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 Photo source:me.com

 Photo source:me.com

This is the final assembly plant. Another 23 aircraft are in various stages of readiness in other shops KNAAPO.

In the city of Galich (Kostroma region). Opened sports complex

In the city of Galich, Kostroma region opened a multipurpose sports complex "Jubilee."

 Photo source:galich44.ru

Now, more than 200 residents of the city will be able to attend every modern gym, heated swimming pool, as well as engage in volleyball, basketball, chess, dance, gymnastics, power and other sections.

 Photo source:galich44.ru

In Galicia successfully working to improve the town. Commissioned new railway and bus stations, repaired roads. In the near future — the construction of a new stadium with a football field and a multi-functional platforms, as well as modern three hockey boxes.

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Preparing for the defense

Over the last couple of days there have been several key events to be related to the defense of the country. Remember one of the most popular myths, so lovingly cultivated by liberal media in the media space? Army collapsed, soldiers running, it’s time to join NATO. Indeed, during that liberal powerlessness that happened in Russia in the 90’s, as a reflection of the worst human qualities, in order to enrich themselves dishonest generals were selling something that is not theirs. But in the new century, things began to change. Not to wave a magic wand, of course, but the

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The village Apalkova Orel opened a new medical and health post

The village Apalkova Kromskom District, Oryol Region opened a new medical and health post.

 Photo source:orel-region.ru

FAP is built as part of the the federal target program "Social development of village". The period of its construction was less than a year. The total cost of the work — 8.5 million rubles from the budgets of different levels.

The building FAP are several surgeries, including procedural, physical therapy, patients receive. All are equipped with modern medical equipment.

Lately in the Oryol region was handed a number of medical facilities: Extension to the medical building Livenskoy CRH,

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Presentation, which waited 15 years in Kursk city opened Circus

Kursk, 11.11.11g.

After an extensive renovation in Kursk city opened a circus. The old building burned down in a fire in its place built a complex that will be the largest and most modern in the country.

 Photo source:kurskcity.ru

Today transformed not only the building of the circus, but the area in front of him. Work is being completed on the restoration of the fountain. It will be a 13-jet fountain with lights and a huge water bowl. Near the new circus, a monument to Yury Nikulin and his partner on stage Michael Shuydina. These two brilliant

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ZIL handed Rosrezerva lot of fire trucks

ZIL has put a batch of new fire trucks the Federal Agency for State Reserves. Transfer machines occurred on the territory of car. The delegation was led by Deputy Chief of the customer’s operation and management of capital construction and adviser Anatoly Slizhevskaya head of Alexander Stolyarov.

 Photo source:amo-zil.ru

The party fire tankers AC 3,2-40 (ZIL-433114) for the plant became the first major delivery since the resumption of production machines. As is known, the daily work assembly line restored at the end of August this year. In the near future ZIL put Rosrezerva also party haulers.

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The construction of new shipyards started in the Far East

 Photo source:yandex.ru

During a meeting on defense procurement in the field of shipbuilding in Severodvinsk, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced the start of construction of shipyards "East-Raflls" and "The Star-DSME» Far East Russia. According to him, currently erected housing enterprises, and the work is "well under way".

The construction project is implemented "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC) in co-operation with foreign partners:

on the basis of JSC "Far East Plant" Zvezda "is planned to build a shipyard" Zvezda-Dsme "with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., second venture — Wharf "East-Raflls" will be built in conjunction with the Singapore

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The Kuril Islands asphalted

On about. Kunashir first 4.7 kilometers of paved highways. July 16 at the bottom of the South Kurilsk were laid for the first 200 meters of asphalt pavement, and was completed on November 10 a new road markings, traffic signs are installed.

 Photo source:sakh.com

Asphalt mixture was made directly on Kunashir, for which the means of the regional administration was purchased asphalt plant.

 Photo source:sakh.com

Neryadovoe for the Kuril Islands event has already caused a lot of positive feedback from the public. According to residents of Kunashir, if the laying of asphalt will continue at least

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School number 1 in Yalutorovsk (Tyumen region). Opened after major overhaul

The school provided 964 training places in 28 offices. The newly opened school came to learn one thousand one person.

 Photo source:phototyumen.ru

Classes are held in the first and second shift. The school is provided with all necessary equipment. Here are installed 73 computers, 14 laptops, printers, scanners, copiers, multimedia projectors, interactive whiteboards. In addition, the school is implementing new educational programs, is the municipal area for gifted children and collaborates with the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics.

 Photo source:phototyumen.ru

picture story

 Photo source:phototyumen.ru

 Photo source:phototyumen.ru

 Photo source:phototyumen.ru

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In the Komi Republic is constructed sanatorium complex

Sanatorium complex being built in the village Seregovo Knyazhpogostsky district of the Komi Republic. The project envisages the creation of multi-functional resort.

 Photo source:rkomi.ru

Construction of the sanatorium began in 1986. However, due to lack of funds for a long time have been suspended. In order to ensure the resumption of construction of the project required an adjustment in the condition of the existing structures.

 Photo source:rkomi.ru

Future resort — comfortable facility providing not only diagnostic, therapeutic, recreational and preventive and rehabilitative health care services, but also allows patients to organize your holiday and leisure. For

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