Finished versions of the system Club-K were presented at the exhibition IMDS-2011

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Finished versions of the system Club-K have been presented in the international Maritime Defense Show IMDS-2011 (IMDS-2011).

More details about the system can be found here: container with a surprise

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Preparing for the defense

Over the last couple of days there have been several key events to be related to the defense of the country. Remember one of the most popular myths, so lovingly cultivated by liberal media in the media space? Army collapsed, soldiers running, it's time to join NATO. Indeed, during that liberal powerlessness that happened in Russia in the 90's, as a reflection of the worst human qualities, in order to enrich themselves dishonest generals were selling something that is not theirs. But in the new century, things began to change. Not to wave a magic wand, of course, but the

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The port city Vilyuchinsk (Kamchatka): Infrastructure Update

Vilyuchinsk — A port city on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, with the status of the closed (closed administrative-territorial unit). Located on the shores of the bay Krasheninnikova Avachinskaya Bay, 25 kilometers west of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and 26 km south of the airport Elizovo.


Population — 25,401 people (2010) Most of the population — military personnel and their families. Since 2004, the construction and reconstruction of social infrastructure. Been put into operation dozens of objects. In 2011, construction will continue. lots of photos Headquarters squadron of submarines


Item sanitization

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Slides City — center unique resort of Krasnaya Polyana.

In the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 17 presentation of innovative van called "Gorki-Gorod." This office on wheels built by Ketterer on bus chassis DAF.


The car's appearance created a German designer Luigi Colani which created concept cars for brands such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Ford and Mazda, and collaborated with companies Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Volkswagen, BMW. Van built with the participation of Sberbank of Russia and the company "NBB-Development" and is intended for the presentation of the resort "Gorki-Gorod" (Krasnaya Polyana) in Russia and abroad.



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Ghosts in the photo

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Pipeline Dzhubga — Lazarevskoye — Sochi was commissioned


Sochi, 06.06.2011.

In Sochi hosted celebrations dedicated to this event. It was attended by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the Management Board of OAO "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, representatives of construction companies and contractors of the public.

Reference Pipeline "Dzhubga — Lazarevskoye — Sochi" is included in the Russian Government approved Program for Construction of Olympic Venues and Development of Sochi as a mountain resort.

Construction began in September 2009. Length — 171.6 km, with 90% of the route is part of the sea. The gas pipeline runs along the bottom of the

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GAS on Comtrans’2013

At a time when the "passenger" carefully considered the public news of Frankfurt, "cargo" Autoworld watching another show — the capital Biennale Comtrans'2013. Although our project usually does not pay attention to the trucks passing by this exhibition, we were not able to go: here GAZ presented a whole scattering "passenger" victim!

New Gazelle-bus. Really Learned? — Photo 1


Production of the Gazelle-Next started in spring — Then the workers of the plant presented only korotkobazny truck. A little later came long wheelbase version, which is sold in full, and

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Identified a leader of innovation and technology in Ryazan


October 30 ended the contest "Leader of innovation and technology city of Ryazan." The competition was organized by the City as part of activities cerebral palsy "Development of knowledge-based economy in the city of Ryazan for the period 2011-2013" and was held for the first time. The list of potential participants was formed by the developed technique for monitoring the innovation sector of the economy of the city. The list includes 45 companies and organizations Ryazan various organizational and legal form of a total workforce of about 11.5 thousand people. On 24 companies (total number of employees

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High-tech Medical city erected in Tyumen


In Tyumen build medical campus. In his complex will have long working NFM "Oilman" Tyumen Regional Hospital and a new neurosurgery center (opened in December 2010). Who is building another clinic — radiological center. On the face of the building radiological center, the construction of which ends up in a medical campus in Patrushev, quite unlike the hospital: in front of mirror panels reflect silver trees with frost. Inside — a spacious and full of light hall.

And even though the building is still in scaffolding, and go inside finishing, which will appear before the center

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State of the art high music


In a world invented many ways to improve the quality of sound reproduction.

But one of the ideas is most popular in Russia. This idea OMNIPOLYARNOGO emitters.


For simplicity, I will explain that conventional speakers emit directionally to and from various points (three speakers) omnipolyarnye and radiate from a single point and in every direction.

This is the most close to reality. These speakers produce a number of companies in our country. One The company "VALANKON"


The company "Valankon" offers a solution with a single speaker for the

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