Research and Education Center of nanotechnology Taganrog Institute of Technology

Research and Education Center "Nanotechnology" was opened in September 2008 on the basis of the Institute of Technology in the city of Taganrog (Institute is part of the Southern Federal University). Center is equipped with the latest modern equipment (including equipment of the Russian company NT-MDT) for a total of 479.3 million rubles., Including the national project "Education" — the amount of 328 million rubles.


One of the main tasks of the center — target training of highly qualified personnel, as well as the introduction of high technologies in povcednevnuyu life.



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Nanofura in Moscow — the mobile demo nanolaboratory

Continuing the theme of teaching nanotechnology in Moscow for two years, there nanolaboratory mobile, truck-transformer, which promotes nanotechnology among schoolchildren. Nanofuru published a report about the "Big City".

Me and my friend Nanotruck


In Moscow moves scientific truck-transformer. "Nanotrak" travels to schools and educational institutions, but is willing to come and to corporate and private parties. BG found out what it is and where it came from For almost two years in Moscow in the general traffic flow moves space wagon form. She is parking is expanded on all sides, and it is the area

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Nanotechnological complex Umka production group Nanoindustry

Continuing Survey of Russian manufacturers of scanning probe microscopes, present nanotechnological complex "Umka".

Concern "Nanoindustry" carried out the development of new software for the produced them nanotechnological complex "UMKA." The development of this software was carried out using an adapted technology IBM Rational. The new software greatly simplifies the use of complex, improves visualization of samples and reduces the qualification requirements for the initial training of computer users by simplifying the user interface and a more optimal operation. This facilitates the use of the microscope as a scientific and industrial organizations, as well as in any training: schools, colleges

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Nanodorogi no nonsense

Russian conditions suitable for road construction technology using rubber particles undergoing treatment by high shear grinding was developed many years ago at the Institute of Chemical Physics. Semenov Russian Academy of Sciences and has been tested in practice. Together with the organizers of the experimental section of road tested correspondent Ignat Nightingale. Highway M-10 Moscow — St. Petersburg causes thousands of drivers attack the nervous trembling. It's not about extortion and car inspector is not in terrible traffic jams around the capitals, and in the state of the roadway. It seems to be the busiest and, from the point

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NanoDom on Nanoforum

In the days of the RUSNANOTECH visitors and participants of the Forum will be a model of "nanodomain", built using nanotechnology RUSNANO project companies.


The format of the presentation will demonstrate the application of nanotechnology products, is produced with the support of RUSNANO, as well as give insight wide audience about nanotechnology present in understandable for every home environment.


Installation of flats built and equipped with application of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, will be located in the transition from the pavilion in Hall 7 "Forum" Expocentre. Visitors to "nanodomain" will be able to

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NASA is trying to hide the giant spherical objects near the sun?

In photos obtained by the spacecraft SOHO, you can see strange spherical objects that are near the sun. For the most part, the pictures were taken with an ultraviolet telescope EIT (Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope).

According to the version of NASA, which followed immediately after the publication of the photo, the spheres are the consequences of image compression, or any other defect.

At the same time, if we compare these objects so that looks like Mercury in the sun (shown below in the official photo NASA), we can see that the

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Moon UFO

For years, astronomers around the world watched the moon obscure activity. Long before her set foot on the surface of an American astronaut, here seen something unexplainable. "The catalog of lunar anomalies, published in 1968 HASA is mentioned more than 579 more puzzling observations made during four centuries and have not received any explanation until now.

Mention observed 36 November 1956 a large Maltese cross, points, triangles, squares glowing, the disappearance of craters, the emergence of "walls" moving luminous objects, the light rays that cross the craters and mountains, geometric shapes, bright flashes of light, bright glowing objects,

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Griboyedov Canal Embankment turned into a pedestrian zone

In the center of the city, a new pedestrian zone — after open repair of Griboyedov Canal Embankment.


Three months of work led a group of companies "Renaissance." Roadway narrowed to four meters and paved pavement, and the pavement, on the contrary increased — up to 8.9 meters, it is also paved with. In addition, there have been updated utilities, and a new outdoor lighting. Along the pedestrian zone established 20 architectural compositions, consisting of granite benches, flower pots and urns.


The project investor — the company "Gazprom", which was supported by

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At the southern site of the SEZ Tomsk ends installation of intra-utilities

Engineering Center South site


Completion date — the end of 2011. This date was announced during a visiting session of the Council on the establishment of a special economic zone of technical innovation of the "Tomsk", conducted by the governor of Tomsk region Victor Kress.

Resolving this issue will provide resident companies planning to build its own office and industrial buildings in the southern area, the access points to the energy capacity, power grids, telecommunications, water supply and sanitation, as well as to ensure the normal functioning of the inner road and driveways.


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At CHEP in the shop Height 239 introduced more than 900 rationalization proposals (photo)


In 2011, metallurgical plant "Height 239" filed about 1,500 innovations to reduce costs, improve product quality, increase productivity, safety. More than 900 ideas implemented with good economic benefit, while others are in progress.

— Our philosophy — "white metals" — is based on the continuous improvement of various processes of production, technology, — the head of the shop "Height 239" Ivan Solomenin. — We've all been trained to the principles of "kaizen", with in-depth study of the principles of continuous improvement, many plant workers visited steel mills in Japan. Number of employees involved in the

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