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New schools of the Tyumen region

The new school opened in the village Golyshmanovo Tyumen region. In the new classes came more than five hundred students, 50 of them — the first graders. Photo

For success in school all conditions: multimedia equipment in every classroom, auditorium and conference — halls, dining room for 120 people and a library. The pride of the school — sports wing: a spacious gym with changing rooms and showers, and of course, a swimming pool. In the gift of a new school governor Vladimir Yakushev awarded a certificate for the school bus.

Just Sept. 1 after reconstruction opened

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A second An-148-100E Voronezh assembly passed Airlines ‘Flight’


On August 31 VACO was signed deed of conveyance of the second aircraft built for the airline at the Voronezh aircraft factory. Both aircraft have sent airlines collected in a two-class configuration includes 60 seats of economy class and business class seats 8. Can be operated in a single-class layout, and, after a short installation of interior capacity is 75 seats economy class.


In the procedure of transfer of the aircraft attended by General Director of JSC "VASO" Zubarev V. Yu Director of the Central Black Soil Regional Branch of JSC "Sberbank Leasing"

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Calorie company launched the first in line for the Russian whey demineralization


The company "Calorie" launched Russia’s first comprehensive line of acid whey demineralization. Based on it, the company plans to continue to produce juice drinks with the use of new and improved technologies.


"Traditionally, whey has a low price. Failures in the implementation of already developed some drinks were due, above all, the presence of serum smell and taste, unusual for consumers. This taste due to the presence of serum mineral complex. For maximum attenuation of serum tones in the taste and odor of us it was decided to prepare a whey demineralization by

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Energomash (Volgodonsk) — Atommash gantry crane units shipped in Surgut


September 4. Shipments of metal production is complete gantry crane "Knight" made for ZAO "SMM". This crane shipped in Surgut. Total customer was made 7 large-sized units (shipping 46 seats), the backbone of the crane. The last and largest ships the unit tap — boom, has a length of more than 34 m Because of his size sending arrows implemented with some delay — to ship a lengthy article only with the help of specialized rail carriers, the number of which in our country is limited.


According to the manager of the sales department

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UAVs Ray


From official documents: At the Moscow Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 in the exposition of JSC "Concern" Vega "will be presented to a full-scale model of a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) medium range. The development is made which is part of the concern of "CB" Ray "on its own initiative through the company’s own funds. Made two samples of UAVs, one equipped with on-board radio equipment sample and the target load GOES-630.


Opto-electronic system for the production of "software" Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant ", but online businesses about the GOES-630, unfortunately, did not.

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In Moscow Domodedovo opened new corps school and kindergarten

By September 1, in Domodedovo were completed final preparations for the opening of the new building of the school and kindergarten. The buildings meet modern requirements and highlights individual architecture and landscaping. Photo

With the opening of the new building at the school number 4 children will now be taught in one session. This will give the opportunity to implement a new plan, new programs, new standard, which is introduced from September 1, in educational institutions, students will be able to deal with not only educational, but also extra-curricular activities.

1 September in Moscow was opened five

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In Nevelsk (Sakhalin region). Opened a new House of Culture

In Nevelsk opened District House of Culture. Currently, there are engaged in more than 250 people, operating 22 offices. Photo

At a concert on the occasion of the opening made by an ensemble of violinists, who last year won in four categories at the VI International Children’s pop festival-contest "Star Lights" Eaglet "."


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Krasnoyarsk fun park Beaver Log

Funpark "Beaver Log" is spread over 80 hectares. The complex is located in a picturesque area of the city of Krasnoyarsk, near the river Bazaikha and borders the nature reserve "Pillars".


Funpark "Beaver Log" is the only complex in the Urals-season, which works with a winter ski resort and recreational park in the summer and in the offseason.


photo General investor of the project was the company of "MMC" Norilsk Nickel ", which invested in the construction of 65 million euros. Infrastructure investors have become Krasnoyarsk regional administration and the administration of

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The launch of new lines for the production of dry building mixes the basis of TM


August 24 in the PC MS Stroymontazh the official opening of modernized production lines for dry mortar TM basis. The event was held with the support of the administration of Kolomna. The welcome address was delivered by Director General PC Stroymontazh MS Chubchev Sergey, Deputy Head of Kolomna Evgeny Kozlov congratulated the opening of new lines and presented papers on the transfer of 15 hectares of land to the construction of new production facilities. Then the opening ceremony, where top officials of the company and the administration of Kolomna cut red tape and to lively applause of

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In the Tula region opened a new kindergarten

August 26 in the village of Tovarkovsky Bogoroditsky district opening ceremony of a new kindergarten.


This is the first pre-school opened in the Tula region over the past few years, the kindergarten is designed for 115 children. As the new head of the region Vladimir Gruzdev, in the Tula region begins implementation of a targeted program. In the next year laid the construction of 6 new kindergartens (3 in Tula and one in Novomoskovsk Venev, Bolokhova), major repair 39 existing educational institutions.


picture story

The event was attended by the

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