November 1st in the building of the Regional Office DOSAAF Russia Udmurt Republic opened a gym for sports activities with pre-conscription youth of Izhevsk


In the village. Tisul Kemerovo region was opened after reconstruction Children and Youth Sports School. For the reconstruction of the means Tisulsky municipal district has spent more than 29 million rubles.



In the Moscow district of St. Petersburg opened a sports club "Bastion". On an area of more than 1000 square meters is a zone for the fight, two of the ring, professional octagon, a separate area of cross fit,

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In the village Maldykasy (Rep. Chuvashia) opened breeding complex for 1,000 head of cattle

October 26 in the village of Maldykasy "Vurnary meat" opened the second turn-breeding complex.

Construction of a barn on the 1000 head with a milk-milking unit on the 40 goals was launched in July 2011 with a view to increasing production. If in 2011 the volume of milk sold economy was only 2050 tons, in 2013 the company plans to reach 5114 tons, the number of dairy cattle will be brought up to 1200 head, and the total population — up to 3,500 heads.

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In Tyumen, built a house for security personnel

October 30 in Tyumen in solemn opening 72-apartment house, which is designed for employees RUFSB Russia in the Tyumen region, military intelligence and the Border Guard Service of Russia.


Work on the construction of houses for the security personnel started in June 2010, the general contractor Sverdlovsk company — LLC "Stroyuniversal."


Starting the Soyuz TMA-06M from Baikonur — photo essay Bill Ingalls, NASA

Photos in high resolution. Nice to see all the details!

Lift-off — it is always a grand spectacle. October 23, 2012 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome launched a spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-06M", that is delivered to the International Space Station crew of the new 33rd expedition.

Photos Bill Ingalls, NASA.

Rocket and spacecraft Soyuz in the assembly and test facility Baikonur Cosmodrome. (Photo by Bill Ingalls, NASA)

Once taken out of the rocket assembly and test facility, it is transported to the launch pad on the Kazakh steppe on a special train with a

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In Vladivostok, open promenade Tsarevich

Quay Tsarevich, situated between the bridge across the Golden Horn and Dalzavod, opened on October 27 in Vladivostok.

Photo: Anton Balashov PrimaMedia

A new place for walks and family holidays attracted a large number of residents and visitors alike.

Photo: Anton Balashov PrimaMedia

New Quay is a single architectural ensemble with a walking area, ample parking for 1000 cars, cafes and entertainment centers, which is inscribed in the preservation of the historic center of the city on Wednesday.


photo by: Anton Balashov

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The reconstructed kindergarten opened in Ryazan


Create additional space in the kindergarten number 102 has allowed the reconstruction, which was fought here in June 2012. Funding for the work was carried out from the regional and municipal budgets. In total, was allocated 16.33 million rubles.

Photo 7

Since that time, the garden was built third floor, which housed senior and preparatory groups, as well as an environmental study and a multi-function hall, in which the child will offer classes educational and recreational nature.

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In the city of Ryazan Oblast Sasovo opened sports complex

Photo: MediaRyazan

October 10 at the grand opening of Sasovo sports complex with ice covering.

Photo: MediaRyazan

The building sports complex in Sasovo, called "Planet Sports", has separate rooms for mini-football, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, facilities for boxing, wrestling, fitness, aerobics, strength exercises. On the field with artificial ice hockey training will take place and skaters.

Construction was started in 2010. Its estimated value was more than 415 million rubles have been allocated from the federal and regional budgets.

Photo essay: 

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In Nizhny Novgorod opened a plant for the conversion of commercial vehicles


October 10 in Nizhny Novgorod on the site of the former market square "Elex-Polus" opening the plant for the conversion of commercial vehicles based on FIAT Ducato and IVECO Daily.

The area of production capacity of the new plant is 30,000 square meters, including administrative and production facilities. The shop is equipped with modern facilities, including a two sprinkler cameras coating booth with a working capacity of 4 cars per day, modern ventilation system.


Capacity of the new company will produce up to 400 cars per month fifteen modifications: the bus for route transportation, travel,

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Park ambulance Kalmykia filled with new machines

More than 3.8 million rubles spent in Kalmykia in the purchase of vehicles for the medical institutions of the country. October 8, the new motor ambulance Class "B" and a mobile medical unit for preventive Photo X-rays were made to institutions of Health last week.

Besides budget institution of Kalmykia "Republican TB dispensary" was given therapeutic and preventive module "Photo X-rays."

In Rostov, opened just two kindergartens

Public kindergarten "Bear" was opened in the alley Dnieper. It accommodates 270 children. The new three-storey building there are two nurseries and 12 pre-school groups. Built a new kindergarten in just a year and a half. Construction cost 154 million rubles from the city budget.

Private kindergarten opened in Oleksandrivka. It will be 40 kids. As if in a sanatorium or resort, the new kindergarten "Pearl" 5-course meal, massage, psychological services and all the necessary specialists, medical examination and medical check-ups, as well as lots of toys and entertainment. The truth is not cheap stay in the garden

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