In Donetsk, the advent of modern children’s hospital


In Donetsk, 14.12.2011, opened after reconstruction 1st City Children’s Hospital, which this year celebrates its 35th anniversary. The press service of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.


At this point in the establishment of a fully completed overhaul yesterday, December 14, deputy chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Head of the Department of Health Petryaeva Elena took part in his inauguration.

According to Elena Petryaeva, the new hospital has become a modern medical complex for young people of Donetsk. In the wards and treatment rooms institutions have the most modern equipment, and

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About the company of a single sniper

It is no secret that, in connection with the introduction of the combined arms Army special sniper units, the troops began the formation of a phased and multi-level selection and training of snipers. After the stage of acquisition of individual sniper mouth, all snipers will be trained in training centers to once every 3-4 years.


Formed for training schools sniper developed training programs that involve the mastery of complex knowledge, skills and abilities, including those on the adjustment of artillery fire, prompting the Army Aviation and kontrsnayperskoy training. Instructors, of which will be equipped with the

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At the Institute of Oil and Gas NArFU opened a new teaching and research laboratory

According to Associate Professor Department of Transport and Storage of Oil and Gas of the Northern Arctic Federal University of Anton Kalashnikov, the lab will be used by students for technical computing pipelines, and in the future we plan to use it and to assess the status of various pipelines.


The laboratory is equipped with special equipment and computers, which contain a special software designed to carry out model calculations and other works. The main work will be conducted in the laboratory commissioned by businesses that have sponsored her discovery — the company "Rosneft-Archangelsknefteproduct" and "Gazprom

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In Section Atyashevo (Republic of Mordovia) has opened a new ice rink

November 29 p.Atyashevo opened Ice Palace named after VG Shuvalov — Olympic champion, multiple winner of the European Championship and the World Honored Master of Sports — who was born with. A set Syresi Atyashevskiy municipal area


To commemorate the opening of the Ice Palace VG Shuvalov sent to the district museum nominal Cup, which was awarded to him for his great contribution to the development of hockey.


After the official opening ceremony of the Ice Palace came on the ice skaters, members of the national team of the Republic and Russia,

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Pulse Seismic Yenisei to a new level

8-9 December 2011 in the city of Krasnoyarsk Krai Minusinsk took the test working models of the two types of electromagnetic pulse sources of seismic shear waves, designed for multi-wave seismic data.


In 2010, the company of "Yeniseygeofizika" participated in the federal competition (Ministry of Education and Science, U-218), a victory which allowed to obtain a grant for the implementation of an integrated project "Development and implementation of an effective impulse non-explosive seismic technology in Eastern Siberia, the deployment of scientific research and training in the Siberian Federal University. " The government has allocated 250 million

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In Belgorod, opened the first in the Black Earth Organ Hall

On December 15, Belgorod State Philharmonic presentation of the organ hall, the creation of which was planned during the reconstruction Philharmonic.


Opened Organ Hall — the first in Belgorod and Black Earth and the 54th in Russia. Set here body, which is called the king of musical instruments for diversity, beauty and captivating power of sound, installed a year.

Belgorod State Philharmonic Hall — opened in February 2011.


Opened the ceremony Governor Yevgeny Savchenko. According to the head of the region, with organ music he was introduced K. Tennies

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In Nizhny Novgorod region, construction of housing for young professionals

December 13, 2011 in Bogorodsk young professionals were given the keys to new homes. Six teachers, three doctors, two athletic trainers and cultural worker, got a house of 66 sq.m. of timber, equipped with gas, electricity and water supply.


During the five years of the implementation of the regional target program "Measures of social support for young professionals of the Nizhny Novgorod region" one-third to update the staff of educational institutions, as well as to attract to the district hospital specialists such as oncologists, infectious disease specialists and psychologists. From 2006 to 2010, the program was

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Navy has adopted a deepwater manned vehicle Consul

Autonomous deepwater manned vehicle "Consul", produced by the Admiralty Shipyard in St. Petersburg December 13, officially became a member of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

test apparatus "Consul" in the North Atlantic (Summer 2011)


Bathyscaphe designed for underwater engineering and rescue operations, the settings on the objects underwater beacons, delivery by ground and surfacing equipment weighing up to 200 kg. Furthermore, by using complex manipulator can be carried out preparatory work for lifting different objects from the bottom of the vessel by means of the carrier.



The unit

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We Kiєvі vіdkrivsya onovleny Planetarіy

We p’yatnitsyu, 9 thoracic, in Kiєvі vіdkrivsya onovleny Planetarіy, yaky peretvorivsya on large-scale naukovyi-cultural center for rozvazhalny vsієї Rodini AtmaSfera.



Planetarіy modernіzovany i vdoskonaleny for chogo boule vikoristanі Cossacks of New Times tehnіchnі dosyagnennya. In onovlenomu Planetarії vіdkrivsya unіkalny of sphericity (dome) kіnoteatr in yakomu glyadachі zmozhut pobachiti naukovyi-populyarnі pratsі about mіkrokosmosі that taєmnitsі vsesvіtu, multiplіkatsіynі i hudozhnі fіlmi. Ale naytsіkavіshe — Tse mozhlivіst in real chasі sposterіgati for suzіr’yami, planets, comets, galaxies i. Zavdyaki novіtnomu obladnannyu mozhna vіdchuti skladnіst beauty kosmіchnih til i abo yavisch.

Takozh guest Planetarіyu target

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The Adler treatment plant

In the Adler district of Sochi builders landscaped complex on the territory of the collection, treatment and wastewater industries.


The Adler treatment facilities are designed to serve a cluster of Olympic facilities in the coastal cluster and the Adler district. New technology of sewage treatment facilities in Sochi will provide the highest level of wastewater treatment. Instead of chemicals on the new treatment plant will be used ultraviolet disinfection. Wastewater treatment will meet foreign standards BREF.


Sewage treatment is 30 times will improve the quality of wastewater treatment. They are designed to

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