The new helicopter Mi-34C1 makes first demonstration flight


The new light helicopter Mi-34C1 for the initial training of flight personnel made today is the first demonstration flight in the suburban Tomilino over the territory of the Scientific and Technical Center of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia". Itar-Tass reported the press service of the holding.


"The presentation of this new type of helicopter is organized for journalists on the eve of the opening of the Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon" MAKS-2011 ", where the Mi-34C1 will be presented as a new project, — the press-service. — The helicopter is designed

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The new UAZ


New special cars UAZ T-REX up to 3.5 tonnes will be produced on demand to the needs of the road construction sector, government agencies, as well as emergency


special vehicles for use in hard to reach areas.


Spetsavtomobili T-REX with dimensions of 5230mm x 1900mm x 2495mm and a wheelbase of 3450 mm differ excellent cross. They will have a system of four-wheel drive, high ground clearance (290 mm) and a sturdy frame.



Moreover, a significant advantage is the presence of multi-car transfer gearbox with

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New schools of the Tyumen region

The new school opened in the village Golyshmanovo Tyumen region. In the new classes came more than five hundred students, 50 of them — the first graders.


For success in school all conditions: multimedia equipment in every classroom, auditorium and conference — halls, dining room for 120 people and a library. The pride of the school — sports wing: a spacious gym with changing rooms and showers, and of course, a swimming pool. In the gift of a new school governor Vladimir Yakushev awarded a certificate for the school bus.

Just Sept. 1 after reconstruction

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New schools of Sverdlovsk region

Five new schools will be introduced in the region this year.

One of them opened on August 15. At the ceremony the Governor Alexander Misharin congratulated the students, teachers, parents, and builders with the end of the overhaul of one of the oldest schools.


Speaking at the opening ceremony of the school number 5, the governor noted that only in the Sverdlovsk region this year put into operation immediately 5 new schools, which will study a total of 2,880 children. This is a school in the village Azanka Tavdinsky urban district, the village located in

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New plants and refineries in November, 2011

November 1


Delayed coking started working at the Komsomolsk refinery


Komsomolsk-on-Amur. 01.11.2012g.

The company — Rosneft Investment in the project — about 9.5 billion rubles. Terms of implementation — 2007 — IVkv. 2011gg. Plant capacity — 1 million tons of raw materials per year

At the Komsomolsk refinery began work delayed coking unit, which will increase the depth of oil processing at the plant from 60 to 72%, increase the production of gasoline in the amount of up to 150 thousand tons per year and diesel fuel in the amount of

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New trams Ukraine — Ukrainian labor, Belarusian and Russian hands


December 15 in Kiev Podolsk depot presented the first tram, issued by a consortium of corporations, "Bogdan" Belarusian manufacturer of urban transport "Belkommunmash" and the Russian company "Ros-ukrelprom."


Presentation of the three-section of high-speed low-floor tram took place during a meeting of the Ukrainian-Belarusian intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation.


Tram 25 meters is really impressive! It is able to accommodate 248 passengers and has 66 seats. The novelty modular body design, modern design, low floor, and the entrances to the car equipped with ramps for disabled passengers.

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New passenger buses for Vladivostok

The morning of Dec. 2 at the central square of Vladivostok held a presentation of 32 new buses.


Buses arrived in Vladivostok on November 30. They all left the assembly line about 3 months ago. The capacity of each — 100. All are equipped with devices for arrival wheelchairs and prams. These buses are equipped with automatic transmissions with a special device, locking the machine speed on the climbs and descents, as well as accumulators of wheels, brake pad wear sensors, brake assist and anti-lock. According to the vice-president of the German manufacturing company MAN Truck

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New facilities for the extraction and processing of fish are in the Sakhalin region

The project was approved in November of last year, includes construction on the Kuril island Shikotan deepwater pier to handle vessels of up to 3 tons, canning workshop in the village of Ozyorskoye Korsakov for the processing of raw materials and the Kuril Korsakov modern refrigerator to store the resulting canned.

Government has proposed an investment project of JSC "Gidrostroy" through public-private partnerships. Essential for the realization of 1 billion 70 million rubles. company allocates 700 mln.

Over the past year JSC "Gidrostroy" carried out most of the work. Deep-water pier in the village Krabozavodskoe on Shikotan

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The new devices from ZAO Milandr

Development design center of the Russian company ZAO "Milandr"


Dual-core microcontroller 32-bit RISC-core processor with a clock frequency up to 70 MHz, 16-bit DSP-core processor with a clock frequency up to 100 MHz.



32-bit RISC-microcontroller for aeronautical applications.



32-bit RISC-microcontroller counters for consumption.


An article in the journal "Electronics: Science, Technology, Business» (№ 5, 2011) — "In Russia, you can create modern integrated circuits." Briefly: Okra on these chips to end in 2011-2012. Engineering samples are available for free now. These chips

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New medical facilities in Novosibirsk

September 24, 2010 at the Institute of Circulation Pathology im.akad. EN Meshalkina in Novosibirsk has opened a new center for radiosurgery and radiation therapy.


Center, located in the famous Akademgorodok (RAS). In the new building the most modern radiology equipment, which now has the world medicine


Other objects

Renovated old and built new building Research Institute of Blood Circulation Pathology. Meshalkina.


on campus is a monument to Academician EN Meshalkin, who headed the institute from 1965 to 1991


The new clinic in

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