New kindergarten opened in Ivanovo and the Bryansk region

Kindergarten "Crane", in which 80 kids will go into operation in Trubchevsk Bryansk region. Renovation and repair of the building lasted for about three years. On the construction work has been spent 20 million rubles — 11 and a half million allocated regional treasury and 9.5 — municipal.


Kindergarten "Smile" for 250 people was opened in the town of Shuya, Ivanovo region. The opening ceremony was attended by First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ivanovo region Olga Khasbulatova and chairman of the regional parliament, Sergei Pakhomov.


Congratulating the participants, Olga

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New hospital Sochi

In the village of 11 buildings constructed Dagomis Infectious Diseases Hospital, seven of them — healing by 300 beds, equipped with the unique laboratory equipment.


Each building is designed for a single group of diseases — airborne, intestinal infections, intensive care unit, there is a diagnostic building, which will host all kinds of laboratory tests. This represents the best in the Southern Federal District of endoscopic equipment, has everything you need for biochemical analysis of blood.

In the district of Fun — Psou completed the construction of a new medical facility for Olympic immigrants.

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MAKS-2011. Aviation

Twower ravzmestil photo in his blog on LiveJournal. "Flights I do not photograph just made some shots of cars on the ground. Where allowed produced and shot from inside the cab. During the life of the pilots did not have the ability to talk, because the record will consist of one photo."

Multi-purpose military transport Mi-26

Light versatile helicopter "ANSAT"

Attack plane Sou-25SM3

Front-line fighter Sou-30M2

Combat training aircraft Yak-130

Slightly photos without the interiorsFighter Su-35

Helicopter E-28N of Budennovska

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New cars for effective managers

Today, the square in front of the State Council of Tatarstan held a solemn ceremony of cars «Fiat Albea» winners of the annual national competition for the most effective management of municipal RT.

The competition was attended by almost all the municipalities, including 193 — in the final stage, 100 of them were awarded the cars.

photo essay:

Analysis of occult symbols mural Bank of America

In a prominent place in the foyer of the Corporate Center Bank of America is frightening murals filled occult symbols. Even more disturbing is the fact that these images seem to predict events of a radical change in the world in the not too distant future. Predict whether these murals parish occult New World Order? Look at the occult symbols and their meaning in the frescoes found in the frescoes Bank of America.

InfoWars reader sent me pictures of some very strange looking frescoes Corporate Center Bank of America in Charlotte, S. Carolina. Needless to

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Glamor style

Society Good Photo — A weekly essay on the selected works of the Belarusian and world photography.

French photographer Jacques Henri Lyartsig lived '92 (1894-1986), but the fame and glory and then it was only in the sixty-ninth Before that almost no one knew, though, he began to photograph with six years of age his father camera. He photographed all the time, came from a rich family culture was a bit frivolous, but pedants. Carelessness cost him three times to get married, but the latter quality has led to the fact that the photos he carefully made out in huge

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The new school opened in the village Yagkedzh (Komi Republic)

New school has already obtained a license to conduct educational activities. Also today, the educational institution is connected to the Internet.


In Yagkedzhskoy school has 55 students from two communities (pst. Yagkedzh, etc. Puzla). The school has 10 teachers. The new school building 6 classrooms, a medical office and a gym, bought new furniture for classrooms, boards, sports equipment.


The construction of the school was spent 22,664.0 thousand., Including the national budget — 17,355.0 thousand., The municipal budget — 1970.0 thousand., Extra-budgetary funds — 3339.0 thousand.

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The new clinic opened in Nevelsk (Sakhalin Region)

Area seismic strengthening of the building clinics — more than 2 million square meters. meters Here are the children, adults, and dental offices, fully equipped with all the necessary specialized equipment.


— In this year's program has been adopted to modernize health care. The implementation of this document began with the opening of clinics in Nevelsk. We plan to overhaul the regional and district health facilities, significantly upgrade the medical equipment — Said the governor of Sakhalin Alexander Horoshavin at the opening of clinics.





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Novosibirsk division MOE has received new equipment

December 27, the Day of the Novosibirsk Lifeguard Emergency subsystem handed the keys to the new technology. Head of the Civil Code, "the Centre for activities in the field of GO emergency and fire safety of the Novosibirsk region" has received certificates for seven cars AC-40 Ural-4320, all-terrain vehicle "TREKOL-39294" and the hovercraft "SLAVIR."


Also received certificates for three fire engines TMA-3 on the basis of KAMAZ, AC-40 on the basis of Ural and fire avtolaboratoriyu, KAMAZ-43253 for the delivery of special equipment and certificates to staff car GAZ-32271 and operational vehicle duty shift rescuers GAZ-27057

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Lokomotiv Novosibirsk won the men’s volleyball Champions League

In Omsk ended the Champions League final between Novosibirsk "locomotive" and the Italian "Cuneo".

Photo: RIA Novosti Vladimir Song

Italian club won the game start, but the next two went against the "Locomotives". "Cuneo" took the fourth set, and in the fifth installment of the Russians came off at three points, but their opponents managed to level the score. Wards Andrei Voronkov were able to earn triple match point, but the Italians took the three points in a row. However, the fourth match point, "Locomotive" was victorious — 3:2 (22:25, 26:24, 25:23, 20:25, 16:14).

Photo: RIA Novosti

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