ULCT started

"Ust-Luga Container Terminal" (ULCT) belonging to the group "National Container Company" (NCC), handled the first vessel. Container Emotion Unifeeder capacity of 1,440 TEU came from Hamburg. It is planned that the ship will go to the terminal weekly. Photo source:container.ru

Commissioning of the new container terminal at the port of Ust-Luga is of great importance for the development of the transport sector in Russia. According to V. Putin, the port of Ust-Luga — one of the largest in Russia infrastructural projects of European scale.

Photo source:container.ru

NCC president Alain Ashurkova emphasizes that ULCT has unique advantages compared

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Plant. Gorky won the tender for the construction of a large frigate for the Russian Navy

 Photo source:radikal.ru

"Zelenodolsk Plant. Gorky "was successfully developed. In 2009, the plant revenue was 2.8 billion rubles, in 2010 — 7.8 billion, this year is expected to 10 billion rubles.

"We won the closed tender for a very interesting vessel for the Ministry of Defense — I think, in February-March, will invite you to bookmark it" — shared the positive news general manager of Renat Mistahov, adding that the competition involved 12 enterprises.

From discussing the details, he declined, saying only that it is a displacement frigate 3 tons (compared to "Cheetahs" of the Vietnamese order, as

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Floating tracked ATVs for geologists, builders, oil and gas workers

 Photo source:all.biz

In our country, where the oil and gas industry plays a vital role in the economy and the difficult conditions under which the production of oil and gas at times do not allow use regular all-terrain vehicles, there is a lot of creative teams and companies that offer efficient vehicles for operation in extreme off-road.

 Photo source:kzno.ru

Kurgan factory original equipment (KZNO) — one of these manufacturers. The company was founded in 2003 on the basis of the Kurgan Experimental Pilot Plant Design and Technological Institute of the automotive industry, which has existed since 1968.

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Russia’s first biathlon stadium in the midlands

"The biathlon stadium: a view from the bleachers" Photo source:gazprom.ru

The biathlon stadium — one of the objects "of combining complex for competition in cross country skiing and biathlon, the Olympic mountain village with 1100 seats, an access road on the ridge Psekhako" created by "Gazprom" for the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. Combined complex — large-scale and complex project to create all the necessary infrastructure for sporting events:

— Biathlon stadium; — Ski stadium; — Two separate areas of start and finish for each event; — Two separate systems traces; — Shooting; — The total area of preparation

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In the city of Lipetsk region Usman open new kindergartens

December 21, 2011 in Usmani opening of the kindergarten "Rainbow" in a new neighborhood and kindergarten "Hurry."

 Photo source:usmadm.ru

Since January 2012 Usmansky 240 kids will attend the new pre-school, equipped in accordance with modern requirements.

 Photo source:usmadm.ru

It will soon be open for another one kindergarten, "Who Knows?" In Usmani, an additional group MBDOU "SPRING" s.Devitsa and "Birch" and s.Storozhevoe Kulikovskiy branch MBOU School s.Oktyabrskoe.

In September, the village Kurylivka Usman district opened a kindergarten.

 Photo source:usmadm.ru

 Photo source:usmadm.ru

 Photo source:usmadm.ru

 Photo source:usmadm.ru

 Photo source:usmadm.ru


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Sports complexes in Yaroslavl

Interested in the question: what prevents Yaroslavl to lead a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness, for instance. Few gyms? It was found that under the guise of talk about the hard life in our city is quiet povyrastali or were reconstructed various Phocas and arenas. Approximately in the amounts: UkrCom "Lokomotiv Arena 2000" (one of the best in Europe)

 Photo source:fratria.ru

Football stadium "Saturn"

 Photo source:sports.ru

Athletics Arena "Yaroslavl"

 Photo source:yarsport.ru

Sports and recreation complex on Forest

 Photo source:yarsport.ru

Fitness center on the street Krasnoborskaya

 Photo source:yarsport.ru

Fitness center on

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FC Krasnodar arena opened in Tikhoretsk

In Tikhoretsk a ceremony opening the football arena of FC "Krasnodar".

 Photo source:fckrasnodar.ru

In the new modern sports complex, which was funded was conducted entirely from private funds, will now be able to engage students of the local branch of the Academy of "citizens".

 Photo source:fckrasnodar.ru

Total for the period 2011-2013. investment program of FC "Krasnodar" is scheduled to open in the Kuban region 29 similar arenas total value of 400 million rubles.

In 2011, playpens FC "Krasnodar" opened in Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Belorechensk Tikhoretsk, Kropotkin, the Jubilee area of Krasnodar, villages and Kuschevskaya Dinskoy, as

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Novosibirsk division MOE has received new equipment

December 27, the Day of the Novosibirsk Lifeguard Emergency subsystem handed the keys to the new technology. Head of the Civil Code, "the Centre for activities in the field of GO emergency and fire safety of the Novosibirsk region" has received certificates for seven cars AC-40 Ural-4320, all-terrain vehicle "TREKOL-39294" and the hovercraft "SLAVIR."

 Photo source:nso.ru

Also received certificates for three fire engines TMA-3 on the basis of KAMAZ, AC-40 on the basis of Ural and fire avtolaboratoriyu, KAMAZ-43253 for the delivery of special equipment and certificates to staff car GAZ-32271 and operational vehicle duty shift rescuers GAZ-27057

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AvtoVAZ: the best sales result in the last three years

 Photo source:vesti.ru

In 2011, AvtoVAZ plans to sell about 740,000 LADA cars and car kits. In the domestic market — about 575,000 cars LADA. This — the best result of AvtoVAZ in Russia over the past three years. The dynamics of sales of LADA cars in the domestic market in 2008 — 2011 years: 2008 — 640 thousand LADA 2009 — 354 thousand LADA 2010 — 523 thousand LADA 2011 — 575 thousand LADA (forecast) In relation to 2008 (the last pre-crisis) AvtoVAZ sales were down 10%. During the same time, foreign brands in the domestic market lost 9%.

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JSC Rostov TSPKB Stapel A new draft dredger

The next project for the dredging vessel fleet is designed and delivered to the customer of "RTSPKB" Stapel ": dredger capacity of 4000 cubic meters per hour at a pulp.

 Photo source:stapel.ru

Type dredger — a floating, self-propelled, diesel, collapsible cutter dredger with loosening, hydrowashout soil and system gidroobmyva mills, capacity of 4000 m3 / h of pulp.

 Photo source:stapel.ru

The dredger is used for the construction of alluvial hydraulic, mining materials, cleaning water from sediment and vegetation, as well as dredging. Category dredge soils developed from I to V.

 Photo source:stapel.ru

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