New plant started in Astrakhan

In Astrakhan, commissioned CHP "North." This event was looking forward to the residents of three major residential areas of Astrakhan — ATSKK, 6 th district and village youth.


Moral and technical obsolescence of the old station came to a critical point, and the owner of the CHP "North" has decided to build a new gas powered cogeneration power plant with capacity of 8 MW — of electricity and 60 MW — of heat.


In the plant design incorporated the modern requirements for energy efficiency, using modern technology and equipment. TEP will be

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Flying Kalashnikov (Spiegel online, Germany)

Photo: Mike Zamfirescu

From the translator: Earlier magazine "Der Spiegel" started heading «Eines Tages», which literally means "One beautiful day," but the meaning is equivalent to our "Once upon a time", with these words in the German language the tales and legends . In this section, an old article reprinted edition, items that can not be overlooked. Thank you to our scout and interpreter windruf for what he had found this article and sent me to translate. Translate was not easy, the article is written sensibly, but I hope I managed to convey the feelings of the creator.


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New equipment for units of the MOI for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

Today in the "Fairgrounds" ceremony of transfer of units of special equipment for Research Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.


Police transferred 52 car from the city government and the two-speed hovercraft of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Protection."


The technique that today is the police, meets all modern requirements. There is no need to transmit detained in the police station for verification of identity and legal violations — all can learn from the mobile base. In addition, the machines are equipped with the GLONASS system, a mobile laboratory for the

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The new strategy AvtoVAZ!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I will show you something that very few people have seen.

Remember, in August, I asked Komarov: Will there be any changes in the strategy of development of VAZ 2020 in connection with the proposed purchase of Iz-Auto? Komarov said then, yes, we are working on it, in the autumn will show an updated version of the Strategy.

And here it is. The official presentation of the document was not, it has not been approved by the shareholders. I was waiting for this issue will make for an extraordinary meeting held on October

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The new production line is running on the enterprise TATPROF

The company "TATPROF" (Naberezhnye Chelny) — a leader among domestic manufacturers of aluminum profile extrusion.

In mid-October, the company launched an innovative aluminum processing facility — the line «IDEAL Line».


It allows you to paint in addition to 350 thousand square meters of aluminum per month. According to the company, the total painted Profile "TATPROF" is 500 sq m per month of full scale «RAL». It was noted that the line is fully automated preparation of the profile for painting. All equipment used modern energy-efficient mechanisms, machines and technologies that reduce energy consumption by 17-19%.

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The new clinic opened in the village merry-Psou (Sochi)

In erected in accordance with the program of construction of Olympic facilities district merry-Psou opened a new clinic.


Construction of a new clinic on the street Khudiakova — one of many measures aimed at meeting the needs of migrant neighborhoods in institutions and social amenities.


For those families who are to start a new life in a new place, every arrangement for a comfortable life and leisure. In the Merry-Psou polyclinic complex is located in a two-story building area of 3,000 square meters. Health care facility designed for 100 visits per shift

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The new substation opened in Ivanovo

November 29 In Ivanovo opening ceremony of a new substation "Ivenergo" JSC "IDGC of Center and Volga Region" — 110/6 kV "Ivanovo-15."


Investment in the construction of the substation has made 300 million rubles. It was built in the neighborhood "Sort" to relieve the critical load from the adjacent substations and add to the city power supply 40 MVA.


At the substation, "Ivanovo-15" mounted switching devices of a new generation of Russian production, equipment used in modern systems of measurement, data collection and transmission, digital information display facilities, which will reduce the

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New life biathlon complex in Udmurtia

On the first day of winter opening an updated national shooting-sports complex named after Major-General Alexander Demidov (RSSK).


As a result, considerably increased Stadium, installed new carpet. Thanks to the expansion roller trail training process becomes very efficient. The length of the lines reached 7.5 kilometers. Their width — 6 meters, and in the winter when the snow cover increases up to 9 meters. 4 kilometers of trails at night is lit up.


Builders USST number 6 at Spetsstroy Russia mounted a transitional bridge, set the new grandstand for spectators with 1,000

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The new combat vehicle for airborne

Recently, on the proving ground of "Kurgan" the first public demonstration of a new machine for the Airborne Troops — BMD-4M.


It was the "first sign" in a series of samples of armored combat vehicles, designed and produced by a team of Concern "Tractor plants".


Airborne combat vehicles produced in Russia at the Volgograd Tractor Plant, and BMD-4, adopted by the Russian Navy adopted a few years ago — is no exception. In fact, the Russian paratroopers still learn new techniques in the army. Notice of the presentation of the new machine

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Institute of Steel has contributed to the upgraded T-90C: a complex dynamic protection Relic


"Scientific-Research Institute of Steel" has contributed to the premiere of the new T-90S and presented a range of its advanced development at the recently held in Nizhny Tagil International Exhibition «RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS» (REA-2011).

At the premiere of the upgraded model of "flying" T-90C for the first time demonstrated a universal set of dynamic protection "Relic", which protects armored vehicles from all current and future anti-tank weapons.

"T-90 has arguably the best in the world of dynamic protection system developed by the Moscow Institute of Steel. He has a very thought-round protection not only against

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