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Ekaterinburg American eyes

On Monday, I had almost a day, besides the weather was just fine (by the way, the first time ever, while I’m here.) In general, I decided to explore the city. Front of the hotel on the street Boris Yeltsin has a small but beautiful park. ahead was a woman. from time to time stopped to look at the trees. It is a reminder to me that I run, when I think that I was going.


Left city pond.


Girl sits and knits on the waterfront.


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The new clinic opened in the village merry-Psou (Sochi)

In erected in accordance with the program of construction of Olympic facilities district merry-Psou opened a new clinic.


Construction of a new clinic on the street Khudiakova — one of many measures aimed at meeting the needs of migrant neighborhoods in institutions and social amenities.


For those families who are to start a new life in a new place, every arrangement for a comfortable life and leisure. In the Merry-Psou polyclinic complex is located in a two-story building area of 3,000 square meters. Health care facility designed for 100 visits per shift

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Atommash sent to the customer coagulant sulfur

Production of heat exchange of the body and storage equipment completed shipment of coalescent sulfur vapor poses. B04. This over-sized apparatus with a diameter of more than five meters designed for separation of the sulfur from the process gas impingement grid mounted in the upper part of the apparatus.




Coagulant sulfur poses. B04 is a part of the combined unit E04/V04 unit for production of elemental sulfur U-151/251 by LLC "Gazprom mining Astrakhan." Shipment of the equipment carried by water transport with specialized factory dock.

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In the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg opened a new veterinary station

Today in the Primorsky district opened its doors to a new four-legged St. Petersburg City Veterinary Station Veterinary Service on Shkolnaya Street, 32. Photo

The establishment is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment to assist pet, including laboratory tests. Everything here is left to chance, from causing positive emotions interior space and ending with the maximum convenience for visitors and working medical staff.


Vice-Governor Lyudmila Kostkina stressed at the opening: "Today, a lot of talk about upgrading, and so I can safely say that the modernization of veterinary services is almost complete: in

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KnAAPO. Superjet. Or another photo essay on SSJ-100 (45 pics).


Author: Marat Gizatulin (kukuksumushu)

—[*] ———————————————— —————————— This photo report Marat, complements the material published in: How do airplanes. Part 1 (57 images), and How do airplanes. Part 2 (47 photos) allowing you to take a look at the already visible from a slightly different angle 🙂

Peter Tsk —[*] ———————————————— ——————————

Sukhoi Superjet, he’s SSJ 100, he’s RRJ — the first and only Russian short-haul passenger aircraft, designed and put into production in the former Soviet Union. First Russian aviation company became a major international integrator of the project and its development has

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Liner and Boomerang


(Note, the picture is used to illustrate the article is an estimate only view APC "sleeve")

Recently there has been information activity around the mysterious "unified platform Boomerang". Apparently, people are pretty poor understanding of what it is, so are born fantastic versions that point of buying Italian light armored cars "Lynx" is precisely the use of "technology and components" "Lynx" in the construction of the "Boomerang" … dared to do a little analysis about the future describing the car as well as a bit of information to ponder. But so far no pictures and even more

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Another 30 new Gazelle went to deliver children at rural schools

Today, the main square of the regional center of directors of secondary schools of the Orenburg region handed the keys to 30 new Gazelles, that will transport students in rural schools. This event is part of the modernization of education of the Russian Federation.


To ensure the quality of the educational process in schools is necessary to organize transport service in rural schools, the dispatch of students from small towns and villages. To this end, institutions are distinguished school buses and Gazelle.


November 10 has been awarded to 30 buses for rural areas,

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Sleeping Beauty at the Bolshoi waited triumph

The first ballet premiered on the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theater after reconstruction — "Sleeping Beauty" — passed with flying colors. Hall filled to capacity, unanimously applauded and did not let the performers and author of the new version of the ballet choreographed by Yuri Grigorovich and conductor Vasily Sinai and the Italian artist Ezio Frigerio.


The scene was strewn with flowers. In the evaluation of the new work of the Bolshoi Ballet audience — from professionals to amateurs Ballet — often uttered the epithet "Luxurious".


The biggest applause and shouts

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How do airplanes. Part 1 (57 photos)


Author: sergeydolya

Read the second part of "How do airplanes. Part 2 (47 pics)."

Read and watch, "KnAAPO. Superjet. Or another photo essay on SSJ-100 (45 photos)" — Supplementing the photo report Marat Gizatulina.

—[*] ———————————————— ——————————

Attention! This photo, prkomentiroval grOOmi (Thanks for the tip Don‘Y). What would not produce "extra entities", I took it upon myself and joined the author’s version (text and photos) with comments grOOmi (GSS employee [?]). And something to avoid confusion, Comments grOOmi allocated like this color.

Peter Tsk. —[*] ———————————————— ——————————

At the words "domestic

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Semi-road — an examination put an excellent

PKF "Politrans" (Chelyabinsk) — Russia’s leading plant trailers since 2000, producing trailers all terrain vehicles, models with low loading height, log trucks with sliding conics and quick-sides, as well as a special duty machinery for the subsequent installation of various equipment on it. Photo

At the end of 2010, the company’s designers have developed a new family of semi-TSP 94163-0000050 capacity from 41 to 45 tons now, after six months operation can be stated that new items withstood rigorous examination and demonstrated its high performance.


The design feature is the use of high-trailers frames

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