In the first of a new series on the art of image manipulation, B+W Photographer of the Year 2012, Clayton Bastiani, reveals a simple technique he uses to create multiple layer images with atmosphere and mood.

love making photographs as much as I love taking them. Photographers have been at it for a very long time — read Colin Harding’s feature (B+W issue 150) on Oscar Rejlander’s The Two Ways of Life, created in 1857 and a fantastic example of combination printing.

Over the coming months I aim to introduce you to some very simple methods of photo-manipulation and photo

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Video Scrubber in Photoshop

In the October 2012 issue of Photoshop User (p. 92), I briefly mentioned that you can turn the Touch Ring on your tablet into a video scrub wheel when working in a video editor or QuickTime, but what about Photoshop? Photoshop handles video, so can the tablet be set up for that, too?

Of course! It’s true that both the Standard and Extended versions of Photoshop CS6 now allow you to edit video clips and, with so many people shooting videos, it’s becoming a common need to edit video quickly and easily. This is where the

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Photoshops Not-So-Cloudy Future

Almost no other software has been as instrumental and defining for an industry as Adobe’s Photoshop Suite has been for photography and imaging. Adobe’s famous «graphic editing program» (they get really annoyed if it’s called anything else, especially «image manipulation tool») has gone through several versions over the years, and with its latest iteration, Photoshop Creative Cloud a.k.a Photoshop CC, it has entered a brand new era.

We’ll begin this article with some clarifications. Unlike what most users believe, and what has been bandied about the internet, the new version of Photoshop is not limited to working only with internet

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Since the arrival of Photoshop CS over 10 years ago. Photoshop has included its own integrated Raw converter. The Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) plug-in has evolved greatly since its inception in 2003, and with Photoshop’s universal appeal amongst professionals and enthusiasts alike, has a wide user base.

And it’s easy to see why as well. From browsing your Raw files in Adobe Bridge (supplied with Photoshop), you can then seamlessly open them in Adobe Camera Raw before carrying on rating your images in Photoshop, offering a simplified workflow.

There’s also a wealth of editing controls available to you, including tods

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In this issue, we’re going to look at some tips that will help to make your work look better, while also getting it done faster. We’ll cover some new features, as well as some old staples, and we’ll also look at some other workflow options when working with animations and multimedia. So, go ahead, grab a cup of coffee (don’t spill it on your keyboard), sit back, and enjoy.


A really useful option for blending layers together without using masks is by using the Blending Options (click on the Add a Layer Style icon [fx] at the

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I have several hundred RAW files that I need to make into JPEGs. Is there an easy way for me to do this without having to go through Photoshop?

I’m trying to done a railing from one side of a picture to another. The problem is that the right side isn’t exactly even with the left — it tilts up. How can I get the clone to match up correctly?

The Clone Source panel is often overlooked, yet holds a lot of power for making your cloning tasks easier. Click the Create a New Layer icon in the Layers panel,

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With Photoshop CS versions moving to a subscription-only fees package, now could be the time to consider alternative image-editing software. Here are 12 of the best contenders…


While Adobe Photoshop has long been the benchmark that all other image-editing software is judged by, it’s always been one of the most expensive applications on the market. That fact has been exacerbated in recent weeks with the announcement from Adobe that it intends to restructure its business model and the way it sells its flagship products.

In essence, Adobe has signalled its intention to license its industry-standard Creative




Where you’ll find notable member achievements, quotes from Twitter, and inspirational work from your fellow members

The East Coast Photoshop World event in Orlando was a week of inspiration, education, and entertainment, and above everything else, it let NAPP members connect with the industry and one another. The show was absolutely great and the expo was awesome, too. There were contests, industry announcements, and all kinds of news that came out of Central Florida. But most importantly, there was training in classrooms and in expo theaters that filled the brains of all our attendees to their maximum


If I Were You

The Lizard

Suraj P. Singh is a Smart Photography reader from Navi Mumbai. He says that he has edited the picture (contrast, brightness and some sharpening) but wants to know how the framing could be improved.

Suraj, keep in mind that the background is just as important as the main subject. In your picture, the background is disturbing — the bright sky and the out of focus structure are competing for attention. May be you had no choice or may be you were afraid that the lizard would run away if you spent too much time trying to frame it

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Answers to Photoshop, Lightroom, and gear-related questions

How was Help Desk Live! at Photoshop World this April in Orlando?—Chris



As usual, it was outstanding! It’s always great to see the faces behind the email questions we receive. And, as always, some of our longtime NAPP members made it to yet another Photoshop World. (A big shout out to Vanelli!)

At this 27th Photoshop World, I answered some 400 questions about Photoshop from about 320 members, and Rob Sylvan handled l-don’t-know-how-many hundreds of Light-room questions. (As usual, Rob answered most of the Light-room

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