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Unconditional signs


Cufflinks "Always Ready" • It is based on pioneering icon of the sample in 1962. In the center — a five-pointed star made of multi-layered enamel, with the motto "Always Ready!". Three languages flame of scarlet enamel — a sign of the unbreakable unity of generations. • The cufflinks are made in pink gold with enamel. Art. GM6358-111 yellow gold 750o, weight — 12.5 g.

Price: 92 720rub

About the brand

Gourji — Vanity-new Russian jewelry brand. It is unique and has no analogues.

The philosophy and style of the brand Gourji

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Underwater motorcycle


Company Aqua Star, — Now free to dive under the water for 12 meters can be 90% of the applicants.

Brothers Dmitry and Timothy Ryabikin from Eysk us little znakomy.Oni built the country’s first underwater motorbike Aqua Star, which is on all the characteristics and consumer properties tucked in his belt foreign counterparts. In this apparatus, a swimmer is sitting exactly in the saddle motorcycle (and the wheel controls the machine, resembling a motorcycle), and its head is inside the small diving bell with large clear windows. In this kind of helmet and the air is

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Cosmonautics Day

Russia’s participation in the exploration of Mars

In autumn 2011, Atlas V rocket launched


In the framework of the international Mars exploration program. This project is involved and Russia. The first and most powerful rocket stage equipment RD-180.

Rocket should deliver the rover Curiosity


Scientific instruments apparatus will effectively detect organic molecules and to establish their structure, as well as to probe the thick layer of soil in search of traces of water by means of the neutron detector, the creation of the Russian Space Agency.

On Mars rovers will

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Multifunctional complex of season Baikal harbor


International tourist complex "Baikal harbor" is built on the shore of Lake Baikal, in the special economic zone of tourist-recreational type and will include the following items:

— Administrative and Business Corps (ADC) with a transformable multi-functional hall with facility for conferences, exhibitions, concerts, sporting and other events. This object must completely cover the demand for business tourism facilities, tourism event, becoming a major point of all significant events in the tourist and recreation area; — Seaport with berthing facilities and infrastructure; — Complex "fishing village" with hotel rooms, agrotourism sites, shopping and entertainment facilities; —

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Astrakhan scientific basis Bios is rehabilitating sturgeon

Staff scientific and experimental base "bios" of the Caspian Fishery Institute (CaspNIRKh) received in the last days of March, more than a million eggs of Russian sturgeon to fulfill state orders for the reproduction of sturgeon.


Base Bios received government orders — to release into the waters of the Volga-Caspian 556,000 pieces of juvenile enlarged mass of 10 to 200 grams.

"Babies" are waiting for special pools where the fish will grow before release into the wild.


According CaspNIRKh, fry in a large number of scientists released into the natural

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Technopark in the sphere of high technologies of the Republic of Mordovia (Saransk)


The largest and most significant for Mordovia is a project of Technopark in the sphere of high technologies. It will bring together the existing infrastructure and the enterprise into a single mechanism that will create additional incentives for the modernization of the economy. Technopark will specialize in the development and implementation of technologies that are traditional for the Republic (electronics, instrumentation, lighting fixtures), as well as brand new — Optical and information.

Thanks to the Technopark in the country will be 5,000 new jobs with a decent wage level. Technopark will be located in the floodplain

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In Krasnodar, opened Perinatal Center of the European level?


In Krasnodar, opened a new regional perinatal center European level. For its construction took two years. It presents the most advanced developments of the world of medicine. To the level of center to the best hospitals in Europe and America.

According to ITAR-TASS, on the newest equipment will bring together experts from around the province. They have passed strict selection, advanced training in Moscow, St. Petersburg and abroad. Thanks to high-tech medicine, which will be applied at the center will be able to nurse babies with extremely low birth weight — less than 500 grams, said

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Ring Road and the Western High-Speed Diameter (St. Petersburg)

Ringway St Petersburg — Public roads of federal importance, located on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.


The track ring road will be the unifying element of the transport system in the region and will connect into a single unit all major roadways, radiating from the center of St. Petersburg in the direction of Helsinki, Murmansk, Moscow, Kiev and Tallinn.

The total length of the ring road — 116.75 km, taking into account the area extending along the crest of protective structures Petersburg Flood (dam) — 142.15 km. Start of construction —

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Tyumen regional center for winter sports Pearl of Siberia


Tyumen Oblast winter sports center "Pearl of Siberia" — A modern training and competition facility, which has an independent infrastructure that allows to carry out a complete training facility for the preparation of Russian athletes and competitions at various levels, including the Continental Cup, World Cup, World Championships. The main source of funding is the construction budget of the Tyumen region. For the construction of certain infrastructure is planned to attract private capital. The complex "Pearl of Siberia" includes the following items: 1. Administrative building 2. Building service teams 3. Team houses 4. Guest houses 5. Hotel

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Slowly but surely

Introduction of new technology stroitelsva homes by GeoDome




One of the main factors that reduce energy consumption in the Dome, is its shape. By eliminating the angles, we get rid of 30% of the wall area, adding as much to the floor area. This in turn reduces the heat loss through the walls and roof to the same 30%.


Building codes require a certain coefficient of thermal insulation for walls and roof, which is called the "coefficient of heat transfer resistance." Simply put, this ratio

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