Curiosity. Reptile skull found on Mars

Another find Mars, Made rover Curiosity, once again stunned the world. This skull unknown creature, which many have attributed to reptiles. Or maybe it's still just a stone?

Reptile skull on Mars. Click on photo to enlarge

This is a link to the original photo at NASA

Watch skull reptilians on Mars


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Curiosity on Mars photographed CD!

It seems that in their travel Mars Curiosity drove to the local dump. In the new photos captures a brilliant round object that closely resembles a compact disc (CD)

Here, the photograph itself is laid out on the site NASA, which was done with the video below.

I think that statement was soon followed by NASA. it will fall off the next item from the rover


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The Mi-54


The Mi-54 is being developed in accordance with the Federal Target Program "Development of Russian civil aviation for 2002 — 2010 and for the period up to 2015."


The helicopter is designed to carry loads up to 1,500 kg inside the fuselage and up to 1,800 kg on the external load, or 12 — 13 passengers. The priorities of the project are: compliance helicopter with AP-29, FAR-29, JAR-29 to reflect the latest amendments; low operating costs; a high level of security; large cabin volume that does not limit the range of goods transported within the

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Put into operation the federal highway M-4 Don around Eltsa


August 26. The solemn ceremony of commissioning the federal highway M-4 "Don" around Eltsa held in the Lipetsk region. Command "to start" gave the head of the regional administration, Oleg Korolev.

Built in record time — three years — new road length of 56 km solves several problems: reduce accidents, improve the environment and enhance Eltsa speed of traffic on the motorway. When laying the roadway compliance with all quality parameters and new technologies were used, which should provide high performance for six to ten years. Construction costs amounted to 22 billion rubles.

picture story

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Vacuum crossbow


Weapon to shoot arrows using the pressure energy of the atmosphere. String vacuum crossbow has no lateral movement. Vacuum elastic element has no fatigue. Crossbow is charged can is a week without loss of power.


Vacuum crossbow can be operated in a temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees Celsius. (The experiment was conducted, the crossbow had been left in the cold -20 degrees for 40 minutes, followed by fire, nor how this temperature did not affect the power and performance of a crossbow. ) Weapon safely at break strings. When abnormal situation

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The most important film for us is 3D (people)


September 27 in the "Moscow City" opened a new cinema IMAX Sapphire, in honor of what was a press conference with representatives of the Corporation IMAX. It turned out, the Russians are very fond of rooms IMAX. Of the twenty most profitable in the world of IMAX-halls, six are located in Russia. MAX Sapphire in the "Moscow City" — is, on the one hand, the new concept of cinema, on the other — the maximum technical quality of picture and sound. However, technically the other halls IMAX Sapphire, as it turned out, is no different. The concept

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VAGONMASH preparing to begin mass production of subway cars Neva


At JSC "Vagonmash" on Friday delivered the first three underground car of the fourth generation of the "Neva". This project is implemented in cooperation with the St. Petersburg factory Skoda Transportation sro new type of rolling stock for the metro meets not only Russian, but also European standards.

Especially for the mass production of subway cars and streetcars new generation will be built a new production facility at the site of "Petersburg Tram Mechanical Factory" — a subsidiary of JSC "Vagonmash." In 2011 it is planned to complete the construction of an industrial complex and to

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In the Yaroslavl region built resort Golden Ring

In Pereslavl district of the Yaroslavl region in 2010, began construction of the resort "Golden Ring." By 2015, it will be one of the largest tourist complexes in Russia. The volume of investments — more than 10 billion rubles.


Resort "Golden Ring" will give more than a thousand jobs for the inhabitants of Yaroslavl and Pereslavl. In addition, according to preliminary estimates, the tourist complex will annually bring to the regional budget by 3 billion rubles.


design of the complex and facilities built for the year (photos)

JSC "Development Corporation"

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In Yakutia opened two rural schools

New schools opened in the villages and Kurbusah Usuns-Kyuyol.

November 12, 2010 in the village of Ust-Aldan Kurbusah district was the traditional ceremony of the installation of the first piles for the foundation of the future of the school. And now, after a year, to the day, at the same place and almost at the same hour, the people Kurbusaha witnessed even more joyful and solemn moment — now open a new school building for 140 im.N.N.Okoemova.


The same day, the opening of the new building Usuns-Kyuelskoy comprehensive school for 60 seats.


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In Yakutia opened a new railway

November 15 held a ceremony to mark the completion of construction of the railway in the area "Berkakit — Tommot — Lower Bestyakh. "


The new road will connect the town Berkakit at BAM with the Lower Bestyahom, which is located about 15 kilometers from Yakutsk. Next step will be the construction of a bridge across the river Lena.




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