In the Tula region opened a new kindergarten

August 26 in the village of Tovarkovsky Bogoroditsky district opening ceremony of a new kindergarten.


This is the first pre-school opened in the Tula region over the past few years, the kindergarten is designed for 115 children. As the new head of the region Vladimir Gruzdev, in the Tula region begins implementation of a targeted program. In the next year laid the construction of 6 new kindergartens (3 in Tula and one in Novomoskovsk Venev, Bolokhova), major repair 39 existing educational institutions.


picture story

The event was attended by the

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Large-scale exercises held in the Pacific Fleet Maritime Territory (photo)


The Pacific Fleet (PF) resulted in record-tactical exercises with heterogeneous shock and anti-submarine groups Primorsky association of diverse forces, the press service of the Defense Ministry of Russia. The exercises involved about 20 warships and support vessels, anti-submarine, ground attack fighter aircraft and the third from the Air Force and Air Defense of the Eastern Military District and the Pacific Fleet. The main objective of the exercise was the ability to efficiently coordinate the activities of aviation with the ships to perform common tasks. During the credit tactical training ship crews had completed about 100 combat exercises.

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Russian anthropomorphic robots and other development of humanoid machines

"Scientific and Production Association" android technology "was founded in 2005 and includes several companies. The aim of the project "android Technique" is the organization of a modern industrial complex for the development and mass production of anthropomorphic art and promotion to the Russian market innovative products in the field of anthropomorphic art. The most famous Development Company — a full-sized anthropomorphic robot AR-600 (AR-601).


Presentation of the AR-600 took place in 2008 Photo

The problem of retaining the robot in an upright position rather complicated from the technical standpoint. The problem of lateral rocking motion

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In St. Petersburg, opened two new sports complex

In St. Petersburg, officially opened two sports and recreation complex in the area on the street Krasnoselskoye Spirin and the Frunze district on the Danube Avenue. The new complexes have been built in the framework of "Gazprom to Children".


The structure of each include: a 25-meter swimming pool with 6 lanes, multi-purpose hall for team sports (volleyball, basketball, mini football), fitness room and a room for aerobic exercise (cardio), rooms for aerobics and fitness, health and recreation center, showers, changing rooms and other related areas. The cost of one set of about 600 million rubles.

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Ltd. Ivtehnomash — the production of metallized textile materials

Ltd. "Ivtehnomash" was founded in 2000 as a mechanical engineering firm, focused on the complex issue of innovative equipment for plasma chemical processing and plating roll materials such as fabrics, films, non-wovens, artificial leather, etc. In 2005 the company launched the first commercial installation of the work of magnetron sputtering, which allowed metallized textiles and film widths up to 170 cm, capacity up to 3000 linear meters per month.




To date, the company has increased capacity on the order. Available in the enterprise equipment allows full range of activities from

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In the Altai opened the plant for drying whey

August 25th of this year in the Altai region opens factory for processing and drying whey LLC "Trinity maslosyrodel." The regional administration was a partner in the creation of the enterprise.


As part of the investment project were funded regional budget to subsidize part of the bank interest rate.


The new plant will process whey coming from dairies GC "Kiprino." With the release of the design capacity production of whey powder is 15 tons per day. The project enabled a further 14 jobs for the residents of the district center.


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The Planetarium revives astrokruzhki

The Planetarium resumes reception pupils in astronomical circles. Among Moscow boys aged 11-12 will select 90 of the most capable and enthusiastic astronomy.


As the press service of the Moscow planetarium, classes in astrokruzhkah will be free. The main purpose — to awaken in children the desire to study astronomy and the desire for new discoveries.

Especially for visitors circles in the planetarium provides classrooms. Classes will be held in the Great Hall of the Star, using a three-dimensional image of the demonstration program «Uniview», in an astronomical observatory on the site, the equipment

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Sailboat Hope will promote Russia abroad

August 25 in Vladivostok, Russian center was opened on board the sailing training ship "Hope" of the Maritime State University named after GI Nevel. Center became the 75th in a row open by the "Russian world" and the world’s first "floating" Russian center.

Sailboat "Hope" is ready for an overseas campaign, which coincided with the opening in Vladivostok in 2012, the meeting of heads of states — participants of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.


Campaign itself will consist of two stages. The first will begin in early September. Glider goes to North America, visit Honolulu, where

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In the Altai region built a new village school

1 September in the village of Keys Tyumentsevskaya Altai Region will open a new school. Spent for the construction of 67 million rubles from the regional budget.


Previously, students were engaged in an old building dating back to the 1920s. It was too small, even though the classes were held in two shifts. The new school is designed for 90 students. September 1, new classes of 82 students will come.


Teachers are happy that the school will create all conditions for teaching children new techniques. Physics, chemistry and natural science are equipped

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In Krasnoyarsk has a children’s clinic

Construction of the building pyatietazhnogoo children’s clinic number 3 began in 2008 and was completed in March 2011. The cost of the project with regard to the medical equipment amounted to 364 million rubles from the municipal budget. The total area of the building is 9 thousand square meters. meters. Institution is able to take one thousand patients a day. State employees clinic is 186 people, including 45 doctors.


In addition to pediatricians, the clinic will keep receiving specific kinds of 15 majors. The clinic has 2 swimming pools, a salt chamber (salt mine), Vanny room

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