Modern domestic heavy machinery: photo-excursion on the Izhora plants


The theater begins with a hanger, plant — with a pass … Fortunately, we can avoid uninteresting places. "Izhora Plants" have their own steel-making unit DSP-120 (electric arc furnace with a capacity of 120 tons) at a cost of 5 billion rubles. — Almost half of long-term investment "Izhora Plants" at 11 billion rubles. The furnace was launched in June 2009. And now here begins the production of any mainstream products, which manufactures factory:

* Equipment for the oil and gas industry; * Equipment ("Izhora Plants" — a monopolist producing cases for nuclear reactors); *

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Modern School opened in the Podolsk district of the Moscow region

School of the Future opened its doors to students Podolsk district. The educational institution is fully consistent with the new educational standards.


At school, two buildings: a training (33 classes), and cultural and sporting two gymnasiums, a dance hall (which will teach ballet dancer of the Bolshoi Theatre), four language laboratories, two computer labs, a chess class, a class of computer graphics and robotics, assembly hall with a professional lighting and sound equipment for 340 seats, a dining room for 264 seats.



The new school has successfully passed all

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Three news from the world of American Culture

Photo number 1 ScoringTheater of New York

Andzvestna Opera House of New York — New York City Opera — announced its closure and the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings.In recent years the theater has experienced financial problems. In early September, his management announced the company to raise funds. Until the end of September for the further work of the theater was to raise $ 7 million, but only managed to collect $ 2 million.In this regard, the board and management of the theater decided to discontinue its operations and the opening of bankruptcy.

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Snipers take the exam

Methodological and training sessions to prepare snipers carried out in parts of the combined arms armies of the Western Military District, in the village of Nizhny Novgorod region Moulineaux from 12 to 25 December. Such fees are held twice a year in accordance with the organizational and methodological guidelines Commander of Land Forces. The purpose of fees — improving individual training snipers.


In the first stage we study the performance characteristics, basic rules and firing their weapons, the order of its maintenance and use. In the second stage, during practical sessions, participants practice skills on fire,

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15 extraordinary photographs of natural disasters

15 extraordinary photographs of natural disasters Facts

This paper presents 15 photographs, earned respect for Mother Nature.

Photo of Rain in the State of Montana, 2010 (Sean Heavey)

Wrath of nature is ruthless. To say that nature is very powerful, will be a strong understatement. Understanding it may be difficult to imagine, but sometimes pictures can capture the rare moments of power disaster.

Active volcano Chaitén in Chile in 2008. (Carlos Gutierrez)

Thyroid volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland in 2010. (Reuters / Lucas Jackson)

Storm in 2010 in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. (AP Photo / Roswell Daily Record, Mark Wilson)


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Photos from the # 7

The boy goes through the mud in Budude, Uganda, came down here after a landslide that killed dozens of people. 50 students were gone. (James Akena / Reuters)

A few pictures of natural disasters have occurred recently, and their consequences. Pictures are clickable.

Past Photoreview time, two, three, four, five and six.

Music teacher Claudia Vergara crying in a broken piano on the site of his former home in Constitucion. In a strong 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile, hundreds of people died and thousands were left homeless. (Luis Hidalgo / Associated Press)

A man

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Fairy-tale world!


"Berendeevo kingdom" — a set of clubs cottage settlements on the banks of the river Nara, built in the ancient architectural traditions of wooden architecture with elements of Russian fantasy, which are located in the southern part of Moscow Concrete Ring (highway A-108) on a totally clean, untouched territory


"Berendeevo kingdom" — zazerkalny world where the age-old tradition of building and architecture, energy-efficient and innovative technologies complement each other.




This is due to its own architectural and landscape offices, its wood-processing complex, creative

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Shining humanoid object on the Martian photo


In the photo from Mars Rover Spirit rover made, the researchers found a white object, similar to the shape of the human figure. He was immediately dubbed the "angel of Mars." I figure spotted legs and wings on his back. Although it is possible to coat.




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SIBUR has started commissioning of the 2nd stage of the production of PSV in Perm


Perm, 12.01.2012Y.

Company — SIBUR Plant capacity — 50 000 tonnes per year (second place) Commissioning — Summer 2012

On installation of the 2nd turn on the issue of expanded polystyrene Alphapor ™ completed construction and installation work and commissioning started. Commissioning of the 2nd stage of the capacity of 50 thousand tons per year is expected in the summer of 2012.

The official launch of the 1st stage of the production of expandable polystyrene capacity of 50,000 tonnes per annum was made at the end of 2010 (the news was on the

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In Israel, found the Stone Age dildo


On the discovery of man-made object, very similar to the penis, said archaeologists from the Antiquities Authority Israel (Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA). They conducted excavations in the Western Galilee near Ahihud — on the ground, on which must pass a new railway line connecting Akko and Karmiel.

The remains of Stone Age settlements, among which was found a mysterious statue Photo: IAA

Analysis has shown that the cultural layer, from which he was removed remarkable artifact, about 9,000 years. In those days there was quite a large settlement. From it are

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