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Historical and Cultural Complex Viatskoe — an example of tourism development in Russia

Vyatskoe ancient village, founded more than 500 years ago, is located 30 km from Yaroslavl. The village is considered the cultural heritage of Russia. There are many works belonging to different periods of the country: the monument to Alexander II, two buildings vyat school made famous in the style of the twentieth century — «Red Brick Schools», Museum of Russian business, located in an old mansion, as well as two churches: Resurrection Old Believers and Assumption. Another attraction of the village — the chapel, which was built over the baptismal font, which is based on Erehtansky spring.


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NanoDom on Nanoforum

In the days of the RUSNANOTECH visitors and participants of the Forum will be a model of "nanodomain", built using nanotechnology RUSNANO project companies. Photo

The format of the presentation will demonstrate the application of nanotechnology products, is produced with the support of RUSNANO, as well as give insight wide audience about nanotechnology present in understandable for every home environment.


Installation of flats built and equipped with application of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, will be located in the transition from the pavilion in Hall 7 "Forum" Expocentre. Visitors to "nanodomain" will be able to see

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In Krasnoyarsk, the construction of new dormitories SFU

In Krasnoyarsk, the construction of five new dormitories Siberian Federal University (SFU). New buildings are being built next to the already built dormitory, was commissioned in 2009. Photo

http://www.skyscrapercity…ad.php?p=37845778&page=13 New dorms are being built as part of the federal program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia 2009-2013". and development program of the Siberian Federal University. Two sets, one of which will consist of two connected together ten-story building, the other — of three detached dvadtsatichetyrehetazhnyh skyscrapers, designed residence for students, graduate students and visiting professors and teaching staff. In the new modern buildings dorm 2,500 students will live.

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Russian debut E-Mobile


After the international debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show the new "e-mobiles" exhibited in St. Petersburg, at the exhibition "Fairgrounds". The plans of the "E-car" — to show the cars more than 20 Russian cities. The company "E-car" is the Russian audience crossover with a new design and a more spacious interior, which takes into account passive safety regulations, which come into force in 2014, as well as the designer’s "e-concept ‘with sliding doors to the original design.


It is expected that the plant "E-Mobile," capable of producing up to 45,000

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In Tatarstan started newest power plant May

Russia’s largest facility of small power — power center "May" — launched today in Zelenodol’sk region of Tatarstan. Photo

Power Center is located near the eponymous hothouse plant, which is a major consumer of energy produced.


In the inauguration ceremony was attended by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Also, the event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister — Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Marat Akhmetov, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Tatarstan Artem Sidorov, and other officials.



The center is a thermal

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Revived stadium Amurselmash inaugurated

October 2 Bilohirsk inaugurated the restored stadium "Amurselmash." Photo

Construction of the stadium began in November 2009. It was built from the ground up. The precursor was overgrown with weeds in the early ’90s, after the closing of the plant "Amurselmash." The restoration of the stadium has been spent over 100 million rubles of the regional and municipal budgets.


At the stadium there are auxiliary facilities, bleachers, scoreboard, floodlights, a football field with artificial turf, sports courts for tennis, volleyball, basketball, running track with artificial turf, the core sectors for throwing, high jump and

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Board information system M500

BIS M500 serves as a car navigator, multimedia station, gives the user access to the Internet, hands-free communications, security, etc.

Multi-function built-series systems "Mirko 500" — ideal for vehicles with standard as well as additionally installed monitors and multimedia stations.


The compact design of systems "M500" is combined with a wide range of functions: Automotive GLONASS / GPS navigation; Information about traffic jams; DVR; Internet and e-mail; multimedia player; security functions.


Board system "Mirko 500" — the best-in-class in terms of performance, reliability, ease of management and flexible configuration system with

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In the Novgorod region open up new nurseries

Novgorod Region Governor Sergei Mitin attended the opening of a new kindergarten in the village of Sour Novgorod region. Photo

The new facility will be able to be brought more than 100 children. Its opening will solve the problem of placement of children in preschools in the community and greatly improve the conditions of inmates pre-school groups.

Another rural kindergarten was opened in the village Volot Novgorod region this summer. The opening of the kindergarten completely remove the problem of security in the area of children of pre-school places in educational institutions.


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Successfully completed an experiment to study the navigation situation in the high northern latitudes during the transition for the Northern Sea Route

In September 2011, completed an experiment to study the navigation conditions in the high northern latitudes during the transition through the Northern Sea Route (NSR). Going patrol vessel FS-824 was carried out by the Northern Sea route Murmansk — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky — Nevel’sk.

The initiative belonged to the meeting Information-Analytical Center for timing and navigation support (IAC) FSUE TsNIIMash. Assistance in the Department has had a Coast Guard Border Service of Russia, whose ship was made a transition.

patrol vessel FS-824 Photo

The main objectives of the experiment were: assessment of the real situation navigation along the

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In Blagoveshchensk open new kindergartens

1 September a kindergarten at st. , 172.


September 28 open kindergarten at st. Sokolowski, 39.






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