Failure formed in southern China. Photo

Karst holes

The failure on the road. Guangdong Province. January 2011. Photo:

Formed a major failure on the road in Foshan City of Guangdong Province on January 13. Standing next to the house straight out. Fortunately no one was hurt, had evacuated over 100 people.

According to the publication "Sintszinbao" to varying degrees failed plot of land of about 3000 square meters. m at the bottom of the failure of the water. Geologists say that the current soil stabilized, new failures were found to determine the cause of the incident will need at least a week.


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The sailing vessel Pallada solemnly met in Vladivostok

Sailboat "Pallada" solemnly met in Vladivostok after the hundred-day expedition.


Training sailing vessel "Pallada" returned to Vladivostok from the International transpacific expedition on the 50th anniversary of the space flight YA Gagarin and 270th anniversary of the discovery of Russian America by Russian seafarers.

1 July 2011 cadets went on an expedition, the main aim of which was to attract the world's attention to the achievements of the Russian space. 42 cadets from Dal'rybvtuz and 59 students from Kamchatka State Technical University visited six U.S. ports: Kodiak, Sitka, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu

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Sailboat Hope will promote Russia abroad

August 25 in Vladivostok, Russian center was opened on board the sailing training ship "Hope" of the Maritime State University named after GI Nevel. Center became the 75th in a row open by the "Russian world" and the world's first "floating" Russian center.

Sailboat "Hope" is ready for an overseas campaign, which coincided with the opening in Vladivostok in 2012, the meeting of heads of states — participants of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.


Campaign itself will consist of two stages. The first will begin in early September. Glider goes to North America, visit Honolulu, where

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Park ambulance Kalmykia filled with new machines

More than 3.8 million rubles spent in Kalmykia in the purchase of vehicles for the medical institutions of the country. October 8, the new motor ambulance Class "B" and a mobile medical unit for preventive Photo X-rays were made to institutions of Health last week.

Besides budget institution of Kalmykia "Republican TB dispensary" was given therapeutic and preventive module "Photo X-rays."

In Voronezh Reservoir fish died. Video. Photo


Photo by Alexander Zinchenko

08.05.11. — We noticed that something was wrong three days ago, when the water in the backwater for no reason, no reason is highlighted in pink — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Maslovka neighborhood residents.

— Soon after, on the surface of the water was a dead fish float.

To parse the causes of environmental disasters on Friday, August 5, the place went specialists from several departments: RPN, Rospotrebnadzor, fishing control.

— We have selected a sample of water for analysis, the results will be ready in five days — told us Sergei Turchaninov, Head

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Transit of Venus 2012

June 6 was interesting astronomical event — the transit of Venus across the solar disk. For an observer on Earth, it looked like the movement of a dark circle in the sun, which lasted for several hours.

Event is significant that the next passage will occur only in 2117. And also the first time that this phenomenon was filmed in such a high resolution. This was done in camera space observatory, NASA SDD (Solar Dynamics Observatory), which monitors our luminary with the earth's orbit.

1. Japanese scientific satellite for research in the field of solar

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Annular solar eclipse of May 21, photos

Moon Shadow is unable to close observers of the Sun, as it does during a total eclipse, and it seems that a small dark circle slowly "floats" on the solar disk.Annular solar eclipse lasted until 5.39 am. Residents can enjoy the sight of the southwest coast of China and the southern islands of the Japanese archipelago. The maximum phase of the eclipse lasted only 5 minutes. In part, this phenomenon could watch people of the Far East of Russia. Last time in this region such eclipse occurred 932 years ago.Annular solar eclipse in the south-west of the city Kanarravil, Utah.

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Climatic anomalies: 30 degree heat in the Balkans changed snowfall

Dozens of villages in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday morning without water and electricity because of accidents caused by snowfall, local media reported.

After the 30-degree heat, steady in recent weeks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the end of last week's cold snap began. On Sunday, in a number of areas, including the capital Sarajevo, the snow began to fall. By Monday morning the snow depth reached in the mountains 30 centimeters. Traffic on many roads difficult.


According to Bosnian media reports, hundreds of people in the communities Sokolac and Khan Pijesak were without

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Symptoms and causes of failures of soil

Sinkholes — is depression or destruction of the earth's surface, such as limestone cracks and expanding faults. They are also formed when acidic water percolates through the soil and leads to destruction for a long period of time.

So, there are two main types of sinks:

Rill (Polje) formed when limestone is exposed or is covered with a thin layer of soil. Once the limestone lining has eroded the soil begins to sink, gradually forming a cup-like depression, which often turns into a swamp or pond. Dips (mines, Ponor) formed instantly. When underground cavern can no

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Detachment of the Black Sea Fleet warships returned to Sevastopol

On the ball Photo

Group of warships of Black Sea Fleet (BSF) in the patrol ship "Sharp-witted" and the rescue ship "EPRON" by performing tasks in the Mediterranean, returned to Sevastopol, the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

The ship and the salvage ship participated in ongoing since 2004 on a regular basis of bilateral Russian-Italian exercise "Ionieks-2011." The sailors of the two countries have worked together organizing Inspection operations designed to prevent illicit trafficking in arms, ammunition and contraband, drugs. The ships carried artillery fire, conducted exercises in search and attack submarine, worked in cooperation to

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