Just two cultural centers were opened after reconstruction in the Podolsk district of the Moscow region

 Photo source:mskmo.ru

1. For the upcoming New Year in the rural settlement Voronovskaya Podolsky District renovated open house of culture "Friendship" with a renewed assembly hall for 600 people. In the four-storey building of the House of Culture, built in 1981, housed an auditorium for 600 people, dance hall — 109 sqm. m, meeting room — 152 square meters. m, an art gallery — 50 square meters. m, a small concert hall — 50 sq. m. m, children's cafe

2. The village Factories them. May 1, rural settlement Ryazanovsky Podolsky municipal district of the Moscow region for the

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Sports Center opened in Mogoytuyskom’s Trans-Baikal region

Sports center "Drummer" with a universal game room worth about 20 million rubles opened in Mogoytuyskom near the Trans-Baikal region. Its total area — 900 square meters. The building has several locker rooms, dressing room, shower, toilet.

 Photo source:mogoitui.ru

According to the press service of the administration Mogoytuyskogo district, the money allocated for the construction of the federal and regional budgets.

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 Photo source:mogoitui.ru

 Photo source:mogoitui.ru

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Sports complexes in Yaroslavl

Interested in the question: what prevents Yaroslavl to lead a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness, for instance. Few gyms? It was found that under the guise of talk about the hard life in our city is quiet povyrastali or were reconstructed various Phocas and arenas. Approximately in the amounts: UkrCom "Lokomotiv Arena 2000" (one of the best in Europe)

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Football stadium "Saturn"

 Photo source:sports.ru

Athletics Arena "Yaroslavl"

 Photo source:yarsport.ru

Sports and recreation complex on Forest

 Photo source:yarsport.ru

Fitness center on the street Krasnoborskaya

 Photo source:yarsport.ru

Fitness center on

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November 1, in the building of the Regional Office of the Udmurt Republic of Russia DOSAAF opened a gym for sports with a pre-conscription youth of Izhevsk


In the village. Tisul Kemerovo region was opened after reconstruction Children and Youth Sports School. For the reconstruction of the means Tisulsky municipal district has spent more than 29 million rubles.



In the Moscow district of St. Petersburg opened a sports club "Bastion". On an area of more than 1000 square meters is a zone for the fight, two of the ring, professional octagon, a separate

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Photos from the

A man with his grandson in her arms standing in front of his house, destroyed by the earthquake of 5.2 points in Suininge, Sichuan Province, China. (AP Photo / Xinhua, Jiang Hongjing)

Some photos recently occurred accidents and their consequences.

People walk on a flooded street in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since January 1, more than 100 people were killed in landslides and floods caused by persistent rains in Brazil. (Nelson Antoine / Associated Press)

Woman making cookies out of the mud for sale in Cité Soleil in Port-au-Prince. Biscuits made from dirt, salt

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Sochi 2014: Olympic torch creators were inspired by way of the Firebird

Olympic torch relay kicks off Oct. 7, 2013. During the last hundred days, he overcomes 65,000 kilometers, the main symbol of the Sochi Olympics will carry 14,000 people. Working on a model not only designers, but also engineers: they figured out how to make it easier to almost meter design. The new symbol of all symbolic — and the colors and shape.

Photo: sport.rbc.ru

Silver matt with red — ice and fire, as he Sochi — southern resort with a warm sea, surrounded by beautiful snow-capped peaks. But, first of all, designers have dreamed to join the

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Sochi became a year-round resort

The ski resort "Mountain Carousel" in the village of Krasnaya Polyana, the opening ceremony of the winter holiday season. "Closing the summer holiday season, we open winter," — said the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov.

 Photo source:sochiadm.ru

During the winter of 2011-2012 will operate four ski resort: "Mountain Carousel", "Rose Farm", "Laura" and "Alpica service."

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"Sochi has become a year-round resort for its preparation for the 2014 Olympics. Currently, we are actively pursuing a program organizing tours on an "all inclusive" — The head of the city of Sochi.

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Sochi — construction in full swing

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 Photo source:me.com

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More pictures under construction and prodigious nature of Sochi — the link

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Was commissioned ILV Zenit-2SB AMC Phobos-Grunt

 Photo source:gazeta.ru

9 November at 00.16 MSK from Launch Complex 45 area Baikonur starting calculations of rocket-space industry of Russia and Ukraine made starting a space rocket "Zenit-2SB", dedicated to the orbit of the Russian unmanned station (AWS) "Phobos-Grunt".

After 688 seconds of flight AMC nominally separated from the second stage rocket.

 Photo source:federalspace.ru

Modern machines for potato cultivation

CJSC "Eurotechnica" (Samara) — Russia's leading selhozmashinostroitelnoe venture with German investment for the production of technological systems of machines for cultivation of grains and oilseeds, and potatoes on modern resource-saving technologies.

 Photo source:eurotechnika.ru

 Photo source:amazonaws.com

The use of new methods of tillage and cultivation of potatoes in the Samara region led to impressive results. By reducing the area planted this crop, yields increased by 2 — 3 times the loss at harvest decreased to 3%, in the safety of the modernized stores increased to 95%. In the field of new technologies are used by more than

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