After upgrading Astrakhansteklo ramping up production

Astrakhan glass factory — One of the oldest companies in the region, next year it will celebrate the 125th anniversary. By this date, "Astrakhansteklo" approaches significantly updated. Recently concluded modernization has cost 160 million rubles.


The new glass furnace can now increase the monthly output from 9-10 million units of glass products to 15 million. Notably, in such amounts and implementation problems not the enterprise. Modern equipment can be tuned to produce different products: beer, vodka bottles, jars of different sizes, bottles, including for the perfume industry.


Currently, the number of orders

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The next flood in Kiev: the private sector went under water. Photo


Photo: Leonid Ezersky

12.07.11.Dozhd, which took place in Kiev, sank three dozen homes and yards in a residential neighborhood Bortnichi.

"The rain is over, water on the knee. Level meter was all floating — said Valery Nuzhnenko of house number 30 on the street. Lower shaft. — This has never happened. We got the private sector. Flooded gardens, sheds, water in the house is worth, refrigerators and equipment spoiled. Dogs pootvyazyval because drowned. We have two dozen chickens, so I have them saved, transferred to a dry place. A duck swimming. "

According to local residents five years

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Sinkhole in Lithuania. Photo

Karst holes

Photo: DELFI (P.Garkausko nuotr.)

11.07.11.V Monday in Kaunas failed asphalt, car and commercial vehicle hanging over the edge of the pit depth of several meters.

It turned out that the ceiling collapsed roadway is under shelter.

The incident took place in the center of Kaunas — the courtyard of an apartment building at the junction of Kyastuche and Myron. Small truck carrying gravel, when suddenly it kicked in just under the asphalt. Fortunately, in the pit of the machine fell, and the driver was not injured — truck hanging on the edge of the pit krayu.Takzhe

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After a major overhaul in Yekaterinburg opened two kindergartens

The opening of two pre-school was held in late September at the Ordzhonikidze district of Yekaterinburg. The buildings are designed for preschool 6 groups each. Thus, attend public kindergartens will be able to 220 children aged from 3 to 7 years.


New kindergartens equipped with facilities for music, physical education. In the nursery meets all the requirements of a medical center and a food pack. On leisure sites equipped veranda, set quality playground equipment.


picture story






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Flood in the center of Pskov. Picture story


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Photo by Alexey Kobzarev.

On the night of April 8 to 9 in the Great and Pskov began drifting ice, rivers burst their banks, podtopiv all buildings on their shores.

Predictions come true. Such a flood in Pskov was for many years: the city center was flooded — Mirozh monastery Golden Embankment, Finnish park.

Photo by Alexey Kobzarev.

Pskov News Release


Mirozh monastery under water

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Snow in Namibia. Video


On Wednesday, June 8, in Namibia (South Africa) in the territory of one of the popular tourist safari park snow fell. The last time snow in the area dropped in 2002 godu.Sneg in the Namib desert — How strange was our world!

Uploaded unicorn003, date: 08.06.2011

Article in English here> The Namibian

Photo report here Snow in Namibia. Photo

Semi-road — an examination put an excellent

PKF "Politrans" (Chelyabinsk) — Russia's leading plant trailers since 2000, producing trailers all terrain vehicles, models with low loading height, log trucks with sliding conics and quick-sides, as well as a special duty machinery for the subsequent installation of various equipment on it.


At the end of 2010, the company's designers have developed a new family of semi-TSP 94163-0000050 capacity from 41 to 45 tons now, after six months operation can be stated that new items withstood rigorous examination and demonstrated its high performance.


The design feature is the use of high-trailers

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28.03.12.Massovaya death crab in Primorye. Video. Photo


28.03.12.Bolshekamentsy working in the shipyard "Zvezda", this morning found in the original bay now graveyard of marine life. "Once again, in the bay of the factory" Star "something leaked or dumped, I do marvel at the fact that what she is around animals. I honestly was speechless by what he saw — as a dead crab and small, and just normal size, I have not seen. Want to ask a question. Gentlemen! Well there you are again poured!?"- Says bolshekamensky blogger Max Knyazev.

In the photo: the dead crabs, urchins and fish "decorated" the bay of the

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In Kiev, the next car sank into the ground. Photo

Karst holes

18.05.11.Segodnya in Kiev on the street Berezniakivska 14-A in the parking lot "Mazda 3" fell through the asfalt.Kak reporter "Stolitsy.Glavred", arrived at the scene officers' Kyivvodokanal. " According to preliminary reports, a parking pass communication. Perhaps one of the pipes leak and gave sapped asphalt. Do not rule out other causes of failure grunta.K Fortunately, as a result of the accident no one was hurt. Earlier in Kiev, Kharkov highway collapsed underground car "Mitsubishi Outlander."

Photo: Yuri Melnichenko


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In China, an entire village falls. Photo

Karst holes


19.08.11.Mnogochislennye development of coal deposits in the vicinity of the village Muguabin Shanxi province led to subsidence of land in the village.

Some families have several times moved from place to place because of the collapses of their homes.

According to the publication, "Beijing Youth", the village Muguabin located in a mountainous area, the people there are living dispersed in ramshackle huts, caves or in the abandoned tunnels.

Problems with subsidence began in 2000, but they were local, so the authorities did not pay attention to them. However, this summer began to sink almost

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