Two new schools of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor Lev Kuznetsov took part in the opening of a new secondary school in the village of Suhobuzimskoe. Photo

And then returned to the capital region, where he had been the first solemn meeting at the new school number 151, introduced in the Soviet district of Krasnoyarsk.


Responding to questions from journalists, the head of the region noted that the two schools, which he attended, meet all current educational requirements: "New School in Suhobuzimskoe as good as in Krasnoyarsk. With the construction of these facilities were taken into account the principles of

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In Orel opened two new schools (lots of pics)

New school number 10 in the neighborhood of Eagle Meadows Photo

New Spassko-Lutovinovskaya School. IS Turgenev in Mtsensk District


August 31 is also opened after renovation secondary school number 2 in Maloarkhangelsk. Overhaul of the building was started a year ago at the request of Governor. Repair costs totaled more than 90 million rubles.


Today the school is taking more than 300 students, meets all modern requirements. After repairs are equipped with a class of computer science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, history, geography, basic life safety and basic military training, a

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Safa opened the electronic reading room with access to the resources of the Presidential Library

Northern Arctic Federal University (Arkhangelsk) was the first federal universities opens an electronic reading room with access to the resources of the Presidential Library.


As noted at the opening ceremony of the Rector Helen Safa Kudryashov, a few months designers, architects, artists, builders, computer scientists and librarians have realized a very unique project, "Students and teachers Safa received a wonderful gift in the beginning of the new school year. Reading Room versatile, well-equipped with modern appliances, furniture. Here you can get a large number of services, not only to read books, newspapers, magazines, but have access

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In high school boarding Biysk Altai region opened a new school building

Now the high school has a new building and technical training, which houses the library, reading room, classrooms in carpentry skills and cooking. Photo

Bijskij High School is the site of one of the leaders of education in the region, lyceum students annually become winners and winners of regional, national and international competitions. Almost all of the graduates of this institution comes to higher education, in 2011 the figure was 100%. Today it is trained 1 thousand 300 people — children who live not only in the science city Bijsk, but also gifted students from around the Altai

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Battle protective kit

At MAKS-2011 NRI "Tochmash" demonstrated the protective combat gear set with elements from the "Breastplate", "Tehinkoma", "Armokoma" and other manufacturers. One of the options for configuration might look like:


Supporting reklamka UPC "Permian-M" with a variety of items of equipment and protection, as well as some performance characteristics:



On the mannequin special noise immunity headphones that can be connected to the radio and at the same time cut off the high-frequency impulse noise from gunfire and explosions. The volume is adjusted. Soldier’s helmet PDAs and 6B7-1M


At a special helmet

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Put into operation the federal highway M-4 Don around Eltsa


August 26. The solemn ceremony of commissioning the federal highway M-4 "Don" around Eltsa held in the Lipetsk region. Command "to start" gave the head of the regional administration, Oleg Korolev.

Built in record time — three years — new road length of 56 km solves several problems: reduce accidents, improve the environment and enhance Eltsa speed of traffic on the motorway. When laying the roadway compliance with all quality parameters and new technologies were used, which should provide high performance for six to ten years. Construction costs amounted to 22 billion rubles.

picture story

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The economy of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl region

Yaroslavl Oblast is one of the most industrialized regions of the country. By the volume of industrial production in the region is among the top three regions in the Central District of the Russian Federation, on the overall level of socio-economic development in 11th place in Russia.


About 300 Yaroslavl enterprises have federal significance and are leaders in their respective industries. According to the rating agency "Expert", Yaroslavl region in terms of investment risk is on the fourth place in terms of activity and favorable legislation for investors — the second largest in Russia.


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In Khakassia opened a new school


September 1, its doors to students of the village Trinity Bogradsky district opened a new school. Under one roof, the school is located at 160 seats and a children‘s day care center with 40 seats. And if the construction of the garden is still ongoing (left to complete the finishing work, pass the kindergarten is scheduled for November), the village of Trinity students their first day of school had a brand new school.


Today went to school 80 pupils — this young inhabitants of the Trinity, as well as the nearby villages —

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Journey to the fire

Kostroma — A city on the Volga River and the administrative center of Kostroma region, a major river port. The date of foundation of Kostroma is officially considered 1152. This date proposed historian VNTatischev, linking the event to the activities of Yuri Dolgoruky in the north-east Russia. Population — 269,711 people (2010) Photo

"Wonderful Kostroma. Very clean, well maintained, beautiful. A lot of people walking foreigners. Interesting form of Zoning: streets fan out from a central square. Mass of sculptures and monuments. Basically, what I’ve been telling you, see for yourself ….. "

Station "Kostroma-new"

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Svenskaya Fair-2011

August 20, 2011 in the city of Bryansk on Andrew Svensk meadow near the walls of the monastery hosted the annual traditional "Svenskaya Fair — 2011".


Fair originated in the early XVII century. For a long time Svenskaya Fair was not carried out, and only in 2005 was re-opened.


"Svenskaya Fair-2011" — one of the biggest events of the Bryansk region. If, after its revival in 2005, it involved only fifty Bryansk enterprises, today at the fair guests from other regions of Russia, as well as Ukraine and Belarus. This year’s participants

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