The home-made gun Libyan rebels

Over the last four months of the rebels of Libya, which consist of groups of civilian persons and the government army deserters, intense fighting against supporters of Muammar Gaddafi, from time to time on its own, from time to time by NATO air strikes. Trying to arm themselves against mercenaries and Prof. army, the rebels use everything that comes to hand — captured from the enemy's guns and ammunition to the anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers in the body pickup. Collected here are photos of a certain type of weapon, "Do It Yourself", used by Libyan rebels.

1. In

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Palaces of Culture Chelyabinsk opened after reconstruction

02.12.2011. DC building the plant. Kolyuschenko was transferred to municipal ownership and the establishment of a structural unit was home child creativity in the Soviet area. In the current year from the regional budget for the reconstruction was sent on 20 million rubles. As a result, renovated facade, rebuilt fencing, lighting, debugged electrical work, heating systems and water supply. It was possible to reconstruct the thermal unit, replace plumbing and drains, install doors and plastic windows. Since the new year will open the palace doors to pupils circles.


Other Palace of Culture "Trubodetal" Novosineglazovo in the

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Two new schools of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor Lev Kuznetsov took part in the opening of a new secondary school in the village of Suhobuzimskoe.


And then returned to the capital region, where he had been the first solemn meeting at the new school number 151, introduced in the Soviet district of Krasnoyarsk.


Responding to questions from journalists, the head of the region noted that the two schools, which he attended, meet all current educational requirements: "New School in Suhobuzimskoe as good as in Krasnoyarsk. With the construction of these facilities were taken into account the principles

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Two gold and bronze medals won by Russian skaters at the stage of the Grand Prix in Shanghai

In the third stage of the Grand Prix in Shanghai, China became the best Cup Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev — dance duo from Russia.


For the correct execution of the free dance "Walpurgis Night" with music by Charles Gounod received 97.79 points from the judges, and a total of two programs — 163.52. More than 15 points from the representatives of Russia behind American duo Maia Shibutani / Alex Shibutani and bronze went to the French Pernelle Carron and Lloyd Jones.

The final form of the program — a pair of sports competitions —

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Two examples of the new production of the Chelyabinsk region

Production sites CJSC "Konar" located on the territory of Chelyabinsk machine factory car trailers.


Together with Italian and German engineers enterprise specialists have developed a project for the creation and production of products for the oil and gas processing and transportation, in particular the slide valve, which serves as a locking unit of main oil pipelines. In the process of making these valves are used the most recent advances foundry. The company has already received its first order in the shop and work on the production batch.

Ltd. "Modern Glass" located on the territory belonging

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Launched an investment project Petersburg Motors

Bookmark the capsule in the foundation of a new design and production complex JSC "Klimov" gave a start to the investment project "Petersburg Motors".


The project is implemented in cooperation enterprise "Klimov" with the Government of St. Petersburg. The new facility will be built in 2013 and it will be up to 600 engines per year. Investment in the project, including the purchase of high-tech equipment will be 6 billion rubles.


The volume of production will be sufficient to make the Russian market helicopter from import dependence and create a new market

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GAZ Group has introduced new buses

At the meeting in September, the exhibition ComTrans'2011 «GAZ Group" presented Four new models of buses. Among them — the bus GOLAZ-5251 "Voyage" on the chassis of Scania, which will provide maximum passenger comfort on long-distance routes


and middle-class bus PAZ-320412 in a suburban version with an updated interior and exterior, with improved economics of exploitation.





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Trucks Tonar — now standard

From the first days of November began working car assembly plant Machine Building Plant "Tonar". And if before the assembly of trucks was conducted on the experimental plot positions, now car production has taken over a large-scale serial character.


Machine Building Plant "Tonar" — Russia's largest manufacturer of full-sized trailers. The basis of the company is manufacturing complex in the village of Gubino Nut-Zuevsky district, Moscow region. Its area is more than 19 hectares. They are located shops, enclosing a number of production lines to ensure production:

— On-board and tent trailers and semi-trailers and

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Grand layout

You know that soon in St. Petersburg will open a unique, grandiose, and only the world's largest model of Russia? From Kamchatka to Kaliningrad in the 800 m2 all the key objects of the country on a scale 1:87 — towns and villages, tunnels and bridges, mountains and forests, sea and river ports and airports, train stations and underground metro station, factories, mines, oil towers, stadiums, military bases, and much more.


"All sorts of objects located in different climatic zones are connected by a network of existing roads and railways. To show the variety and

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UFO and alien base on the moon. New evidence has been hidden NASA

There is a theory that the moon there are alien bases. This has been discussed in many articles, but to find the truth, it seems, will not be possible as long as one of the states did not formally documented and confirm it. Here are some more "evidence" of presence on the moon bases aliens and UFOs, which were maintained in a timely manner, or stolen from a database NASA. The pictures were taken during the landing on Earth satellite Americans.

Place of Discovery: Moon near the crater Bessel and

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