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In Kobjajsky District, Yakutia launched standalone power plant

As part of the program on energy efficiency and reduce the cost of expensive imported diesel Kobjajsky electrical networks of "Sakhaenergo" committed to operating the modernized energy facility that will meet the needs of one of the settlements of Yakutia in both electricity and thermal energy.


Oct. 27 opening ceremony of the unique of its kind in the autonomous power center section Sitta Kobjajsky district.

Gazomikroturbinnaya thermal power plant (GMTES), built of "Sakhaenergo" on the basis of the existing boiler housing, used as the main source of electricity, as well as heat Sitta village infrastructure,

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KAMAZ introduces new technologies

Subsidiaries and joint ventures with foreign automakers at JSC "KAMAZ" continue to actively introduce new technologies in the production process, which can significantly improve the quality of the components, assemblies and components.

In JSC "KAMAZ-Metallurgy" is constantly working to improve the quality of using the new technologies. With the introduction of new fluxes, pore formation in the casting, casting to the cylinder head has reduced the level of internal and external marriage. Now the Foundry began to develop nanomodifitsiruyuschih additives in iron alloys. This work is carried out jointly with RUSNANO.


In addition, OJSC "KAMAZ-Metallurgy" introduced and

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Automotive from Nizhny Novgorod

Last December, a famous event — the final conference on the results of the "Automechanical plant" (Nizhny Novgorod) in 2010, at which representatives of manufacturers of chassis: "Mercedes Benz Rus", "Volvo Vostok", "MAN Truck Russia", "Scania-Rus", "Volkswagen Group Rus", "Peugeot Citroen Rus "(brand Peugeot), OJSC" KAMAZ »,« Sollers »(brand Isuzu),« FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus "(brand FUSO CANTER),« HendeKomTrans Rus "(brand Hyundai),« Bau Motor Corporation "(brand BAW) .

The unusual situation was the fact that the first add-in manufacturer arranged a conference for big-name companies, and not vice versa, as is usually the case. Meanwhile, the need for such action

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In NArFU open sports facilities

October 28 in the main building Northern Arctic Federal University (Arkhangelsk) after a big renovation opened a sports hall. Large and bright room in the same building where many students are learning — this is a great place for training and sports training.


The gym in the main building — this is the second playground, open university last week. Oct. 25 opening of the sports center. A similar event took place for the first time in Safa. In the same building previously housed a night club entertainment.


The center has plenty of

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More than 1.2 tys.kvartir put in Khabarovsk for youth, veterans and the public sector

In a newly built neighborhood, "Builder" in Khabarovsk settlers were more than 1.2 million young families, veterans and public sector employees.


1 thousand apartments under the social mortgage (15% of the cost of apartments is offset from the regional budget) acquired sector employees, and 220 apartments at discounted prices young families bought 20 apartments and government of the territory allocated to veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

"Khabarovsk region, probably one of the first regions in Russia, where the program was launched construction of affordable housing. We will step up and continue it. This year

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TATPROF company launched a new job press complex

In strict accordance with the work schedule, the company "TATPROF", in cooperation with its European partners — companies Presezzi, Kautec and UniFour — has launched a new job press complex.


Adjustable crimping is unparalleled in Russia.



— The diameter of the workpiece — O178 mm — The performance of the furnace heating of ingots — 4000 kg / h — Power of the press — 1900 ton, — Maximum capacity — 2100 kg / h, — The maximum length of the profile — 12 000 mm, — Automated finishing operations.


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In Chelyabinsk, commissioned for finishing first subway station under construction

Completed the construction of one of the five stations Chelyabinsk Metro: At the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Gorky Street underground emerged one of the two lobbies and apron hall of the future station "Komsomolskaya Square." Upon completion of the station will be part of the platform include length of 106 meters and a width of 22.4 meters, two underground two-level lobby, six stair exits to the surface, the two elevator hall, air stalls.


By mid-November, all exterior work will be completed, and the site of Lenin Avenue above the station will give road builders. Before

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In Moscow, after six years of renovation opened Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre will appear as he was at the peak of its beauty at the end of XIX century — with the unique acoustics, golden curtain, velvet luxury lodges and radiance huge crystal chandeliers. But technically improved it. The total area of the theater increased by 2 times. Basically, from the underground areas. There, for example, has moved converted into a transformer famous Beethoven Hall. Photo

Feast on the occasion of the festival decided to make a "to the whole world." Broadcast from the Grand will be shown on the air of the country’s leading television channels, as

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Equipment production facilities of JSC VSW new, high-tech equipment

We continue to equip the new plant production facilities, high-tech equipment. The introduction of modern machine tools in production allowed quickly to establish processes in our company, resulting in significant savings, a significant increase in the quality of the finished poduktsii the best foreign samples, while equipment prices remain the same. Making possible to achieve such high performance? So in 2010-2011 production halls of our factory was equipped with the latest modern machines. Let’s talk about each of them individually: 1) Coordinate turret punching press Finn-Power: Photo

Coordinate punch press is used for stamping metal sheets and their

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The world’s largest model of the country!

In 2011, in St. Petersburg, will open a unique operating model, symbolizing the Russian Federation, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. Photo

At 800 square meters mock field presents all key and typical objects in Russia, over which the manufacturer has the best modelers. The latest developments of Russian specialists working on the creation of the layout, superior counterparts from Europe, its technical novelty confirm boundless intellectual potential of the country.


The "Grandmaket" is a unique opportunity revival of children’s technical creativity. In the development of the layout, design professionals engaged in their favorite thing and

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