The new devices from ZAO Milandr

Development design center of the Russian company ZAO "Milandr"


Dual-core microcontroller 32-bit RISC-core processor with a clock frequency up to 70 MHz, 16-bit DSP-core processor with a clock frequency up to 100 MHz.



32-bit RISC-microcontroller for aeronautical applications.



32-bit RISC-microcontroller counters for consumption.


An article in the journal "Electronics: Science, Technology, Business» (№ 5, 2011) — "In Russia, you can create modern integrated circuits." Briefly: Okra on these chips to end in 2011-2012. Engineering samples are available for free now. These

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In Kostroma, opened a new modern circuit

The total investment of over 25 million. With this money, purchased and equipped with 10 training vehicles, as well as playground for learning and exams. It evaluates the quality of driver training specific electronic system. Photo

Autodrome is designed for 10 concurrent car category "B" in conditions as close to the real city.


The new training center created 20 jobs with the prospect of increasing to 55.




In Tver otkrytlas production line of Cisco set-top boxes


October 25. The new production company Cisco has opened in the capital of Upper Volga. This will create a set top box. Already today proizodstvennye power ready to release five hundred thousand units of this product. Today there are 120 residents of the Upper, as early as next year, the number of employees will increase to 200, and in 2014 already to 600.

Today, the Upper Volga is one of the leading places among the subjects of the CFD in terms of reducing the investment risks. At the expense of competitiveness, improve the image of the

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In Primorye, commissioned a modern road to detour Ussuriysk

The total construction cost amounted to 3 409.0 million. This Grade II asphaltic road length of 25,308 km. In its structure — two interchanges on the 639 km (adjoining the highway Khabarovsk-Vladivostok) and 663 km (at the intersection of highways Ussuriisk-Glukhovka) and one viaduct over the railway, two bridges over the river and Rakovka Glukhovka, 23 corrugated metal tube. Photo

The governor noted the importance of this highway. First of all, this segment of the federal highway M-60 will be a faster, yet more comfortable and safe: "Residents will now Ussuriysk an hour faster come to Vladivostok. This

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PTK ASU TK Constellation-2M

The exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition «RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS», which took place from September 8 to 11 in the capital of Russian Tank — Nizhny Tagil, Russia’s largest in artillery ammunition site "Prospector", which belongs to the FSE "Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing» among other new products on display the latest design of Concern "Constellation" — program-technical complexes for automated upravleniyavoinskimi formations at the tactical level. JSC "Concern" Constellation "- the largest Russian enterprise electronic industry. It consists of 20 leading research institutes, design bureaus and plants industry. Concern is the developer of the Unified command and

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In Karelia, has opened a new sports complex

October 22, in Lahdenpohja the opening of a fitness center. The project amounted to about 160 million rubles was built as part of a project to build a Russian fitness centers. Hall for 180 spectators can take daily more than 100 athletes, close to the gym and it is possible that these would be and new sports facilities. Photo

October 24 at the new sports complex hosted the VII All-Russian combat sambo tournament. The tournament was attended by 83 athletes. Ten teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Karelia, Adygea, Murmansk and Pskov regions.



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In Tomsk Oblast opened a veterinary diagnostic and treatment center for animals

On Friday, 21 October, at the opening of the new Tomsk, the only east of the Urals Regional veterinary diagnostic and treatment center. Photo

Now pets Tomic and area residents will be able to get a full-scale survey on modern equipment and in one place. Diagnostic and treatment center is equipped with modern ultrasound scanner, x-ray machine, a private laboratory. The center will be carried out surgical operations of varying complexity and animal identification. Provided day care and therapeutic monitoring.


The town opened a football field with artificial turf and athletic tracks

October 23 Eagle at the central stadium. Lenin held a grand opening of a football field with artificial turf and athletic tracks. Photo

Reconstruction of Central Stadium is held in preparation for the 450th anniversary of the Eagle. The facility is included in the federal program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for the years 2006 — 2015". Funding for reconstruction in 2011 — 2012 years provided from the regional and federal budgets, including federal funds — 155 million rubles, the regional budget — 35.7 million rubles.


Currently, the stadium

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Firefighters Vladivostok updated fleet

On October 25, the central square of Vladivostok in a solemn ceremony was handed a new ad seaside fireman.


Carport fire tankers filled with special equipment Vladivostok brand AC-40, has been successfully used in fire fighting, new tankers "Rozenbauer" as well as a ladder for 50 yards and a crank lift, lift height is also 50 meters required for evacuation from high-rise buildings in case of fire. New fire trucks — domestic production, designed on the basis of KAMAZ. Tanker trucks are equipped with the latest equipment, on-board computers.


In addition, the

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Soyuz TMA-03M has been successfully tested in an anechoic chamber

At Baikonur launch site the preparations continue manned transport spacecraft (WPK) "Soyuz TMA-03M", which should go to the next crew to the International Space Station.

For 4 days in an anechoic chamber assembly and test facility pl.254 experts of the industry carried out tests of radio "Soyuz TMA-03M" in the first place of the "course", which provides a rendezvous and docking with the International Space Station. Comments on the operation of the manned spacecraft not.




Today TPK "Soyuz TMA-03M" is translated into a stand for further training. Starting

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