India Photo Tour with Magnums Martin Parr

Magnum photographer, Martin Parr will be leading a 12-day India tour from 16-27 February 2014. The tour, which will center around providing tips on photographing great travel shots will navigate along the lines of India’s golden triangle—from Delhi to Lucknow, via Jaipur and Agra. Additionally, participants will also get a chance to have their images critiqued by Parr himself, a man who is known for his with a witty yet critical photographic style.

Martin Parr is not new to India. He has shot the country extensively, and in 2010, even released a book, Martin Parr in India. The photo tour,

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HOW TO Resize Photographs for Facebook

For instance, a Cover Photo measures 851 x 315 pixels—this would need you to not just downsize the photo, but also crop it appropriately in that particular aspect ratio. Another important thing to remember that when a photo is clicked on, the size displayed is 960 pixels on the longer side. So, before uploading, always use this parameter while downsizing.

While uploading pictures to Facebook, ensure you do not upload the high resolution file of your photograph. This should be avoided for several reasons. Most important of which, is the fact that Facebook allows visitors to download high-res photos, if

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Head On Photo Festival 2013

Everywhere is a gallery;observed Head On Photo Festival Director, Moshe Rosenzveig, describing this year’s event which was the most extensive and diverse to date, making Head On the largest photographic festival in the country.

This year.

Ben Lowy and his wife, Marvel Lacar; Bangladeshi photographer and activist Shahidul Alam; and the American photographer Tracie Williams, all of whom had exhibitions in the festival. After interviewing Lowy and Alam about their respective exhibitions, it was a matter of cramming in as many exhibitions as I could into three days before flying back to Melbourne. At last count. I saw 30 exhibitions.

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Having run with Instagram

Instagram is not just about taking selfies and shots of your food. 10 things about this super fun app, that may take you by surprise.

Shoot. Select photo. Crop. Add filter. Tag. Share. Done!

In a matter of seconds, I have shared my day at the beach with my friends. With photo sharing, in just a few easy touches on Instagram, these simple tweaks could make your stream even more exciting.

1. It’s Different!

Do not compose the way you would with a regular camera. The images are usually viewed on a phone screen, so keep it simple.

2. You

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Going beyond

For over 30 years, Debatosh Sengupta has been a photographer for the Government of India. In his entire career, he has covered some of the most iconic images of our times including the historic Presidential inauguration of Nelson Mandela in 1994. He has extensively photographed the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi from the day he assumed office in 1984 till the completion of his tenure in 1989.

Debatosh has also travelled with the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and documented her visits within the country and abroad.

A Sheer Chance

Not many know this, but Debatosh’s first love was theatre

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Create a photo book

Keen to savour your images for years to come? Take advantage of Lightroom’s Book module to create a stunning photo book from scratch

JORDAN BUTTERS: There’s no denying that since the advent of digital, photography has come on leaps and bounds. However, if there’s one downside to the digital age it’s that we rarely see our images printed. The ability to share images digitally is fantastic, but seeing your images in print offers a sense of gratification that is hard to equal. Thankfully, we now have more ways to print images that ever before, and one of the best ways

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Crafty tips for stylish photo scrapbooking.

A special way to savour memories for years to come.

Scrapbooking is a great way to capture memories of fun times passed. Whether that’s a wedding, a trip, or simply a happy chapter in your life, documenting it on paper acts as a cheerful reminder. It also encourages you to print out photos that would otherwise be left lying around on your hard drive. All you need to do is pick a theme and a layout, choose and print the photos you want it to display, and finally decorate it with borders and embellishments according to your style.

While there

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Capture a fantastic backlit macro photo.

Learn how to shoot nature’s fascinating level of detail by getting creative with light.

Macro photography involves shooting with your camera very close to your subject, and enables you to capture intricate details that you may not normally be able to see with the naked eye. If your macro subject is translucent, then you can capture even more detail by lighting it from behind.

Leaves, flower petals and even butterfly wings are all fantastic subjects for practising this technique, as the light shining through them will help their tiny patterns to show up even more in your photos.

You could

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Backstage LG plant

Brief Introduction

The plant itself was launched in September 2006, became another important "building block" in a world empire LG, which currently includes branches, 6 design centers and 98 subsidiary companies. The Russian plant has been assigned a role: the release of monitors / TVs, washing machines and refrigerators. Currently, LG Electronics RUS produces more than 200 models of televisions, monitors, refrigerators and washing machines. A total number of employees in 2013 exceeded 2,000. But not all of it and are busy working on the assembly line. We were able to look into the "behind the scenes" Plant -testovye

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5 tips for a great photo gallery

Showcase your shots with digital galleries

Many of us are guilty of leaving our photos hidden away on computers or memory cards where no one can see them. Instead, why not create a digital photo gallery to display your best images in? This is a great way to organise your shots and get feedback to help you improve your skills.

Don’t duplicate

If you’re looking to create a strong gallery of your shots, be picky with the ones you upload and only include ones you’re really proud of. Don’t include very similar images either — pick the best out of

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