Use Adobe Lightroom to organise images

We explore the options for tagging, sorting and filtering your photos in this popular Adobe app

We are all guilty of snapping away at every opportunity, which can lead to hundreds or even thousands of images on our computers waiting to be sorted. It’s a laborious task at the best of times, but luckily there are software programs that can help you out.

Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom software was originally conceived to be a pure photo-management application, helping you to organise large collections of images. It has progressed massively since then, and now includes editing functions as well as multiple sharing

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Use a creative film effect on your photos

Make digital photos look like they have been processed from film with DxO Film Pack 4.

Processing your images from a roll of film used to be the only way to produce photos, and different makes of film gave your captures a different look and feel. DxO’s FilmPack 4 editing software makes it easy to recapture the quality, style, colours and grain of some of the most famous analogue films to give your digital images a classic look.

There are 38 colour and 26 black-and-white effects to choose from in the Expert edition, emulating the characteristics of films from the

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Turn photos to sketches

Go a step further than basic filters to achieve an impressive sketch effect and learn effective editing skills on the way.

Using sketch filters is a good place to start when trying to re-create a hand-drawn look in portraits, but with a few extra layers and a little bit of time you can create a really vivid and professional result. The style reflects a thick sketch, emphasising the hand-drawn, rough nature of a graphite pencil — a realism that will leave your friends wondering if you did actually draw it!

Instead of spending years honing your drawing skills, getting high-quality

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Tunnel lover

Documenting big construction jobs.

How did you start shooting construction sites?

I started taking photos of a tunnel project in Portland, OR, as part of our construction work. Originally, the photos were for internal use. Then the City of Portland hired me to document other construction. I have since photographed projects for my current employer, Jacobs Associates, and other clients. It varies, but I visit about 15 to 20 sites per year. Although Jacobs Associates values my photography skills, engineering geologist is my prime occupation.

What kind of access do you get on a tunnel project?

Generally, I have access

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Scan and share old photos on your phone.

Get to grips with Lomography’s Smartphone Film Scanner.

When cameras went digital, every area of photography was completely revolutionised. We are now able to view, edit and eliminate photographs on the device itself; we can store our photo collections on a computer; but perhaps most significant is the fact that many of us have stopped printing our memories. The need to travel to a photo developing shop has diminished, and although it is easy enough to print digital photos, more and more people are creating digital albums and sharing their snaps on their computer, television, smartphone, tablet or online. Consequently,

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Digitally frame your photos

Learn the basics of scaling photos to fit frames and show off your family portraits.

Adding a photo frame to your image is a great way to make your photos stand out. In this tutorial you will learn a simple technique for adding a decorative photo frame to your images using Photoshop Elements. We will show you how to work with layers and also use layer styles for that extra creative touch. It’s a very handy technique for making photo albums and scrap books; first you will work with a very simple frame to get familiar with the process. You

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At the Congress — with Liberty!

Saturday, May 26Website:— 12.00-20.00 online reporting from Congress — news coverage, photos, audio and video from the CongressAired:18.00-24.00 — reports Radio Liberty correspondents — voting members — rapid analysisSunday May 27Website:— 9.00-15.00 online reporting from Congress — news coverage, photos, audio and video from the CongressAired:18.00-24.00 — Radio Liberty correspondent reports on the progress and results of the Congress — voting members — Prague accent — a round table dedicated to the results of the CongressBecome a Reporter May 26 and 27!If you will be able to follow events at the Congress and around Congress — Take a picture remove

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