Yuzhnouralsk municipality Korkino repaired two schools

In buildings, two schools Korkinskie municipal district completed the overhaul. The costs amounted to more than 17 million rubles.

 Photo source:gubernator74.ru

We are talking about the school number 26, May Day and the village school number 14 Korkino. Korkinskie school building was built 60 years ago, and the school number 26 this year celebrated the 70th anniversary. Both schools have long needed repair.

 Photo source:gubernator74.ru

Repairs were completed quickly: in one school — for 3 months, in the other — 4 months. Today, students from both schools have already started their studies in their home walls.

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In Nizhny Novgorod region, construction of housing for young professionals

December 13, 2011 in Bogorodsk young professionals were given the keys to new homes. Six teachers, three doctors, two athletic trainers and cultural worker, got a house of 66 sq.m. of timber, equipped with gas, electricity and water supply.

 Photo source:vremyan.ru

During the five years of the implementation of the regional target program "Measures of social support for young professionals of the Nizhny Novgorod region" one-third to update the staff of educational institutions, as well as to attract to the district hospital specialists such as oncologists, infectious disease specialists and psychologists. From 2006 to 2010, the program was

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Navy has adopted a deepwater manned vehicle Consul

Autonomous deepwater manned vehicle "Consul", produced by the Admiralty Shipyard in St. Petersburg December 13, officially became a member of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

test apparatus "Consul" in the North Atlantic (Summer 2011)

 Photo source:rg.ru

Bathyscaphe designed for underwater engineering and rescue operations, the settings on the objects underwater beacons, delivery by ground and surfacing equipment weighing up to 200 kg. Furthermore, by using complex manipulator can be carried out preparatory work for lifting different objects from the bottom of the vessel by means of the carrier.

 Photo source:rg.ru


The unit

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We Kiєvі vіdkrivsya onovleny Planetarіy

We p’yatnitsyu, 9 thoracic, in Kiєvі vіdkrivsya onovleny Planetarіy, yaky peretvorivsya on large-scale naukovyi-cultural center for rozvazhalny vsієї Rodini AtmaSfera.

 Photo source:kiev-forum.org

 Photo source:com.ua

Planetarіy modernіzovany i vdoskonaleny for chogo boule vikoristanі Cossacks of New Times tehnіchnі dosyagnennya. In onovlenomu Planetarії vіdkrivsya unіkalny of sphericity (dome) kіnoteatr in yakomu glyadachі zmozhut pobachiti naukovyi-populyarnі pratsі about mіkrokosmosі that taєmnitsі vsesvіtu, multiplіkatsіynі i hudozhnі fіlmi. Ale naytsіkavіshe — Tse mozhlivіst in real chasі sposterіgati for suzіr’yami, planets, comets, galaxies i. Zavdyaki novіtnomu obladnannyu mozhna vіdchuti skladnіst beauty kosmіchnih til i abo yavisch.

Takozh guest Planetarіyu target

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The Adler treatment plant

In the Adler district of Sochi builders landscaped complex on the territory of the collection, treatment and wastewater industries.

 Photo source:sochi-24.ru

The Adler treatment facilities are designed to serve a cluster of Olympic facilities in the coastal cluster and the Adler district. New technology of sewage treatment facilities in Sochi will provide the highest level of wastewater treatment. Instead of chemicals on the new treatment plant will be used ultraviolet disinfection. Wastewater treatment will meet foreign standards BREF.

 Photo source:sochi-24.ru

Sewage treatment is 30 times will improve the quality of wastewater treatment. They are designed to

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Since the beginning of autumn TVZ has delivered 127 new passenger cars

 Photo source:tvz.ru

Since the beginning of autumn TVZ has delivered more than 127 new passenger cars.

 Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

The second important piece of news — from October Tver Carriage Works began mass production of the new products for themselves — car bodies for the Moscow metro. The first copies praised "Metrovagonmash", where the works on interior decoration and equipping cars with all necessary equipment.

 Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

In addition, the Tver Carriage Works commenced delivery of comfortable cars designed to track service workers Railways — wagons and rolling stock maintenance of special models 61-4483 and 61-4484.

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In Moscow, the awards ceremony, Startup of the Year

In Moscow, the awards ceremony, "Startup of the Year". Won the most successful and promising innovative projects in the field of Internet technologies. The annual award established business incubator of the Higher School of Economics, and is supported by the Russian Venture Company.

 Photo source:expert.ru

The ceremony was attended by the 12 finalists — these are young entrepreneurs, founders of Internet startups from different regions of Russia. The awards were presented in five categories — "Best Technology", "Discovery of the Year", "Global Startup", "Social significant startup" and "Team of the Year."

 Photo source:web-ready.ru

In the first

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Concern Hlіbprom rozshiryuє virobnitstvo

 Photo source:in.ua

BAT "Concern Hlіbprom" (Lviv), one s naybіlshih hlіbopekarskih kompanіy Ukraine, іnvestuvalo 4.6 million USD in rekonstruktsіyu svogo boroshnomelnogo pіdpriєmstva "Yavіr-Mlyn" (Lvivska reg.). Yak nagoloshuєtsya in povіdomlennі concern, modernіzatsіya permitted to zbіlshiti produktivnіst Mlýn by 10-20% — up to 120 tons of grain Dobou.

 Photo source:in.ua

Plant hlіbobulochnih napіvfabrikatіv PAT "Concern Hlіbprom" — єdiny on svoїy komplektatsії in Ukraїnu hlіbozavod єvropeyskogo rіvnya, framings troma povnіstyu avtomatizovanimi visokotehnologіchnimi lіnіyami provіdnih svіtovih virobnikіv On the basis of pіdpriєmstvі vstanovleno obladnannya іtalіyskoї kompanії Golfetto Berga Sangati.PAO "Concern Hlіbprom" є s one naybіlshih virobnikіv hlіba in Ukraїnі s chastkoyu

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Kolaks-M — Russian manufacturer of modular mineral processing plants

Enterprise "Kolaks-M" was organized in 1991 for the development and manufacture of new types of equipment for the processing of milk in rural areas.

 Photo source:colaxm.ru

In 1993, experts of the enterprise has been designed and manufactured the first instance of a modular plant for milk processing. In 2000, the company became the winner of the All-Russian competition "1000 Best of enterprises and organizations of Russia in XXI century". By 2008, developed more than 108 model variants shops. Ongoing active supply to neighboring countries. Developed network of agents in all regions of Russia and CIS countries. The company

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Russian gigahertz 4-core processors put into mass production

December 2, 2011. Successful completion of a fundamental stage in the creation of Russian microprocessors — as a result of public acts signed acceptance test development work to create a system on a chip "MCST-4R" and CPUs based on it. When creating a chip "MCST-R1000» (in the process of designing and testing was designated as a "system on a chip" MCST-4R », chip 1891VM6YA") has been made for the unique domestic development indicators — a chip designed for the 90-nm process, contains four processor cores running at a clock frequency of 1 GHz.

 Photo source:4pda.ru

And also, according

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