In Vologda opened ice rink

December 28 opened in Vologda modern ice arena, the first in the city. Her discoveries Vologodians waited two years.

Ice Arena — only part of the sports facility. There are changing rooms for athletes, cafe, dance hall, gym. The neighborhood will also be used effectively. It provides a large area of improvement, parking, volleyball and tennis courts.

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The water park has opened in the Ryazan region

December 21, in the Ryazan region in the area between the villages of Glade and Shumash commissioned a water park season. The capacity of the water park with a total area of more than seven thousand square meters is designed for a thousand people a day.


Water park — the first object complex "Oka pearl", which is part of the regional tourism and recreation cluster "Ryazan".


As part of the hotel and entertainment complex «Oka Pearl" is also planned to build a park-hotel, a sports center with tennis courts, a fitness center, a soccer

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In Perm, opened the Center of Pediatric Surgery

December 14 in Perm opened a new surgical building urban children’s hospital number 15.

It is a modern medical facility designed for 250 beds. In its construction of the regional and municipal budgets invested 1.5 billion rubles. The building has 11 operating rooms equipped with the world standards, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of 16 beds. The clinic is open 9 surgical units in various fields, the planned execution of up to 7 million transactions each year.


The clinic is equipped with the necessary medical and diagnostic equipment, including the most advanced X-ray equipment — computer and magnetic

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Kazan International Airport opened a new terminal

Today at the international airport "Kazan" the grand opening of the new terminal 1A. The terminal has four boarding bridges, and will service both domestic and international flights.

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More about GLONASS


When writing this post about the GLONASS learned a lot. For GLONASS watched before, but since then, it turns out a lot of water under the bridge. Say what you will about the initiatives of innovation and modernization Medvedev, but GLONASS is an example of the real effective and high-tech project that actually develops and works, it is one of the locomotives pulling her along the path of high technology. Will we have Skolkovo is still a question. But we already have GLONASS. I want to remind you that the only country that has a navigation system is

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Collapsing village

The opposition keeps saying that the village is falling apart. But I, as has lived in the village for many years, whose father lives there, and where I was a few times a year I go, saying that this is a great exaggeration!

To confirm my words, I will hold a small virtual photo tour of my village, lost in Sal’sk steppes. This settlement Celina, Rostov region. The district center. The population is about 15,000 inhabitants. That is a typical small town, in which thousands of Russia. All photos taken from the site, and there are many

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In Pushkin, Moscow region opened a new kindergarten for 120 places

November 16 at Pushkin in Samal New Village (St. Quay, 35, korp.8) held a ceremony to commemorate the opening of the new-built kindergarten. Now the kindergarten № 10 "Apple Tree", commissioned as part of an integrated building Pushkin district, will take in its walls a further 120 young people in the Pushkin district.

Kindergarten, which began in August last year, was conducted in accordance with the investment contract signed between the investor and the district administration. Equipment kindergarten also satisfied investor in full. Furniture, technical equipment, musical instruments, teaching aids, playgrounds and more to the amount of more

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In Chita opened regional cancer center


November 20 in Chita open a six-story medical building regional cancer center.

The area near the center of 24,000 square meters. Center has 214 beds. The total estimated cost — more than 770 million rubles. 440 million of this amount — the regional target money. More than 300 million spent on equipment. Construction began in 2002.

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In Novosheshminsk (Tatarstan) opened a new swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool "Pearl" opened in Novosheshminsk. The pool is built a little more than a year at the expense of the republican budget and "Tatneft".


Building with a total area of 1700 square meters is located next to the open last year sports complex "Olympus" and includes a 25-meter main pool with 8 lanes, a children’s cup, sauna, massage room, beauty salon, billiards room, bar. At the equipment pool was paid special attention to the disabled. Simultaneously, the swimming pool can be 50 people in a short time based on it will open a shipboard section of

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Moscow enthusiasts restored the IL-14

Fans of reconstructing vintage cars, has long been no surprise, but their work is admired by many connoisseurs. Especially hardly leave anyone indifferent recovery of the whole aircraft.

Plane IL-14 was developed in the late 40’s, and was operated from 1950 to 2005 (in 1986, was discontinued their repair). At this point in the state of airworthiness are two cars — IL-14, "the Soviet Union" RA-0543G, refurbished enthusiasts from St. Petersburg and Il-14T "Penguin" RA-1114K, restored Moscow fans.

The first flight of the revived "Penguin" was held on October 1. Photo report of the event can be Learn view participant

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