Industrial Park Springs (Ivanovo region). Filled resident companies

The level of fullness Industrial Park "Springs" — One of the largest investment projects in the Ivanovo region is 37%. Now in its territory has been operating for 21 resident company. The park has its own w / d branch and autonomous thermal power plant. Its area is 300,000 m2 of ready industrial buildings with all utilities and 320 hectares of vacant land.

One of the resident companies of the park — LLC "Plant" Spetsmash " manufactures three models of universal wheeled tractors are not inferior in quality and comfort foreign counterparts. Machines are assembled from Russian parts.

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Pulse Seismic Yenisei to a new level

8-9 December 2011 in the city of Krasnoyarsk Krai Minusinsk took the test working models of the two types of electromagnetic pulse sources of seismic shear waves, designed for multi-wave seismic data.


In 2010, the company of "Yeniseygeofizika" participated in the federal competition (Ministry of Education and Science, U-218), a victory which allowed to obtain a grant for the implementation of an integrated project "Development and implementation of an effective impulse non-explosive seismic technology in Eastern Siberia, the deployment of scientific research and training in the Siberian Federal University. " The government has allocated 250 million

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Eight-foot creature filmed in Taiwan

This striking image that shows on television these days in Taiwan, has been filmed May 25, 2012, but before December has been studied and tested by experts.

The photo was taken at Lake Jiaming Lake near the town of Taitung. Taiwan Association of Ufology TUFOS After checking the photo authentic feel. The images show a humanoid creature, a minimum height of 8 feet (2.4 m) with a head like a praying mantis head that runs along the lake shore.

Well-considered photo, ufologists claim that the creature also with webbed fingers. According to the author, in the organization

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Izhevsk Zoo

Opening date of Izhevsk Zoo — September 10, 2008.


Symbol Izhevsk Zoo — wolf Akella (from the fairy tale "Mowgli"). Wolf sculpture installed at the entrance to the zoo.


Photo Zoo

Izhevsk Zoo Animals

In Izhevsk zoo live brown


and polar bears






small (but they are not less terrible) predators ;-))



Navy SEALs




There is

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Soldiers of the U.S. photographed with body parts of suicide bombers

In the United States, a new scandal is gaining momentum around the improper conduct of the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Edition of the "Los Angeles Times" published a photo in which the South American soldiers posing with body parts Taliban bombers.

18 shots hit the newspaper through the South American paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne Division. Two years back some colleagues of his platoon was sent to the Afghan police for identification militants blew themselves up.

With the condemnation of this act are made by President Barack Obama. According to the press secretary Jay Carney white houses,

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Igor Korotchenko: top 10 new products of the Russian defense industry in 2011

Chief Editor of "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko shared his vision rated the most important and memorable new products of the domestic defense industry in 2011. The list was headed by the development "of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology" — solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) mobile home with a separating warhead RS-24 "Yars" (according to NATO classification — SS-27). This is the RS-24 "Yars" will be the basis for the Strategic Missile Forces the next 20-30 years, says Igor Korotchenko.


In second place in the ranking of the "Top 10 new products of the Russian defense

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Ivanovo Station repaired

The project is the reconstruction of the railway station Ivanov presented the region's governor Mikhail Menu November 2, during his working visit to the transport object.


"Stations — that person Ivanov. It is important to make them look worthy of our regional center, "- said the governor.

Director of OAO "RZD-Transfer" Vladlen Greeks told how to look after the repair waiting room and offices, office buildings. It will also be shown in the proper state of the neighborhood w / station. "All the work we plan to complete in the first half of 2012," —

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Gold coin

The only Soviet money, which is valid until now.


Perhaps you think that for rare and collectible coins You can get the state.

But! this is not proof coin, and affordable means of payment of the Central Bank of Russia will last from 1925 to the present day.

Commemorative coins issued for the fans and for the bank they represent Only the value of the at face value. Beautiful coin,


But the store, you can buy only 10 rubles.

Soviet and tsarist money is not legal tender

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Mirror Space Telescope for satellite TUS Lomonosov has been tested

At the end of February, during the testing of complex scientific equipment (KPA) of the satellite "Lomonosov" audited components of the Space Telescope TES. In particular, the staff of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University, using the stand of "parallel lasers" (photo 1), checked the geometry of the space telescope mirrors TES for defects and stability of the parabolic mirror segments sectors.


Photo 1. Stand parallel lasers

Mirror — one of the most important parts of the telescope TES. It is made on the basis of Fresnel mirror and consists of seven hexagonal

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Zelenograd factory Micron (PHOTOS)


At Zelenograd factory "Micron" chips are manufactured for many different applications, but most are faced with the products 'Micron' every day — the "filling" of the Moscow Metro contactless tickets and Mosgortransa and badges for the Moscow office made here. However, despite the fact that the subway tickets withstand the harshest treatment, making their RFID-filling requires special conditions, perhaps the simplest of them — a complete upgrade of the air 21 times per hour. By the way, before any journalist, photographer and even more specifically to the "clean" shop did not get. photo essay "clean zone" factory

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