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In the Vladimir region recreated dirizhabledrom

Photo ITAR-TASS / Marina Lystseva

The presentation of the restored dirizhabledroma "Kirzhach" near the town of the same name took place on August 8 in the Vladimir region. The site will become a test pilot and aeronautical division of a major center. This was reported by ITAR-TASS press officer for "Aeronautical Centre" Augur "Alexei Mitrofanov.

Only specialized dirizhabledrom in Russia was built in the middle of the last decade, and his work was carried out on the basis of aeroskanirovaniyu and photographing areas. Because of the crisis in 2008 had to close, and now the new

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Second SSJ company Interjet-home!

4 Aug 2013, 21:11

August 4, 2013 the second "Sukhoi Superjet 100" / SSJ100 /, board roomXA-IJR, to fly a Mexican flag carrier base "Interdzhet" / Interjet /, took off from Bangor International Airport / USA / where to stopover and overnight stay on the way to Toluca / Mexico /. After a little more than 5 hours of flight, the plane landed at the airport of destination.

Before flying from Bangor / USA /. In the rays of the rising sun. Photo: SuperJet International

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In Omsk, after the reconstruction of open garden Siberia

Last weekend, after an extensive renovation, the garden opened in Omsk "Siberia". The cost of the first stage was 40 million rubles.


Garden "Siberia" was created almost 60 years ago in 1954 for recreation factory workers oxygen mechanical engineering. Since the early 90s the garden started to fall into disrepair, its accomplishment no one did. The decision to revive the garden was made in 2012, the city administration. It should be noted that this is the first major project for the development of green space, implemented in the last 20 years.



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In Tyumen, opened two kindergartens, 530 and 120 seats

July 23, just two kindergartens were opened in residential districts of Tyumen.

Kindergarten № 185 "No-ko-la-sha" is located in a young neighborhood Malakhovo. Like the entire housing estate built his company TDSK. At the expense of the regional budget building was purchased.

At more than five thousand square meters located there 16 groups, of which three nurseries. Total kindergarten is designed for 530 seats. He became one of the largest pre-school Tyumen.

One of the highlights was the kindergarten lekoteka. This psycho-educational complex for the development of the child, correction of speech disorders. Here,

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Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Yaroslavl after cap repair has opened a kindergarten for 220 places

Kindergarten is under construction since 1996. Now in an updated garden will operate four groups with 55 seats.


In p. Ilyinka Khabarovsk Territory was opened after a thorough renovation kindergarten


In p. Podstepnoe Saratov region after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 40 seats


In Kaliningrad in kindergarten number 123 has opened an additional 28 seats on grupa


In the

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In Belgorod reconstructed an international airport

In the process of work has been done to upgrade all the major components of the airport: airfield and air terminal complexes, objects of traffic control, radio navigation and landing, utilities and other facilities necessary for the normal functioning of all services and systems of the airport.

Photo: white. py

The project cost of the reconstruction of the airport complex was more than 5 billion rubles. 

After the reconstruction of the terminal throughput increased by 4.5 times (from 100 people per hour up to 450 people).


After the reconstruction, the airfield is

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Nuclear submarine missile Alexander Nevsky (photo)

Launching of the submarine "Alexander Nevsky"

In stacker shop:

Before the conclusion of the workshop:

The conclusion of submarine shops:


Traditional photo to remember:

The boat touched the water:

Mooring to the dock:

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Belgorod Energy received 42 new emergency vehicles

Carport branch of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Belgorodenergo" added 22 car lifts and 20 brigade car new type.


New equipment arrived at the disposal of the Stary Oskol, Belgorod and electric grids, as well as Alexis and Gubkinskoye Distribution Zones. Cars will help experts more quickly and efficiently carry out repairs power lines.


This year we plan to replace about 40% of the transport and automotive engineering and finish a comprehensive update of the fleet. A total of 271 special vehicle branch will go, including cranes, buses, truck, tractors, chipper for

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In Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk region). Opened only in the Russian museum of gold

In Berezovsky begins the "Gold Rush." After reconstruction, it has opened a museum dedicated to the 79 element of the periodic table — gold.

Photo: The Russian Newspaper

Gold mining in Berezovsky is to this day. The city has four mines. Museum existed here before, but now dilapidated building was reconstructed and a year spent on the creation of the exhibition.

Photo: The Russian Newspaper


"The fact that this museum is quite rare, of course. In principle, the places where gold is extracted in Russia and several Berezovsky in this regard is quite

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In the center of Sochi pave a new collector


Recently, in the central part of the city one after another began to appear yellow walled enclosure is. More "vigilant" Sochi residents rushed to the alarming conclusions: behold, they say, a "tit-towns" of the city again conceived to build something … Build really will be, but it will be a very different kind of construction. This will be the construction of the common good, provided the training program for the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014, which includes the fundamental modernization and updating of engineering infrastructure of the resort.

Executive in charge for the implementation of

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