Of crane expands production

Two new shops are running on the machine-building plant "Crane"(Ivanovo): a new shop for the manufacture of arrows ovoid profile for tower cranes and machine shop assembly manipulators.

 Photo source:ivanovoobl.ru

According to the General Director of "crane" Eugene Tokarenko, the volume of arrows ovoid profile for tower cranes will be 5000 units per year, the production of such analogues of arrows in the world no.

The average salary in the company exceeds obscheoblastnoy level and is about 16 000.

The volume of investments in the current year was on the shop floor production ovoid arrows

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The new clinic opened in the village merry-Psou (Sochi)

In erected in accordance with the program of construction of Olympic facilities district merry-Psou opened a new clinic.

 Photo source:sochi-24.ru

Construction of a new clinic on the street Khudiakova — one of many measures aimed at meeting the needs of migrant neighborhoods in institutions and social amenities.

 Photo source:sochi-24.ru

For those families who are to start a new life in a new place, every arrangement for a comfortable life and leisure. In the Merry-Psou polyclinic complex is located in a two-story building area of 3,000 square meters. Health care facility designed for 100 visits per shift

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Atommash sent to the customer coagulant sulfur

Production of heat exchange of the body and storage equipment completed shipment of coalescent sulfur vapor poses. B04. This over-sized apparatus with a diameter of more than five meters designed for separation of the sulfur from the process gas impingement grid mounted in the upper part of the apparatus.

 Photo source:energomash.ru

 Photo source:energomash.ru

 Photo source:energomash.ru

Coagulant sulfur poses. B04 is a part of the combined unit E04/V04 unit for production of elemental sulfur U-151/251 by LLC "Gazprom mining Astrakhan." Shipment of the equipment carried by water transport with specialized factory dock.

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KAMAZ started production of the mini-TES

Development of mini-TES — is a joint project of JSC "KAMAZ" Kazan and engineering company in the field of small-scale power "Alfa Energy", which carried out the calculations, prepared a draft technical documentation, and also took part in the installation of the first experimental mini-TES. All technical documents will be handed over "KAMAZ", which will be able to use it in the development of the following projects.

 Photo source:nabchelny.ru

The first mini-TES KAMAZ designed to produce electricity and heat supply in one of the housings of the engine plant. It can generate electric power of 100 kW and

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The new UAZ

 Photo source:webalta.ru

New special cars UAZ T-REX up to 3.5 tonnes will be produced on demand to the needs of the road construction sector, government agencies, as well as emergency

 Photo source:webalta.ru

special vehicles for use in hard to reach areas.

 Photo source:yandex.ru

Spetsavtomobili T-REX with dimensions of 5230mm x 1900mm x 2495mm and a wheelbase of 3450 mm differ excellent cross. They will have a system of four-wheel drive, high ground clearance (290 mm) and a sturdy frame.

 Photo source:pion-nt.ru

 Photo source:ex-road.ru

Moreover, a significant advantage is the presence of multi-car transfer gearbox with

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In Yekaterinburg opened after reconstruction six kindergartens

November 22, at the Upper Iset district capital of the Urals opened a new garden outside Muranova, 15. Settlers kindergarten will be 115 kids between the ages of two and six years.

 Photo source:e1.ru

November 25, 2011 opened a new children’s garden outside of camp, in the village of Chapaevsky 5. The opened pre-school for 220 children.

 Photo source:ekburg.ru

November 24 kindergarten opened in Ordzhonikidze district of Yekaterinburg. Kindergarten is designed for 80 children from three to six years.

 Photo source:ekburg.ru

November 24 opened a kindergarten in the Railway area of Yekaterinburg, designed for

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The crew of Soyuz TMA-02M returned safely to Earth

 Photo source:astronaut.ru

The crew of spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-02M" Left to right: Michael Fossum, Sergei Volkov and Satoshi Furukawa

Today at 06.25 MSK after long-duration mission to the International Space Station returned to Earth the crew of cosmonauts Sergei Volkov (Roscosmos) and astronaut Satoshi Furukawa (JAXA) and Michael Fossum (NASA). The lander manned spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-02M" with three crew landed in Kazakhstan near Arkalyk. Planting took place in a normal mode.

 Photo source:federalspace.ru

This was the second flight of the spacecraft digital. The new control system, upgraded filling once again managed the task.

 Photo source:federalspace.ru

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Another school stadium opened in Vladivostok

Near school number 32 for students and all residents on the Cape Churkin has a new modern stadium. Now in Vladivostok 17 modern stadiums and sports fields 6.

 Photo source:vlc.ru

He was elevated to the city budget in the program "Sports Vladivostok". On a large plot of land built a hockey, a large soccer field with artificial grass, covered grandstand for spectators and fans. Located on the perimeter of the rubberized running track. Built a volleyball court, gym complex is set.

 Photo source:vlc.ru

 Photo source:vlc.ru

 Photo source:vlc.ru

 Photo source:vlc.ru

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Detachment of the Black Sea Fleet warships returned to Sevastopol

On the ball Photo source:cruiser-moskva.info

Group of warships of Black Sea Fleet (BSF) in the patrol ship "Sharp-witted" and the rescue ship "EPRON" by performing tasks in the Mediterranean, returned to Sevastopol, the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

The ship and the salvage ship participated in ongoing since 2004 on a regular basis of bilateral Russian-Italian exercise "Ionieks-2011." The sailors of the two countries have worked together organizing Inspection operations designed to prevent illicit trafficking in arms, ammunition and contraband, drugs. The ships carried artillery fire, conducted exercises in search and attack submarine, worked in cooperation to

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In the Tambov region has opened the region’s largest complex for the production of poultry meat

November 19 in the village of Tambov Inzhavino commissioned the largest in the Central Black Soil capacity of 100 thousand tons of poultry meat year.

 Photo source:tambovinfo.ru

The complex includes: — Eight feedlots, — Feed mill at 200 tonnes nutrient feed per year, — The incubator for 84 million broiler eggs — Refrigerated warehouse at 5 kt finished product.

Factory work has provided 2,200 residents Inzhavinsky, Kirsanovsky, Uvarovsky areas.

 Photo source:top68.ru

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