In Krasnoyarsk, opened an ice palace Arena.Sever

Sports complex "Arena.Sever" received its first visitors


In Krasnoyarsk, opened an ice palace "Arena.Sever" at ul. May 9, 74 (next to the TRC "Planet"). Today, the building was the first hockey team training "Falcon". On the construction of the facility has been spent around 1.5 billion rubles for the construction took 3 years. The building includes an ice rink with a capacity of 2.6 million people, a climbing wall and a multi-purpose hall for basketball and volleyball training. In addition, a number of bars catering.




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In the last week of December in Yekaterinburg opened seven kindergartens

December 27, 2011 in Upper Iset district of Yekaterinburg opened new kindergarten. Kindergarten number 251 located on Papanina 24.


A new kindergarten for 200 children, opened on the street Amundsen in the Leninsky district.


As part of the city program "The development of pre-school education in the municipality" Yekaterinburg "for 2009-2011" Yekaterinburg in 2011 received 24 kindergartens, 17 of them — after reconstruction, 7 — new buildings.

picture story

December 21 after overhaul opened kindergarten number 80 in the Railway area of Ekaterinburg. Kindergarten number 80 is designed for

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New trams Ukraine — Ukrainian labor, Belarusian and Russian hands


December 15 in Kiev Podolsk depot presented the first tram, issued by a consortium of corporations, "Bogdan" Belarusian manufacturer of urban transport "Belkommunmash" and the Russian company "Ros-ukrelprom."


Presentation of the three-section of high-speed low-floor tram took place during a meeting of the Ukrainian-Belarusian intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation.


Tram 25 meters is really impressive! It is able to accommodate 248 passengers and has 66 seats. The novelty modular body design, modern design, low floor, and the entrances to the car equipped with ramps for disabled passengers.

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Novі tramvaї Ukraїnі — work Ukrainski, bіloruskih i rosіyskih hands


15 in the thoracic kiїvskomu Podіlskomu presented Pershiy tram depot, vipuscheny within konsortsіumu korporatsії "Bogdan" bіloruskogo virobnika mіskogo Transport "Belkommunmash" that rosіyskoї kompanії "Rosukrelprom."


Prezentatsіya trisektsіynogo shvidkіsnogo tram s nizkoyu pіdlogoyu vіdbulasya within zasіdannya mіzhuryadovoї ukraїnsko-bіloruskoї komіsії s power supply torgovelno-ekonomіchnogo spіvrobіtnitstva.


Tram 25 dovzhinoyu metrіv dіysno vrazhaє! Vіn zdatny vmіstiti 248 pasazhirіv i Got 66 mіsts seating. The novelty is modular konstruktsіya body Suchasni design nizky rіven pіdlogi, and the entrance to the car osnaschenі ramps for pasazhirіv s obmezhenimi mozhlivostyami. Krіm of konstruktivnі osoblivostі tram dozvolyayut ekonomiti

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In the Ivanovo region is ready to open a new rehabilitation center

Rehabilitation center for stroke patients, ready to be opened in the village of Ivanovo region Novotalitsy. This is the second such center in the region. First opened a year ago in the village of Old Vichuga.


The center is equipped with modern imported and domestic equipment for the recovery of sensitivity and motor activity of the affected limbs.


Center has 25 beds. The walls are equipped with handrails, purchased simulators to practice physical therapy, equipment for hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and diagnostic equipment, new furniture. The total cost of repairs and new equipment was

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Information centers of Rosatom — Smolensk and other


Message on the site to open in Smolensk Information Center "Rosatom" was the reason for the discussion in the comments about whether the subject site news about these projects. Propose a more detailed material about the Smolensk as the center, and all the project as a whole. I apologize if it seems too detailed. I want to show the diverse benefits and the strategic significance of this and similar projects in our country.

December 9 in Smolensk opened information center on nuclear power in the global research and education programs of the state corporation "Rosatom". The

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Snipers take the exam

Methodological and training sessions to prepare snipers carried out in parts of the combined arms armies of the Western Military District, in the village of Nizhny Novgorod region Moulineaux from 12 to 25 December. Such fees are held twice a year in accordance with the organizational and methodological guidelines Commander of Land Forces. The purpose of fees — improving individual training snipers.


In the first stage we study the performance characteristics, basic rules and firing their weapons, the order of its maintenance and use. In the second stage, during practical sessions, participants practice skills on fire,

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CTZ increases exports

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant ("CTP-Uraltrak", 80% owned by SPC "Uralvagonzavod") has received large orders for the production of spare parts of Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.


Until the end, the party sent tractor-parts found in Romania. Balkan dealer bought them for tractors DET-250, operating at coal mines.

In January 2012, two batches of parts for tractors B-10M and B-170 will receive a sales representative CTZ in Poland — the firm "Gama". In addition, the export flow will not be interrupted and South-East Asia. Earlier this year, South Urals sent to Vietnam several containers of component parts.

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Novi naukovyi-medichny center Svyatoї Paraskevi vіdkrito in Lviv

In Lviv vіdkrivsya naybіlshy naukovyi-medichny center Svyatoї Paraskevi, yaky virіshit problemi kompleksnoї dіagnostiki in Zahіdnіy Ukraїnі. Up to 500 a day patsієntіv zmozhe priymati medichna new setups.


"We Zahіdnomu regіonі vіdsutnі velikі dіagnostichnі center. Dwellers pass a comprehensive dіagnostiku people zmushenі zvertatisya in kіlka rіznih established, often in roztashovanih іnshih areas. Our meta — vіdkriti access to the dermal ukraїntsyu visokoklasnoї єvropeyskіy meditsinі "- so prokomentuvav vіdkrittya center head for direktorіv NMC St. Paraskevi Ivan Voloshko. A zavdyaki stvorennyu natsіonalnoї Merezhi telemedicine to vstanovlennya dіagnozu zmozhut Buti attract


Okrіm that of Region Lviv,

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In Donetsk z’yavilasya Suchasna Dityache lіkarnya


In Donetsk 14.12.2011, pіslya rekonstruktsії vіdkrilasya 1-a mіska Dityache klіnіchna lіkarnya, yak in-line rotsі vіdznachaє svіy 35 rіchny yuvіley. About Tse povіdomlyaє press-service Donetskoї oblderzhadmіnіstratsії.


At the time of Danian in ustanovі povnіstyu completed kapіtalny repair, i vchora, 14 thoracic, patron of the head Donetskoї oblderzhadmіnіstratsії, chief of head upravlіnnya Health Protection Olena Petryaєva took fate into yogo urochistomu vіdkrittі.

Behind the words deer Petryaєvoї, new lіkarnya was Suchasni medichnim complex for small donechchan. In the wards i Procedural kabіnetah place the vstanovleno naysuchasnіshe obladnannya and minds in yakih lіkuyutsya dіti, є

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