The cost of road construction in Russia


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http://cenadalnic.oziveni…ocuments/ibr-ceny-d11.pdf (in Czech) Construc on flat and slightly undulating terrain without tunnels.

Austria 10.8 mln.E / km Slovenia 7.4 mln.E / km Czech Republic 9.0 mln.E / km

In Russia (the rate 1E = 43 rubles).

1. Autobahn Kemerovo-Leninsk-the area from Sukhoi interchange to turn on the village Sammy kilometrov.5 length of 25 billion 700 million rubles. 5.3 mln.E / km Photo: two two-level interchanges, two bridges, six flyovers, mounted 29 culverts. Installed 49 kilometers of the metal barrier protection, including on the median strip along the entire area —

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About scandal expensive in Skolkovo

Nightingale Ignat The risen over the "dilapidated road from Moscow to the innovation center in Skolkovo" has caused me some confusion: how can come into disrepair something that has not yet built? Maybe in a stream of news related to this suburban village, I missed something? Passions were running high, "billion per kilometer — and has already cracked it all went!".

Call the editor — "immediately in Skolkovo, see what's going on there." Editorial — the law. Trickle minibus crawls down the lane, proudly calls "Skolkovskoe highway", leaves for Moscow and the brakes on a deserted bus stop.

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Modern photos of ghosts

Is the photos show "captured" a film of spirits and ghosts, often invisible to the naked eye? On this question there is no single answer to any scientific point of view, nor from any other. Often these photos — this is a deliberate forgery, often — our carelessness and inattention: bad film is washed, the strap from the camera hit the shot, the dust on the lens, the smoke and dust in the air, smoking a cigarette in his hand while shooting, refracted and scattered rays of light and etc. But sometimes, no examination can neither refute or

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NSSP continues stroitelsvo series of 10 bulk carriers

Nevsky Shipyard (NSSP) continues to build a series of 10 dry cargo vessels of "river-sea" deadweight about 7 tons, the project RSD49 (designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau-Design-SPb in close collaboration with the customer and factory-builder). Customer — North-Western Shipping Company.


November 26, 2011, the regular key event — the loading of the main engines on order number 403. Formation of the hulls and mechanical and construction work on the orders number 402 (keel laid on April 20th 2011.) And 403 (keel laid August 15, 2011). The plant began forming the hull structures Order number 404

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NPP space instrument Quantum

JSC "NPP MP" Quantum "was established by the Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR № 308 dated August 10, 1979 — Rostov branch of Azov Optical and Mechanical Plant. In 1980 it was transformed into the plant "Quantum", the main activity is the manufacture of optoelectronic devices orientation and astro-navigation spacecraft. In 1994, the company was transformed into an open joint stock company.


We dispose successfully survived the years of perestroika, significantly expanding the range of products, while maintaining the principles of high-tech manufacturing. One of the first in the country began to produce lights

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By fortune do not go!




In every newspaper there is a photo "fortune-tellers" and "soothsayers" who promise to charm a loved one, establish a business, and, of course, tell all the possible and the impossible of any interest to you man. The only thing to do — along with the donations and bring "clairvoyant" picture desired person. Having found

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SPC Mining machines provides equipment, Norilsk Nickel


Under the contract, the company "Mining machines", combining engineering assets of the largest financial-industrial groups in Ukraine — "System Capital Management" (SCM, Donetsk), will deliver the main ventilation fans improved production of PJSC "Donetskgormash" towards a world leader in the production of non-ferrous metals — Mining and Metallurgical Company (MMC), "Norilsk Nickel" (Russian Federation).


Turbomachinery series WDC and VOD, providing high efficiency in a wide range of ventilation modes will work in the mines, "Komsomol" and "Taimyr" Polar Division of the Russian company.


The first batch of equipment will

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New school stadium in Rostov

September 16th City Day on the basis of MOU DOD School number 109 was solemnly opened a modern school stadium.

The new football field with artificial turf football tournament was held among the teams in 2001 with the participation of the birth of the leading sports schools in the city — FSM FC "Rostov" SKA-Progress, SC "Quadro" Football Academy to them. B. Monday.


The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of the city of Rostov-on-Don Mikhail Chernyshev, head of the district administration Pershamaiski Shumeev VG, Head of Physical Education and Sports Samofalova MA, members

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Kurapaty. Eternal rest

Society of Photo fragment People Kurapaty memorial, which we consider here (Photo 1), done Ilya Bogdan. Photo composition is arranged beautifully, well crafted and well photographed. Good, because that is captured and identified a memorial mood and cold autumn morning — a state of nature and the elusive state of her mind. These are the qualities we must first look to the forest to reveal its contents.

Photo 1

Picture looks good, especially the slanting shadows of trees on the frozen grass. Linear composition consists of a combination of lines, that have emotional expression. And it also helps to release

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The new Center of Neurosurgery in Tyumen


The technology used in neurosurgical center of Tyumen, are unique and will work for the benefit of the inhabitants of the region. This was stated by the Governor of the Tyumen region, Vladimir Yakushev at the retreat session of the council on the implementation of the priority national project "Health". "Neurosurgical Center is being launched on April 25, there will be the first operation. The level of equipment the center of a good, such institutions are only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I am sure that none of the center will be a great, getting high-tech help

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