Atommash sent to the customer coagulant sulfur

Production of heat exchange of the body and storage equipment completed shipment of coalescent sulfur vapor poses. B04. This over-sized apparatus with a diameter of more than five meters designed for separation of the sulfur from the process gas impingement grid mounted in the upper part of the apparatus.




Coagulant sulfur poses. B04 is a part of the combined unit E04/V04 unit for production of elemental sulfur U-151/251 by LLC "Gazprom mining Astrakhan." Shipment of the equipment carried by water transport with specialized factory dock.

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KAMAZ started production of the mini-TES

Development of mini-TES — is a joint project of JSC "KAMAZ" Kazan and engineering company in the field of small-scale power "Alfa Energy", which carried out the calculations, prepared a draft technical documentation, and also took part in the installation of the first experimental mini-TES. All technical documents will be handed over "KAMAZ", which will be able to use it in the development of the following projects.


The first mini-TES KAMAZ designed to produce electricity and heat supply in one of the housings of the engine plant. It can generate electric power of 100 kW and

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The new UAZ


New special cars UAZ T-REX up to 3.5 tonnes will be produced on demand to the needs of the road construction sector, government agencies, as well as emergency


special vehicles for use in hard to reach areas.


Spetsavtomobili T-REX with dimensions of 5230mm x 1900mm x 2495mm and a wheelbase of 3450 mm differ excellent cross. They will have a system of four-wheel drive, high ground clearance (290 mm) and a sturdy frame.



Moreover, a significant advantage is the presence of multi-car transfer gearbox with

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Sleeping Beauty at the Bolshoi waited triumph

The first ballet premiered on the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theater after reconstruction — "Sleeping Beauty" — passed with flying colors. Hall filled to capacity, unanimously applauded and did not let the performers and author of the new version of the ballet choreographed by Yuri Grigorovich and conductor Vasily Sinai and the Italian artist Ezio Frigerio.


The scene was strewn with flowers. In the evaluation of the new work of the Bolshoi Ballet audience — from professionals to amateurs Ballet — often uttered the epithet "Luxurious".


The biggest applause and shouts

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How do airplanes. Part 1 (57 photos)


Author: sergeydolya

Read the second part of "How do airplanes. Part 2 (47 pics)."

Read and watch, "KnAAPO. Superjet. Or another photo essay on SSJ-100 (45 photos)" — Supplementing the photo report Marat Gizatulina.

—[*] ———————————————— ——————————

Attention! This photo, prkomentiroval grOOmi (Thanks for the tip Don‘Y). What would not produce "extra entities", I took it upon myself and joined the author’s version (text and photos) with comments grOOmi (GSS employee [?]). And something to avoid confusion, Comments grOOmi allocated like this color.

Peter Tsk. —[*] ———————————————— ——————————

At the words "domestic

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Semi-road — an examination put an excellent

PKF "Politrans" (Chelyabinsk) — Russia’s leading plant trailers since 2000, producing trailers all terrain vehicles, models with low loading height, log trucks with sliding conics and quick-sides, as well as a special duty machinery for the subsequent installation of various equipment on it. Photo

At the end of 2010, the company’s designers have developed a new family of semi-TSP 94163-0000050 capacity from 41 to 45 tons now, after six months operation can be stated that new items withstood rigorous examination and demonstrated its high performance.


The design feature is the use of high-trailers frames

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Substation South opened after renovation in St. Petersburg

Substation "South" — one of the key energy sources of the city. It provides electricity to four city districts: Kolpinsky, Moscow, Central and Pushkin, home to more than 1 million people. Updated substation provides power for hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and the largest urban enterprises — Obukhov factory and Izhora plants. Photo

Substation "South" was reconstructed in the framework of an agreement between the city government and the company "UES FGC". As a result of the reconstruction of the territory occupied by the substation has been reduced by almost 4 times as its capacity increased by 25%. Investment in

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How do we build a mobile network on the track Cupid: telephones in the country and no nails!

Author: Konstantin Boldyrev — the manager of the federal project "Cupid" by the company "VimpelCom".

In the topic, I will discuss the largest in recent years, the telecommunications project, which was simply amazing in terms of implementation. Photo

The project of building a mobile network on the highway "Amur" there are 4 important differences from anything we’ve done before:

• First, the project inhumanly volume. • Second, it is run in record time. • Third, it used the most modern equipment. • And fourth, all operators of the Big Three were able to work side-by-side, which

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Development of Vladivostok


Sent comments leprosy. Photos are added. The result was a report of what has been done in Vladivostok. Very helpful blog, there are many photos of projects under construction.

============================================== Clearly surprised about such large-scale inflows into the city for some two-day APEC summit. In fact, the Summit is just an excuse to develop the infrastructure of the largest in the Far East of the city and the port from which rapidly began to put off people. Built not only one bridge, it is a set of objects to the construction site where the fourth

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Tigers in Uruguay


In May of this year, there was news that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uruguay buys Russian armored vehicles "Tiger." Now have the photos showing that the "Tigers" are indeed available Guardia Metropolitana, a special police unit in Uruguay.

Uruguayan media reported that three armored cars Tigre (special export version of the SPM-2) made available to Guardia Metropolitana. They correspond to the Tigre, who were tested in the special forces of Brazilian BOPE police. The machine has increased bulletproof protection, in fact relevant STANAG 4569 Level 3, protects against rifle-caliber bullets 7.62h51mm and armor-piercing as

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