Bazhovsky festival was held in Chelyabinsk region

Last weekend near the town of Kyshtym in the region was the main feast of folk art — Bazhovsky festival.


Within three working days Bazhovke creative teams, national associations and artisans. The festival was first received international status.

At the fair you can see and buy souvenirs, baskets and furniture made of twigs, colorful quilts, batik, rag dolls, hand-made glass plates, ornaments of precious stones of the Urals, clay pots and more. In a makeshift "artisan settlement" offer to learn any craft — blind pot or weave a piece of cloth, wring the traditional

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Northern Bypass Novosibirsk (construction of Phase 2 of the first stage)


Northern Bypass Novosibirsk — federal highway Omsk-Novosibirsk at the site Prokudskoe — Sokurov with a bridge across the Ob river near the village of Krasny Yar — the largest project in the field of road of the West Siberian region.

This allowed to bring in the summer from the streets of Novosibirsk over 6000 units of transit transport in the day. During the summer, the reduced traffic on the bridge across the Ob up to 10,000 vehicles per day.

In the long term, as a result of the commissioning of the northern and

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New bridge in Aleksine (Tula region)


The introduction of a new bridge over the Oka unloaded main thoroughfare of the city, linking it living quarters on the right bank with the industrial cluster, located on the left bank.


The work was done around the clock, it allowed to build and put into operation a bridge exactly superrigidity schedule established by the builders — in just 9 months. The new bridge — out-of-class, designed with the height of the existing spans for the passage of vessels. Width of 15 meters facilities, 12 of which — the roadway. Will be renovated

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Helicopter Museum


In the flying center in Torzhok since 1989 there Helicopter Museum. The museum is unique, it collected 14 cars, representing the history of the helicopter in our country. The museum’s director, Alexander Manko — combat pilot, having flown 3,600 hours and more than 150 combat missions in Afghanistan, a retired lieutenant colonel. In aviation from 1973 to 1995, was awarded the Order of the Red Star for the development of the Mi-24A, and the Order of the Red Banner for the performance of combat missions in Afghanistan to carry out flights in helicopters Mi-1, Mi-2, Mi-8 and Mi-24.

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Elanskii MASLOSYRKOMBINAT opened after reconstruction

Was officially opened after reconstruction of "Elanskii MASLOSYRKOMBINAT", Located in the Volgograd region.


Large-scale reconstruction of the enterprise included the organization of an automatic acceptance of milk, its primary and secondary heat treatment, improve basic hygiene production and expansion of the warehouse. If prior to renovation the maximum amount of milk processing was 250 tons per day, then after that it will reach 420 tons per day. To purchase new equipment sent 122 million rubles. By the end, the plant plans to reach the record figure of cheese production — about 7 million tons per year.

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New medical facilities in Novosibirsk

September 24, 2010 at the Institute of Circulation Pathology im.akad. EN Meshalkina in Novosibirsk has opened a new center for radiosurgery and radiation therapy.


Center, located in the famous Akademgorodok (RAS). In the new building the most modern radiology equipment, which now has the world medicine


Other objects

Renovated old and built new building Research Institute of Blood Circulation Pathology. Meshalkina.


on campus is a monument to Academician EN Meshalkin, who headed the institute from 1965 to 1991


The new clinic in

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Airports Russia: Mineral water


Mineral water — The largest airport in the Stavropol Territory and the North Caucasus Federal District. Airport is on the list of airfields federal, also has an international status. The passenger — 888.1 thousand people. (2010) In February 2011, the Russian government decided to transfer the airport "Mineral Water" in the regional property.

Reconstruction: In 2007, open pavilions arrival of international and domestic airlines. March 17, 2011 was partially opened a new terminal designed for passengers departing flights domestic airlines. Open an updated section for international air passenger service airports. May 20, 2011 Airbus A320

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Russian WIG Aquaglide-5 is ready for sale


CJSC "Arctic Trade and Transport Company" (AT & T) will soon begin selling Fives WIG "Aquaglide-5". According to the president of AT & T Ruben Nahapetyan, the company put into production 10 WIG, built and almost ready for sale 7 3 more machines are located on the assembly of a high degree of readiness (70-80%).


The delay in the sale of WIG in particular was caused by the fact that there were serious problems with the supply of spare parts. This problem has now been solved — the manufacturer warranty for a year,

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Slides City — center unique resort of Krasnaya Polyana.

In the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 17 presentation of innovative van called "Gorki-Gorod." This office on wheels built by Ketterer on bus chassis DAF.


The car’s appearance created a German designer Luigi Colani which created concept cars for brands such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Ford and Mazda, and collaborated with companies Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Volkswagen, BMW. Van built with the participation of Sberbank of Russia and the company "NBB-Development" and is intended for the presentation of the resort "Gorki-Gorod" (Krasnaya Polyana) in Russia and abroad.



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The Mi-54


The Mi-54 is being developed in accordance with the Federal Target Program "Development of Russian civil aviation for 2002 — 2010 and for the period up to 2015."


The helicopter is designed to carry loads up to 1,500 kg inside the fuselage and up to 1,800 kg on the external load, or 12 — 13 passengers. The priorities of the project are: compliance helicopter with AP-29, FAR-29, JAR-29 to reflect the latest amendments; low operating costs; a high level of security; large cabin volume that does not limit the range of goods transported within the

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