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In Astrakhan school opened

October 25 after the renovation was opened in Astrakhan school number 11. Area schools increased by 2 times. Assembly and sports halls, dining rooms, showers, playgrounds, landscaping and beautification of the school yard, the most modern equipment. School was named after Heydar Aliyev. Photo

The Azerbaijani government has identified the best students and the best teachers in the annual financial grants. Funded a project of Heydar Aliyev in agreement with the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, who pays great attention to the development of relations with the Astrakhan region.


In particular, in the spring

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In Kaliningrad, the construction of the new Berlin Bridge

In Kaliningrad the construction of a new bridge at Berlin. Photo

In September, Germany came to the construction site formwork for bridge piers. The bulk of work on the project in 2011 is scheduled for October — November, when builders started construction of a new bridge supports.


Berlin, or rather Palmburgsky bridge was built in 1938 in the eastern suburbs near the village Palmburg Konigsberg (now the village. Coastal). He was part of a broad highway linking East Prussia and Poland. The bridge is made of concrete and has a length of 633 meters.

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The Anji There are two new fields

Oct. 21, at the stadium "Khazar" FC "Anji" put two new training fields, which will be the basis for future club’s academy. In the near future the youth team, "Anji" will be able to take their rivals on the artificial turf. For this scoreboard will be installed are listed in order of changing rooms and showers, the necessary certificates.


Artificial turf on the training field has received the certificate of FIFA "two stars". To do this, were invited to the British firm Sport Lab, who, after all the necessary examinations and tests were given a certificate.

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On the fourth unit of the Kalinin nuclear power plant has begun physical start

October 20, 2011 at 21:45 in the fourth unit of the reactor fuel assemblies loaded first, reported in the Public Information Center of Kalinin NPP. After completion of the loading of the core reactor fuel assemblies fourth unit will be displayed for a minimum controlled power level.


According to the Head Start Unit number 4, the director of the Kalinin NPP LI Martynovchenko, after loading the first fuel assembly is still much work. "Therefore, a sense of celebration is punctuated with the realization that the amount of work that remains" — He said.


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The first crash test Lada Granta

I always felt some kind of trick, while talking to engineers and laboratory management passive safety AvtoVAZ, he watched as prepared for slaughter "Grant" glue over the sensors, weighed, tried on a set at the end of the band booster deformable barrier. I always say that "Grant" is good because it even in the basic "Standard", where there is nothing but the car itself, there are driver’s airbag, that none of the competitors for the money so much care about the safety does not show. And I, being a little out of it after the term fees and emergency flights

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In Vladivostok, open sports fields and school stadiums

October 18, near school number 65 on the street of Cosmonauts of Vladivostok opened a new playground.


A small playground built for the students of the school number 65, for children and adults living in nearby homes. It is fenced, set lighting, bed cover made of rubber crumbs. Gym complex set of wall bars, horizontal bars and rukohodom. On the new site you can play volleyball, basketball and mini football. There are comfortable benches. To avoid damage to the modern sports facility, it is fitted cameras. Access outside the classroom to the playground will be free.

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Interpolitech 2011: new developments in the field of security

In the period from 25 to 28 October 2011 in Moscow at the Exhibition Centre in Hall. Number 75 will be XV Anniversary International Exhibition of Means of State Security "Interpolitex — 2011." The organizers of the exhibition are the Russian Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service of Russia and Russian FSMTC.

The organizers tried to make the event was not "formal." The exhibition will feature a large number of recent developments that have all the chances to be subsequently taken up by law enforcement agencies. Among them: bronekolpak FSUE SSPA "Aileron", a digital camera-based sensor L3Vision Company "Neva

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Young St. Petersburg had the opportunity to master the scientific and educational knowledge in the urban interactive science center Umnikum

"Umnikum" — The original game form submission teaching material in an organized a new exhibition space. Interactive complex consists of five zones corresponding to different areas of science — astronomy, mathematics, physics, biology and geology, as well as a digital planetarium and lectures.


Visitors are interested and available to tell about the complex natural phenomena and processes: the speed and movement of thermal phenomena and properties of liquids, reflection and refraction of light, nature sounds and more. Most distinguishing feature is the involvement of guests in an event: it is possible to conduct scientific experiments and

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In the village of Murmino Ryazan region opened a new kindergarten

The decision to build a kindergarten in Murmino was adopted in 2010. As part of the target program "The elimination of the effects of natural fires in the Ryazan region in 2010-2011" for the building of pre-school institutions and acquisition of the necessary equipment from the regional budget allocated more than 92 million rubles.




About the figure

The Ministry of Defence has named the cost of sets of new uniforms for employees. Journalists were told the head of the department of resource support of the Defense Ministry, Colonel Andrei Podoprigorin, form a set of winter clothes new sample is 2 thousand 443 rubles., A set of summer cotton clothing — 996 rubles. He added that these kits retail at about twice the price. According A.Podoprigorina, currently at the Ministry of Defense four vendor forms, the choice of which was based on auctions.

After the adoption of a new form of clothing she was sent to all

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