Protection of the T-90ms


After the successful launch of the new Russian tank T-90ms, the Internet, some are interested in the topic questions have been raised regarding the availability of reactive armor blocks on the side of the tower and projection devices feed box for extra ammunition. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the schemes of the official prospectus (the developer KompyuterLend and our pictures. 1. Dynamic protection.




As clearly shown in the diagram and photos, container dynamic protection there, hidden from prying eyes screen thickness not less than 5.4 mm (for the

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Launched the first phase of the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, today took part in the commissioning ceremony of the first line of the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok, passing on the Russian island.


Gas transmission system Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok — a top priority of the Eastern Gas Program. The main objective of the project of "Gazprom" — the development of gas supply Khabarovsk Krai and Sakhalin gas supply and organization of Primorsky Krai.


Implementation of the project will create the conditions for the supply of gas to the Asia-Pacific region.

main compressor station "Sakhalin"


distribution station in

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The launch of new lines for the production of dry building mixes the basis of TM


August 24 in the PC MS Stroymontazh the official opening of modernized production lines for dry mortar TM basis. The event was held with the support of the administration of Kolomna. The welcome address was delivered by Director General PC Stroymontazh MS Chubchev Sergey, Deputy Head of Kolomna Evgeny Kozlov congratulated the opening of new lines and presented papers on the transfer of 15 hectares of land to the construction of new production facilities. Then the opening ceremony, where top officials of the company and the administration of Kolomna cut red tape and to lively applause of

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Launching a new hemodialysis center in Chelyabinsk region

July 18 in Chelyabinsk opened the hemodialysis center. Investment in the project amounted to about 70 million rubles.


The room is rented by a private company at the Municipal Clinical Hospital № 1 in Chelyabinsk. The building is rescheduled and repaired in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Center is equipped with the latest automated water treatment system with two-stage water purification input.

Ward is designed for 24 dialysis places. When the operation mode and the six-day working week, the center will be able to take about 145 patients a month. At the moment,

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Running the pipeline purpe-Samotlor


Tyumen region, 25.10.2011.

Company — Transneft Investment in the project — About 55 billion rubles. Timeframe for implementation — Iq. 2010 — IVkv. 2011gg. Capacity of the pipeline — 25 million tons per year (50 million tons per year) Length — 429.6 km.


In NPS "Vyngapur" Costoyalsya commissioning Purpe — Samotlor. The pipeline length of 429.6 km and a capacity of 25 million tons per year with an option to expand to 50 million is part of the pipeline system "Arctic — Purpe — Samotlor." It will connect traffic flows of

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JSC Advanced Technologies research and manufacturing of reinforcing materials nanomodifikatorov

JSC "Advanced Technologies" — a young fast growing innovative company engaged in scientific research and industrial production of nanomodifikatorov, which when introduced into a variety of materials, polymers, resins, metals, glass, ceramics, — it's their significant hardening while maintaining properties such as plasticity, elasticity, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, transparency (if the material is transparent) etc. Enough of very low doses of such nanoparticles are orders of magnitude smaller than the traditionally used reinforcement materials powdered product that provides not only consumption but also economic benefits.

As science has become a business — in the program material RVC "Technopark"

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JSC Dormash (Orel) issued 50000th grader

In September, the plant solemn event dedicated to the production of the 50000th grader.


At present JSC "Dormash" one of the largest domestic developers and manufacturers of road-building machinery. The company is positioned as a provider of modern high quality competitive products that have found use in more than 20 countries around the world. In 2011, a part of JSC "Dormash" became the leading Russian manufacturer of bucket trucks — JSC "Orel-loader" (plants are located in the same industrial site).

The enterprise has implemented innovative-investment program, which aims to modernization of production, increase production capacity,

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Noticed a new Lada)

In Tolyatti photo spies caught in the lens is a new model of LADA.

Pictures published by a group of social network VkontakteRussian Cars Team. Author of the article suggests that in the photo — the future LADA B: «About two months ago, has been collected 5 pieces such vehicles. Now they are being tested. One of the subjects was seen and photographed. "


Also available photo stand for motor vehicles appear in one of the production plants.

Recall, the new LADA, VAZ developed on the platform, should appear in

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Purchases Tiger-M


"GAZ Group", which is currently producing upgraded light armored cars "Tiger-M" on the Company "Military-Industrial Company" (MIC, Arzamas), calculated at the end of the year to start their shipment under contract with the Department of Defense, the General Director "Russian Machines" Alexander Filatov reporters on Friday. "From the start to the end of the year of delivery (" Tiger-M "- IF) for the Ministry of Defense," — he said. A.Filatov also said that the power plant in Arzamas currently allow about 100 armored vehicles "Tiger" in a year. The company is considering the possibility to increase production

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Zagorje PSP


The general plan of the construction of the power plant building. Pay attention to the water level

Zagorskaya Pumped Storage Power Station — the largest pumped storage in Russia. It is located on the river Cunha in the Moscow region, near the village of Bogorodskoe. Power PSP — 1200/1320 MW (in the turbine / pump modes).

Let me remind you that the PSP (Pumped Storage Plant) is fundamentally different from conventional power plant, for power plant can only produce electricity by dropping water from the upstream to the bottom, and the PSP can also

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