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In Yekaterinburg opened ultramodern new school and kindergarten

Two new educational institutions have opened in Yekaterinburg.

In the district of Academic earned a new modern nursery number 23


and secondary school number 16


picture story

Bright and cheerful kindergarten number 23 with the wonderful name of "small country" is waiting for its first pupils. It will be able to visit 175 preschoolers. On the construction of pre-school institutions were sent 83 million rubles, 41.5 million rubles from the regional and city coffers.

The construction of a new school number 16 on the par of the regional

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Marine Shipyard-2 (Astrakhan) sent to Kazakhstan 5 Rybnita

Ltd. "Marine Shipyard-2" recently sent to the Atyrau region of Kazakhstan 4 Ribnitsi river type and one Ribnitsa marine type, built by order of state public fishing enterprise "Zhaiyk-Balik."


Total order is for construction of 6 river and sea-borne Rybnita 4, and 2 sea and river tugs 2. All vessels have been designed in Astrakhan "Caspian engineering office." The project should be completed by the end of this year.


Ltd. "Marine Shipyard-2" builds barges, ferries, pontoons, metal piers and small boats, performs ship repair and engineering works.



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The new helicopter Mi-34C1 makes first demonstration flight


The new light helicopter Mi-34C1 for the initial training of flight personnel made today is the first demonstration flight in the suburban Tomilino over the territory of the Scientific and Technical Center of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia". Itar-Tass reported the press service of the holding.


"The presentation of this new type of helicopter is organized for journalists on the eve of the opening of the Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon" MAKS-2011 ", where the Mi-34C1 will be presented as a new project, — the press-service. — The helicopter is designed

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Airports Russia: Ufa

Ufa Airport — The international airport of the city of Ufa. Flights from Ufa Airport are carried out on the territory of Russia and CIS countries, as well as Greece, China, UAE, Turkey.



2001 — commissioned international terminal.

2006-2007 years. — Reconstruction of the domestic terminal traffic, consumable fuel depot, hotel "Airport" airport land.

Terminal area has more than doubled. The terminal is equipped with modern technological equipment and information, the most relevant systems, ventilation and air-conditioning. The capacity of a single passenger complex, which has four telescopic ladder, 4 elevators and

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After reconstruction, opened the Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg

Stadium seats 27,000 spectators, and at the expense of prefabricated constructions number of fans can be increased to 40,000. Stadium is equipped with the most modern equipment and safety features, there are places for people with disabilities.


Rebirth of the main arena of the capital of the Middle Urals began with a colorful show of military brass bands. On the field, the Central Stadium combined military brass band of 700 people sang a hymn of the International Federation of Association Football FIFA. A broken record here has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records Russian

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Alexei Arkhipovsky


virtuosos are not born every century … He graduated from music school, balalaika and State Musical College. Gnesinyh (Department of folk instruments) in the class Zazhigina Valeria Paton. In 1985 he was named a laureate of the three Russian competition of folk music.


From 1989 he worked as a soloist at the Smolensk Russian folk orchestra under VP Dubrovsky. In 1998 he was invited to the State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble "Russia" under the direction of Zikina. From 2002-2003,. began a solo career, collaborating with the Stas Namin. Since 2003, member of the

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Hyundai in St. Petersburg went on three shifts, and began production of Kia Rio


Located near St. Petersburg plant, "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus ‘, which is 30% owned by Kia, August 15, goes to three-shift work schedule and will begin mass production of the new Kia Rio, RIA Novosti reported, citing a" Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus’ Until the end of 2011 at the St. Petersburg plant will produce 20,000 Kia Rio, in 2012 it is planned to collect about 100,000 cars. "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus" — the first Russian industrial enterprises overseas automaker, which is running in full production cycle. Hyundai has invested in the construction of the plant, "Hyundai Motor

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In TSU launched supercomputer and Nanolaboratory

August 18 Tyumen State University presented two major projects at once. In Tekhnotsentr university launched a supercomputer "Mendeleev" and a laboratory for the creation of nano-objects "NANOFAB-100." The presentation was timed to coincide with the visit to the University of Deputy Education Minister Ina BILENKINA.


The supercomputer launched this year. He is, according to the ratings, 32 in Russia. The supercomputer — a component of the regional development center in modeling oil and gas fields to be created on the basis of TSU.


The second project — "NANOFAB-100" — one of three

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Railroad Day


and I have nothing to write, here, and so many small train But …

Well, I decided to rip out gag, then erase 🙂

I live in the village, which serves the largest rail yard in Russia (previously thought, and Europe, and now I do not know)

The station Bekasovo

All sorting stretched for miles (probably 15 km)


Powerful lighting at night gives a prominent glow in the sky for 50 miles.




controlled from a central hill

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In the Altai region opened after extensive renovation Memorial Museum Titov

This event took place on the 50th anniversary of the space flight of the second cosmonaut German Titov — a native of the Altai Territory.



"50 years ago, our great countryman has made unprecedented feat. If the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin their flight has shown that a person may be in space, Gherman Titov proved that a person can work in space. Our fellow countryman — the first space worker. He opened the space as a place of creative work for the benefit of earthlings "- said the Governor of the Territory

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