Kirov Plant (St. Petersburg) is planning a 2-fold increase in production

The structure of "Kirov Plant" includes 20 subsidiaries. All are in the factory, and it is about 200 hectares. Today, "Kirov Plant" executes orders for the Russian Navy, "Atomflot", OAO "Gazprom", the state corporation Rosatom and other customers. Photo

On 1 November 2011 the plant produced about 650 cars, 500 of which are for agriculture. Municipal vehicles on the stated performance is not inferior to foreign analogues and, thus, it is cheaper.


Next year we plan to release 1,000 cars.




In Yakutia opened two rural schools

New schools opened in the villages and Kurbusah Usuns-Kyuyol.

November 12, 2010 in the village of Ust-Aldan Kurbusah district was the traditional ceremony of the installation of the first piles for the foundation of the future of the school. And now, after a year, to the day, at the same place and almost at the same hour, the people Kurbusaha witnessed even more joyful and solemn moment — now open a new school building for 140 im.N.N.Okoemova. Photo

The same day, the opening of the new building Usuns-Kyuelskoy comprehensive school for 60 seats.


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In Chechnya commence serial assembly of Lada Priora

Next week on the conveyor Argun plant "Pishchemash" will begin assembling the serial front-wheel drive "Lada Priora".

"Seven" leaves the assembly line Correspondents "RG" came to the company "Chechenavto" just before the start of the new line. In the workshops was in full swing. Workers dismantled the equipment, which in 2008 collected "Lada" seventh model, and installed conveyor for installation, "Lada Priora". Photo

— Components with AvtoVAZ drive up almost every day, — says the head of the assembly shop Said Amy Yunusov. — Now comes the assembly of suspended equipment for the production of a

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The new, fully automated substation Jubilee opened in Astrakhan

JSC "IDGC Holding" has opened a new, fully automated electric substation "Jubilee" in the Kirov district of Astrakhan. The new substation is of great economic and social importance of customer service throughout the central part of the city of Astrakhan. Photo

Also open Center Network branch of JSC "IDGC of the South" — "Astrakhan". Only two operators control 13 thousand units of overhead lines, 136 substations. Investments amounted to 850 million rubles.





Photos of Maxim Korochenko

In Pskov, opened a kindergarten Aistenok for 240

This event inhabitants of the city were waiting for any one year. For a long time, is almost ready to start kindergarten unable to complete the work he was under the Ministry of Defence, and it, in turn, has been slow to pass on the establishment of the balance of the city. Red tape lasted and lasted. And just a few months ago, the Ministry of Defense gave a garden. Photo

And it has happened. Kindergarten opened its doors to children. And let them yet a little more and not all rooms refurbished to the end, but a

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Zagorje PSP


The general plan of the construction of the power plant building. Pay attention to the water level

Zagorskaya Pumped Storage Power Station — the largest pumped storage in Russia. It is located on the river Cunha in the Moscow region, near the village of Bogorodskoe. Power PSP — 1200/1320 MW (in the turbine / pump modes).

Let me remind you that the PSP (Pumped Storage Plant) is fundamentally different from conventional power plant, for power plant can only produce electricity by dropping water from the upstream to the bottom, and the PSP can also

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TUYMAZINSKY concrete pumps — a new solution

2010 — "Tuimazy hauler" concluded the business relationship with the German company «Waitzinger Baumaschinen GmbH» in the production of concrete pumps. In November 2010, produced the first concrete pump with technological equipment of «Waitzinger» with high supply of concrete 42 meters, capacity of 140 m³ / h The first concrete pump «TZA-WAITZINGER» acquired the construction company Tyumen. Photo

Process Equipment Concrete «WAITZINGER» as adapted for use in the Russian conditions and is mounted on the Russian car KAMAZ chassis.

Lineup updated series includes concrete pumps with boom length 37, 42, 47 meters. Expansion of the series

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Every aircraft, two aircraft … seven plane!

It seems picture from this angle has not yet appeared, we



This is the final assembly plant. Another 23 aircraft are in various stages of readiness in other shops KNAAPO.

In the city of Galich (Kostroma region). Opened sports complex

In the city of Galich, Kostroma region opened a multipurpose sports complex "Jubilee."


Now, more than 200 residents of the city will be able to attend every modern gym, heated swimming pool, as well as engage in volleyball, basketball, chess, dance, gymnastics, power and other sections.


In Galicia successfully working to improve the town. Commissioned new railway and bus stations, repaired roads. In the near future — the construction of a new stadium with a football field and a multi-functional platforms, as well as modern three hockey boxes.

New w

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Preparing for the defense

Over the last couple of days there have been several key events to be related to the defense of the country. Remember one of the most popular myths, so lovingly cultivated by liberal media in the media space? Army collapsed, soldiers running, it’s time to join NATO. Indeed, during that liberal powerlessness that happened in Russia in the 90’s, as a reflection of the worst human qualities, in order to enrich themselves dishonest generals were selling something that is not theirs. But in the new century, things began to change. Not to wave a magic wand, of course, but the

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