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New cars for effective managers

Today, the square in front of the State Council of Tatarstan held a solemn ceremony of cars «Fiat Albea» winners of the annual national competition for the most effective management of municipal RT.

The competition was attended by almost all the municipalities, including 193 — in the final stage, 100 of them were awarded the cars.

photo essay:

T-5000 has helped Alpha to win the World Cup in the military and police snipers (Revised)

11th World Championship of police and military snipers. Photo by Sergei Chelnokova

Russian special forces pleased compatriots victory in a major international tournament.

Management Team "A" SPC FSB, better known as the "Alpha", speaking with rifles ORSIS T-5000, won the World Cup sniping, won the "gold" in general and the police team championships, and the first two places in the standings.

But first things first. From 1 to 5 June in Hungary held the 11th World Championship of police and military snipers. In the large-scale and representative of its class competition was

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Moscow specialists have created a cottage on the water

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The original solution for the summer holidays come up with specialists from Moscow: for a summer holiday, you can choose a scenic spot on the water

Houseboat "Rainbow trout", created by the Moscow company "Art-mechanics" — this collapsible double-decked structure, based on the pontoons. The scheme framed house — modular. Delivery to shore and build the house, according to experts of the company, is not particularly difficult. It is fixed on the water with the help of anchors or cables can be attached to the shore.

Of construction is that the weight of

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In Magnitogorsk launched a new substation (photo)

The city began its work a new substation, aimed at improving the reliability of power supply of Lenin and the Right Bank districts.

Nnovoe equipment installed at the substation: open distribution system with two transformers of 63 MBA each, gas-insulated switches, transistors, current busducts and drains, switchgear system for 56 cells.

The construction of the 49th was sent to the substation 295 million: 208 million rubles invested in municipal enterprise "Gorelectroset" 86 million was spent from the city budget, the remaining amount on the development of urban energy allocated federal budget.


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Production of SSJ 100, KnAAPO and Knafo: it was (2006) and became (2012)

Riveting machines Brotje now — photo 10.04.2012

Place under Brotje, 2006:

"Excavation" on a milling machine Forest-Line, 30.01.2006:

Forest-Line now:

2011, photo by Sergey shares:

Back in 2006: a device for assembling panels SUNGLASSES:

Pit under the pulling-press:

How much is done:

And the panel to 95039:

Five years ago, in 2007 — the first SSJ 100 stands alone in the corner:

And today, 10 April 2012 — 7 SSJ

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Photographic / MiG-29 SMT on the teachings of Ladoga-2012

Since photo galleries of interest to users of the resource [not always the same shaped as letters read, I want to see the sights, and, yes? :)], I’ll do a post.

But this photo I especially liked. From this angle, but with a crimped-pillar, CMT is very similar to the Su-27, a hunchbacked 🙂

Arkhangelsk region: Solombalsky to put into operation a new woodyard

March 30 Solombala pulp and paper mill (part of the holding "Solombalales") hosted a launch of a new wood preparation of production. Woodyard is the largest production facility running on Solombalsky for the last 30 years. The power of this line is one million cubic meters of pulpwood a year. The estimated cost of the entire facility — 400 million rubles.

More + photo essay:

This workshop is built to the highest international standards using the most modern equipment that exists in the world for this sector. Of particular value to this project makes the fact that the

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In the Baltic factory cast one of the largest bells in the world

Baltic Shipyard to the representatives of Nizhny Novgorod diocese cathedral bell weighing 64 tons. The world‘s third-largest sounding bell cast in honor of the 400th anniversary of the militia of Minin and Pozharsky and the end of the Time of Troubles in Russia. It will be installed in the belfry of the cathedral in the name of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky at the confluence of the Oka and Volga.


In Volgograd opened kindergarten

January 13 at the Kirov district of Volgograd was inaugurated kindergarten. Kindergarten building number 10 was built in 1963. But starting in 1999, it was not maintained. And now, after a major overhaul garden is once again ready to receive children.


In 2011, in kindergartens Volgograd has added more than 3 million new places. This pre-school is equipped according to all modern requirements and standards. Here are installed fire alarm and video surveillance system


Universal loader Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant

NEW CTZ, front loader with an index of the PC-65 is designed for digging, loading and processing of different materials, different types of soil, rocks, wood chips, metal shavings, crushed stone, sand, coal, rocks, as well as agricultural products.


Loader can process its own soil, passage of small pits, working as a bulldozer to make the layout of sites. Loader CTZ PC-65 has a size and weight is much less than the excavator, but it can lift a lot more weight to maneuver it does not need a lot of space.


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