In Voronezh, the grand opening of the park Scarlet Sails

Updated Park — a gift Voronezh residents to 425 anniversary of the city. The project made by French architects and the best specialists of Voronezh.


Governor of Voronezh Region Alexei Gordeev said that a vacation "Scarlet Sails" will be comfortable all Voronezh residents, including those with disabilities: in a park built sports and play areas, the first in a specially equipped area for walking and taming dogs, green theater , dance floor, furnished ramps for wheelchairs and prams, areas for recreation for children and adults with disabilities.

The park visited the chief designer of

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JSC Armalit-1 shortens the production of valves

JSC "Armalit-1" manufactured batch ship valves for submarines of Project 877 and its modifications 877EKM standing on the repair of a "Center for Ship repair" asterisk ". The total contract value amounted to about 75 million.


Shipment is ahead of contractual terms for two months. Going to meet ongoing customer of "CA" asterisk ", with which the company attributed the Petersburg armaturostroitelnoe long-term partnerships, products are manufactured in an unprecedentedly short period of time.


Standard cycle of marine valves from 5 to 12 months, this order is made for 3. Currently shipped 80%

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New school stadium in Rostov

September 16th City Day on the basis of MOU DOD School number 109 was solemnly opened a modern school stadium.

The new football field with artificial turf football tournament was held among the teams in 2001 with the participation of the birth of the leading sports schools in the city — FSM FC "Rostov" SKA-Progress, SC "Quadro" Football Academy to them. B. Monday.


The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of the city of Rostov-on-Don Mikhail Chernyshev, head of the district administration Pershamaiski Shumeev VG, Head of Physical Education and Sports Samofalova MA, members

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In Syzran (Samara region) after the reconstruction of the railway station was opened

September 22. The opening of the new terminal complex — for Syzran event of great importance. His old building was reconstructed four years: from 2007 to 2011. During this period, major overhaul of the facade, utilities, roof, passenger platforms, upgraded interior of the premises. Total for the reconstruction of Station Sizran-1 JSC "Russian Railways" spent about 38 million rubles. It is assumed that the new station complex will serve passengers on the suburban, direct and local messages. During the day, the number of passengers will be about one and a half thousand people. Video STRC Samara:….=3&DT=23.09.2011&nom=3216 For the

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Schools Novogorodskoy area passed 15 new buses

Deputy Head of the Administration of Alexander Smirnov took part in the ceremony of the keys to the school bus, which was held today at the Victory Square — Sofia. 15 school buses arrived in Novgorod region at the expense of subsidies from the federal budget.


Total cost PAZ 32053-70 -16 593 thousand rubles. The capacity of each bus — 22 seats. In total, taking into account the incoming buses, in the Novgorod region 163 school buses will be able to deliver more than 4,000 children to and from schools. Buses meet the current requirements for

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And we do launch


At the end of March this year at the fair in Basel watch and jewelry BaselWorld 2011 presented a unique watch Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod. The designer — Vincent dirty. It so happened that Constantine was a fantastic mechanism, but it was not under his body, which would be consistent with its spirit. My task in this project was the fact that the unique mechanism he got a decent shell (talk dirty). When dealing with charismatic people and their creations, just draw a beautiful building — a bad way. By itself, the mechanism is an absolute novelty. The

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In Novosibirsk, opened a new kindergarten

September 14, in the district of "Springs" in Novosibirsk has opened a new children’s garden with a swimming pool and a salt cave.


Kindergarten number 74 called "fidget" was built by "Energomontazh" on the street. Krause, 17/1. As the director of GC "Energomontazh" Leonid Sidorenko, construction took a year and cost the company 200 million rubles., And after its completion through the garden takes on City Hall auction. The new kindergarten is designed for 330 children.

According to the present at the opening of the garden of the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky, until the

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In Samara, the grand opening of the second phase of the waterfront with a singing fountain and a cycle path

September 25 in Samara, bright and in a big way the official opening of the second phase of the waterfront. During the repair work on the waterfront, a new asphalt and colored tiles, replaced curbs and curbs and downhill to the beach installed new fencing.


It is also important that in the course of repair quay were put in order all the utilities and storm drainage, which over the last 50 years have seen decayed. In addition, on the waterfront, new lights with symbols of the city and forged benches, as well as the

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In Sochi, the construction of Russia’s largest hotel complex

September 20th at the Olympic Park was laid the foundation stone of a hotel complex on 3600 numbers.


In 2014, the hotel complex will be living representatives of the CIS, journalists and Partners Winter Games in 2014. In the post-Olympic period, the complex will be a place for relaxation and comfort Russian and foreign tourists.


"This is one of the most important objects of Olympic construction program — from the point of view of the formation in the Imereti lowland areas of international hospitality, attracting the attention of the guests who will

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Protection of the T-90ms


After the successful launch of the new Russian tank T-90ms, the Internet, some are interested in the topic questions have been raised regarding the availability of reactive armor blocks on the side of the tower and projection devices feed box for extra ammunition. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the schemes of the official prospectus (the developer KompyuterLend and our pictures. 1. Dynamic protection.




As clearly shown in the diagram and photos, container dynamic protection there, hidden from prying eyes screen thickness not less than 5.4 mm (for the

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