Universities Tyumen learn to earn on innovation

Tyumen universities are actively involved in the development and implementation of innovations. In particular in the field of nanotechnology. Under their wing already created dozens of innovative companies, the occurrence of which was made possible after the release in 2009 of the federal law number 217.

 Photo source:s-sm.ru

Many Tyumen scientists are ready to move from theory to practice, they have something to offer to the market. This Tyumen journalists made through a press tour of the innovative sites of leading universities in the region, organized by the Department of Education and Science. For example, on the basis

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The second series Su-35s first flew over the Komsomolsk-on-Amur (PHOTOS)

The second serial multifunctional fighter Su-35s on Friday made its first flight in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a source in the military-industrial complex.

 Photo source:knaapo.com

"The flight lasted more than an hour. All units and aircraft systems worked smoothly. Comments on the operation of the engine and avionics not "- said the source of the" Interfax ".

According to him, after the completion of factory flight tests of this machine will be transferred to the Russian Air Force.

He recalled that, in accordance with the previously signed contract will be supplied to the Russian Air Force 48 multi-role fighters

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A second An-148-100E Voronezh assembly passed Airlines ‘Flight’

 Photo source:ruwings.ru

On August 31 VACO was signed deed of conveyance of the second aircraft built for the airline at the Voronezh aircraft factory. Both aircraft have sent airlines collected in a two-class configuration includes 60 seats of economy class and business class seats 8. Can be operated in a single-class layout, and, after a short installation of interior capacity is 75 seats economy class.

 Photo source:polet.ru

In the procedure of transfer of the aircraft attended by General Director of JSC "VASO" Zubarev V. Yu Director of the Central Black Soil Regional Branch of JSC "Sberbank Leasing"

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The second cheetah arrived in Vietnam

Formidable couple Photo source:zdship.ru

July 25, 2011 the second ship of the series of the "Gepard-3.9", built Zelenodolsk plant Gorky (designer — of "Zelenodolskoye PKB"), arrived at the naval base at Cam Ranh Bay, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

 Photo source:zdship.ru

Your successes and running acceptance tests, testing of weapons systems and life support systems, May 25, 2011 took place on the ship loading specialized transport ship EIDE TRANSPORTER and 26 May 2011 sent him to Vietnam.

 Photo source:zdship.ru

In view of the expressed wishes of the customer after the arrival of the first frigate to Vietnam,

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Second SSJ company Interjet-home!

4 Aug 2013, 21:11

August 4, 2013 the second "Sukhoi Superjet 100" / SSJ100 /, board roomXA-IJR, to fly a Mexican flag carrier base "Interdzhet" / Interjet /, took off from Bangor International Airport / USA / where to stopover and overnight stay on the way to Toluca / Mexico /. After a little more than 5 hours of flight, the plane landed at the airport of destination.

Before flying from Bangor / USA /. In the rays of the rising sun. Photo: SuperJet International

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The second phase of the Volgograd Metrotram prepares for launch

 Photo source:saffronov.ru

Volgograd fast tram (Metrotram) — The only Russian system of underground trams. It has 19 stations located on a line length of 13.5 km. Of these, 3.3 kilometer long section of three stations located in the city center (Lenin Square, Komsomolskaya, Pioneer), laid under the ground by the standards of the underground. Land area is rebuilt from the usual tram line to ensure high speeds and minimize overlap with other modes of transport. The annual transportation account for about 50 million passengers.

At present, the preparation for the commissioning of two light rail line (segment "Pioneer"

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Vor master cast 13 bells for the Kolomna temple

 Photo source:kampan.ru

Voronezh factory bell "Faith" carried a large order for the suburbs. A unique bell tower of 13 items Voronezh master sent to the temple Kolomenskaya Orthodox Theological Seminary.

The largest bell weighs 2 tons. Everyone — your ornament. In the decoration of the belfry used elements of the famous Tsar Bell, located on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.

The bells plant Anisimov has glorified the capital Chernozemya the whole world. Over a 20-year history of the team of the company produced about 20,000 bells. Vor bells ring in Valaam and Solovki monasteries, churches and

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NASA retouch photos with UFOs

It has long been few people trust NASA. Many people believe that they intentionally hide the facts alien presence, as well as UFO on earth and in space. Offered video, which compares the two photo from NASA (Link provided). One of them is seen UFOs in orbit, and the second reason is not. Interestingly, it had to retouch the National Space Agency of America?

Note that both images have the same serial number.

Links to photos:

Photography before treatment. With UFOs

NASA retouch photos with UFOs

Revived stadium Amurselmash inaugurated

October 2 Bilohirsk inaugurated the restored stadium "Amurselmash."

 Photo source:portamur.ru

Construction of the stadium began in November 2009. It was built from the ground up. The precursor was overgrown with weeds in the early '90s, after the closing of the plant "Amurselmash." The restoration of the stadium has been spent over 100 million rubles of the regional and municipal budgets.

 Photo source:portamur.ru

At the stadium there are auxiliary facilities, bleachers, scoreboard, floodlights, a football field with artificial turf, sports courts for tennis, volleyball, basketball, running track with artificial turf, the core sectors for throwing, high jump

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The revival of cultural heritage Tula Kremlin.

The construction of the second tier of the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Tula Kremlin next meeting of the board of a regional fund the revival of cultural heritage "Tula Kremlin" chaired by Governor Vladimir Gruzdev held on Monday, July 15. The meeting was held in the Tula Kremlin.

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Governor — Chairman of the Government of Tula Oblast Yuri Andrianov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Tula region Marina Levin, Deputy Minister — Director of the Department of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and

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