E-concept soon …

The world premiere of the concept of e-September 13 at 11:30 am at the 64th International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Photo source:livejournal.com

Photo source:livejournal.com

Photo source:livejournal.com

Recall that in late 2010. Three prototypes were presented to Russian hybrid cars: a mini-van, cross-coupe and wagon city, built on a single platform. The official acceptance of orders by e-mobiles started on 16 May 2011.

New kindergarten opened in Ivanovo and the Bryansk region

Kindergarten "Crane", in which 80 kids will go into operation in Trubchevsk Bryansk region. Renovation and repair of the building lasted for about three years. On the construction work has been spent 20 million rubles — 11 and a half million allocated regional treasury and 9.5 — municipal. Photo source:nashbryansk.ru

Kindergarten "Smile" for 250 people was opened in the town of Shuya, Ivanovo region. The opening ceremony was attended by First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ivanovo region Olga Khasbulatova and chairman of the regional parliament, Sergei Pakhomov.

Photo source:ivanovoobl.ru

Congratulating the participants, Olga Khasbulatova

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Silver Ring of Russia

Vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Sergei Korneev said that the project is "Silver Ring of Russia": The task — to duplicate the "Golden Ring", but in the north-western regions. After all, these territories are not less rich in tourism resources. Photo source:vand.ru

The structure of the "Silver Ring" includes St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Staraya Russa, the Great Luke Porhov, Pskov, Isborsk, Pechora, Ivangorod, Kingissepp, Vyborg, Korella (Priosersk), Staraya Ladoga, Vologda, Tikhvin.

few attractions north-west Russia (photo)

Photo source:radikal.ru

On Tuesday, September 6 working group is going to create a historical recreation of the "Silver

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Launched the first phase of the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, today took part in the commissioning ceremony of the first line of the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok, passing on the Russian island.

 Photo source:gazprom.ru

Gas transmission system Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok — a top priority of the Eastern Gas Program. The main objective of the project of "Gazprom" — the development of gas supply Khabarovsk Krai and Sakhalin gas supply and organization of Primorsky Krai.

 Photo source:primamedia.ru

Implementation of the project will create the conditions for the supply of gas to the Asia-Pacific region.

main compressor station "Sakhalin"

 Photo source:gazprom.ru

distribution station in

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On the Day of the city of Kaliningrad has opened a new children’s garden

The current pre-school with a swimming pool, a winter garden and a private health and fitness complex, was opened on 10 September in the street Karamzin in Kaliningrad. The new kindergarten is designed for 240 children.

 Photo source:klops.ru

"The emergence of a new modern nursery — a real feast for Kaliningrad, a great gift to the City Day. But the problem of shortage of kindergartens in the region is still acute. In the next three years in our region should see about 30 new pre-schools. To realize this ambitious program we will both federal funds and the money

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Gas equipment plant in Chaikovsky (Perm region) has launched a new type of board

On Tchaikovsky gas equipment plant — branch of "Gazmash" in August 2011 on the conveyor collected the first batch of plates 60×60 cm

Slab of this size was a result of the plant jointly with the Italian firm SIPAMA project. Financed of "Gazmash" in January 2010, the project has allowed for 8 months in cooperation with Italian experts to develop a plate design, engineer and manufacture in Italy snap and make stamping system based on modern hydraulic press with program management capacity of 630 tons. The project involves the production of a whole series of plates: gas, gas-electric, electric.

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The enterprise Group PCBK (Perm region) is installed and successfully running another packing line

In August PCBK installed and successfully launched a new packaging line by MOSCA. Purchase and installation of a new packaging machine — part of a program to equip PCBK equipment from leading European manufacturers. The company MOSCA AG.Germany was not chosen by chance. The new workshop for the production of corrugated board is already installed automatic strapping machine for corrugated boxes and leveling packs MCB-2/1300. Reliability, ease of maintenance and ease of use of this equipment PCBK appreciated. Photo source:perm.ru

The contract for the supply of the new line was put in by JSC "Corrugated Technology", St. Petersburg, which

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In Krasnoyarsk, celebrated the stolbista

Photo source:rfn.ru

Now these events are called in the European manner — Bouldering Championships. In general, on the pole it was always climbing the hitrushkam. The safest small stones, but only able to conquer the top of the most tenacious and tough — the cracks at the notches on an almost invisible hook.

Photo source:venividi.ru

First among the 33 participants at once child, entirely eminent Stolbovskaya name: Arina Kokhanova Semen Ovchinnikov, Marc Hvostenko. Their father-mother in the years seventhousanders conquered the Soviet Union, fought for the World Cup climbing. At the Post, of course, all my friends

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VI feast of cheese goes in the Altai region

In the Altai Territory cheese production employed 54 enterprises. Assortment of cheeses are constantly updated and now stands at more than 30 names.

In the Krasnogorsk district will soon be a whole ‘Cheese village "in the style of the 18th century. The draft will also unique "cheese route" for tourists who have already started work in July of this year. His main point — visiting JSC "Karaguzhinsky Butter" with a tasting of cheeses "Karaguzhinsky", "Soviet" and "Swiss".

 Photo source:altairegion22.ru

Territory Governor Alexander Karlin said that today is a holiday not only for cheese makers, but also

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Astrakhan processors of vegetables modernize production

Ltd. "Astrakhan natural product" — an increase in production in 2011, 125%, 800 employees. Large-scale modernization program (see photo).

Ltd. "Astrakhan Canning Company", volume growth in 2011 — 250% 1,000 workers. Large-scale modernization program (see photo).


Ltd. "Astrakhan natural product"

Ltd. "Astrakhan canning company" is one of the largest vegetable processing enterprises Astrakhan region. It includes LLC "Astrakhan Cannery", LLC "Volodarskij cannery" and LLC "Yaksatovsky cannery."

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