment of enterprise products will

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Company Agro-Belogoriya began training young professionals

Company "Agro-Belogoriya" began training young professionals, who will be part of the six thousandth collective holding. Students Demetrius vocational school, the future of the structural units of the Group companies have started training for a new educational program. Make a present of a top-level student will allow dual technique, which is based on an extensive course of practical training.


Make 23rd Academy "source of manpower" will help resources "Agro-Belogoriya" technical and human. Foundations of the future profession dmitrievtsy learn on the basis of "Prokhorov Grain Company" and "Belgorod dairy farms ". There's a special experience to

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Sinkhole in Gomel. Photo

Karst holes

7.07.11.Schel long the entire roadway was formed at the site of the road R — 125 (direction Loew — Bragin), 500 meters from the village Rucheevka. Thus, the movement on the road made it impossible for aid brought rescuers and road service.

As reported by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Gomel region, reported damage to the road came yesterday, July 6, about half 11 in the morning. The road literally collapsed.

The reason for the incident — heavy rains that washed away the roadbed in the passage pipe for water drainage. According to the weather station on

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Enterprising stavropolchanka won unemployment


The federal program to combat unemployment this year is over. Its outcome was the 5000 300 newly minted entrepreneurs. They, in turn, have employed a thousand unemployed.

Elena Ribkina, going with his family in the village of Don Trunovskogo area, did not think it would be an entrepreneur. They bought a house in the suburbs, the dimensionless garden, a river — at hand: a paradise for the utility industry.



But the work book bear no place. When Helen went to the exchange, she was asked to open your own

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