New kindergarten Cherry was opened in the village of Meadow Tyumen region

New kindergarten "Cherry" was opened in the village of Meadow Tyumen district of the Tyumen region. With the opening of "Cherry" in the village of 100% will be closed to all kindergartens. Photo

Kindergarten 80 seats. Each group has a separate bedroom, dressing room, dressing room. The floors in the group — a heated lockers and heated from below for drying shoes. Dining room, laundry room, medical unit equipped with all modern standards SanPin. Medical unit consists of a procedure room, an office reception children, two centers and a separate buffet.


How to tell

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Company Agro-Belogoriya began training young professionals

Company "Agro-Belogoriya" began training young professionals, who will be part of the six thousandth collective holding. Students Demetrius vocational school, the future of the structural units of the Group companies have started training for a new educational program. Make a present of a top-level student will allow dual technique, which is based on an extensive course of practical training.


Make 23rd Academy "source of manpower" will help resources "Agro-Belogoriya" technical and human. Foundations of the future profession dmitrievtsy learn on the basis of "Prokhorov Grain Company" and "Belgorod dairy farms ". There’s a special experience to

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Presented the first Russian electrobuses

Pre-production samples of the city electric buses, along with other models of long-term transport on display in the capital. In the next year a new type of production vehicles will take to the streets of Moscow. Photo

Low-floor Electrobus large class of Engels soon begin to gradually replace traditional bus routes in the capital, where there is no catenary trolley

We are talking about buses built "around" the advanced lithium-ion batteries of the Novosibirsk "Liotech. "On the first such project for Novosibirsk and about the company’s Web site commented in detail. Parachuted Today in the capital

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Naked sugar

A couple of days ago, I had a whirlwind tour of the Lebedyanskiy sugar processing plant, showing and explaining how the roots of the turns is what makes life sweeter. I think it will be interesting to find out.

So you have felt the seriousness of the situation, here’s installation entitled "The Apotheosis of War" Photo

This is, actually, a lot of sugar beet (with your permission, for beet borscht I will call via the "e", and commercial — through "e." Well, the type of oil as in "extraction" and not "prey", since it is here ,

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In Syzran (Samara region) opened Extreme Park

In June Syzran, for all fans of extreme sports extreme-opening of the park. Extreme Park has for a long time waiting for all active young people of the city, and waited … Photo

The park has all of the most popular figures EXTREMALS: ramp kvoter, boxes for slides, rails, and fanboks. The park will feel comfortable mountain biking enthusiasts, BMX, skateboarding, roller, mountainboard, and other extreme disciplines.


To date Syzran deployed active program of construction of such popular projects. Construction of fitness centers, gyms, building extreme park for active young people — by far

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The new devices from ZAO Milandr

Development design center of the Russian company ZAO "Milandr"


Dual-core microcontroller 32-bit RISC-core processor with a clock frequency up to 70 MHz, 16-bit DSP-core processor with a clock frequency up to 100 MHz.



32-bit RISC-microcontroller for aeronautical applications.



32-bit RISC-microcontroller counters for consumption.


An article in the journal "Electronics: Science, Technology, Business» (№ 5, 2011) — "In Russia, you can create modern integrated circuits." Briefly: Okra on these chips to end in 2011-2012. Engineering samples are available for free now. These

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In Kostroma, opened a new modern circuit

The total investment of over 25 million. With this money, purchased and equipped with 10 training vehicles, as well as playground for learning and exams. It evaluates the quality of driver training specific electronic system. Photo

Autodrome is designed for 10 concurrent car category "B" in conditions as close to the real city.


The new training center created 20 jobs with the prospect of increasing to 55.




In Tver otkrytlas production line of Cisco set-top boxes


October 25. The new production company Cisco has opened in the capital of Upper Volga. This will create a set top box. Already today proizodstvennye power ready to release five hundred thousand units of this product. Today there are 120 residents of the Upper, as early as next year, the number of employees will increase to 200, and in 2014 already to 600.

Today, the Upper Volga is one of the leading places among the subjects of the CFD in terms of reducing the investment risks. At the expense of competitiveness, improve the image of the

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In Primorye, commissioned a modern road to detour Ussuriysk

The total construction cost amounted to 3 409.0 million. This Grade II asphaltic road length of 25,308 km. In its structure — two interchanges on the 639 km (adjoining the highway Khabarovsk-Vladivostok) and 663 km (at the intersection of highways Ussuriisk-Glukhovka) and one viaduct over the railway, two bridges over the river and Rakovka Glukhovka, 23 corrugated metal tube. Photo

The governor noted the importance of this highway. First of all, this segment of the federal highway M-60 will be a faster, yet more comfortable and safe: "Residents will now Ussuriysk an hour faster come to Vladivostok. This

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PTK ASU TK Constellation-2M

The exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition «RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS», which took place from September 8 to 11 in the capital of Russian Tank — Nizhny Tagil, Russia’s largest in artillery ammunition site "Prospector", which belongs to the FSE "Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing» among other new products on display the latest design of Concern "Constellation" — program-technical complexes for automated upravleniyavoinskimi formations at the tactical level. JSC "Concern" Constellation "- the largest Russian enterprise electronic industry. It consists of 20 leading research institutes, design bureaus and plants industry. Concern is the developer of the Unified command and

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