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Airports Russia: Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk Airport (Up to 2007 Balandin) — International federal airport, located 18 km from the center of Chelyabinsk. Airport provides air service to major cities in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries.



In the spring of 2007 was carried out phased implementation of large-scale investment "Programs reconstruction of the airport until 2010": purchased new motor-vehicle (Autolifts, apron buses, fire special truck, icing installation vodozapravochnaya machine, snow thrower) repaired pavement of the runway and the adjacent platform organized separate entrances to the Russian sector of departure, arrival hall and the international sector built a modern auto

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Size matters

Denis Mokrushin compares to my LJ and our American military navigator. Many have called our system GLONASS only as a disgrace. But another myth dispelled. Next story Dennis.

Everyone is mocked the size of the Russian military GLONASS navigator, they say, he is a giant that is stydobischem in the twenty-first century. Today was another piece of reproaches from one of the visitors to my journal. She looked so — that’s our navigator


But the best American (right)


American positioned as a compact and ours — as a whopper. I’m not being

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In the village of Kirov has opened a new children’s garden

In the village of Kirov region Afanasevo opened a new kindergarten "Rainbow" on the 116 seats cost more than 100 million rubles.


Kindergarten began in 2007. The total cost of construction amounted to almost 100 million rubles: from the regional budget allocated 80.2 million from the budget of the district — 19.7 million rubles. At the expense of the municipal budget was prepared project documentation (1.3 million), purchased equipment (800 thousand).


The new building is assembled all the engineering systems installed boiler is equipped catering department, landscaped playground. The area enclosed by

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In Mongolia, there modular dairies Kolaks

Specialists of "Kolaks-M" completed commissioning and launched the production of dairy products in the factory Kolaks for Mongolian company "BayazhuulagchOdod." Milk production Kolaks established in Erdenet. In addition to local products, in the range will be yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and Adygea.


The company "Kolaks-M" designs and manufactures modular systems, equipped with all the necessary equipment and communications for the integrated production cycle processing of milk, meat or raw wild (mushrooms, berries and nuts).


Starting this year, started the production of modular mini-bakeries for bread, bakery and confectionery products.


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KAMAZ Typhoon: a review of Denis Mokrushina


The exhibition Bronnitsi June 10, 2011 was unveiled a new Russian armored vehicle KAMAZ "Typhoon". TTX details, photos, car almost was not, but now you can fill this gap. I was the first of the reporters have provided much information about the new armored car.

At the moment there are two prototypes of the family car "Typhoon" — a modular and cabinet.

Full review

Intended cabinet version of the family car "Typhoon"








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In Saransk is in full swing-scale construction of new facilities.

At present, the Republic of Mordovia, Saransk and deployed large-scale construction of various objects of culture, sports facilities, entertainment facilities, retail facilities, housing, low-rise construction of cottages and much more.

Today, virtually no construction project is complete without the use of ready-mixed concrete, mortar and hydraulic concrete (for the underground parts of buildings, the construction of swimming pools, fountains and drinking water reservoirs). Characteristics of the concrete builders and designers are placing ever greater demands: grade of concrete, properties of concrete, durability, frost resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance to aggressive media, etc.

New construction in Saransk (photos)

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Nanotechnological complex Umka production group Nanoindustry

Continuing Survey of Russian manufacturers of scanning probe microscopes, present nanotechnological complex "Umka".

Concern "Nanoindustry" carried out the development of new software for the produced them nanotechnological complex "UMKA." The development of this software was carried out using an adapted technology IBM Rational. The new software greatly simplifies the use of complex, improves visualization of samples and reduces the qualification requirements for the initial training of computer users by simplifying the user interface and a more optimal operation. This facilitates the use of the microscope as a scientific and industrial organizations, as well as in any training: schools, colleges

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Published the first images of the concept e-mobility


The company "e-AUTO" has published the first teaser image of the new concept car, the world premiere will take place in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

As previously stated CEO Andrei Biryukov, a hybrid prototype will be built on the same platform as the usual "e-mobiles", which is scheduled to start mass production in the second half of next year. He also said that the car will be "completely unexpected from the point of view of design".


Furthermore, in Frankfurt will be presented and a new version of the

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In Yekaterinburg opened ultramodern new school and kindergarten

Two new educational institutions have opened in Yekaterinburg.

In the district of Academic earned a new modern nursery number 23


and secondary school number 16


picture story

Bright and cheerful kindergarten number 23 with the wonderful name of "small country" is waiting for its first pupils. It will be able to visit 175 preschoolers. On the construction of pre-school institutions were sent 83 million rubles, 41.5 million rubles from the regional and city coffers.

The construction of a new school number 16 on the par of the regional

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Marine Shipyard-2 (Astrakhan) sent to Kazakhstan 5 Rybnita

Ltd. "Marine Shipyard-2" recently sent to the Atyrau region of Kazakhstan 4 Ribnitsi river type and one Ribnitsa marine type, built by order of state public fishing enterprise "Zhaiyk-Balik."


Total order is for construction of 6 river and sea-borne Rybnita 4, and 2 sea and river tugs 2. All vessels have been designed in Astrakhan "Caspian engineering office." The project should be completed by the end of this year.


Ltd. "Marine Shipyard-2" builds barges, ferries, pontoons, metal piers and small boats, performs ship repair and engineering works.



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