Authorized picket held exclusively in Brest

Brest City Executive Committee resolved to hold a rally on Sunday the 15 th and 17 th at the stadium "Locomotive", although the applicants were asked to give a more crowded places in the center of town. About how to picket at the stadium "Locomotive", knows one of the organizers of the rally Leonid Maistruk:"We again sure that there are plenty of us fans. It’s about hundreds of people. Stands were with the motto: "Children, the disabled, students and retired persons — preservation of social guarantees," "Hands off social safeguards for children, students, pensioners!" In addition, the collected signatures. People

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Mogilev region: the authorities forbade all 12 planned pickets

Applicants pickets police are trying to get receipts for non-participation in opposition rallies, "Social March" and "European march". Mogilev police applicants are invited to preventive conversations on the phone, they shall be removed.In Bobruisk policeman tried to persuade activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Il Mitsuru sign the protocol prophylactic conversation.In Bobruisk social pickets not allowed, 28.09.2007

V.Uhnalev All the same people will find out about the march Soc

In the last days the police visited the apartment applicants pickets and require writing renounce role in unauthorized actions.In Minsk and other Belarusian towns opposition filed more than four hundred applications in local executive committees. After the ban pickets organizers decided to conduct an information campaign in a different format.Says the chairman of the organizing committee, "Public march" Valery Ukhnalev:"The majority held pickets, maybe just not in the forms that ordinary pickets. Integrate our activists under day and huge fines we will not. But people will come out with informational materials, which are made subject to the Belarusian legislation.As for

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A day or figure: 300,000

According to the chairman of the primary organization of the Belarusian-independent trade union "Grodno Nitrogen" Sergei Antusevich specifically against this law was supposed to hold a picket at the October 2 structure Grodno Regional Council of Trade Unions. In picket authorities denied.

The Gomel oblast authorities have not allowed any of the 1st picket against repeal of benefits

20 eight of them were held in the regional center, thirteen — Svetlogorsk, 10 — in Rogachev, 5 pickets — Rechitsa also in Mozyr Kalinkavichy, Petrikov.But local executive committees not have allowed any of the action.For example, the Gomel City Executive Committee, denying applicants allege a violation of article 14 of the law "On mass events …" — Tipo "statements do not contain information about the surname, name and patronymic of the people who applied for permission." And in the 2nd case, the bureaucrats said that orders filed "later than 15 days before the date of the mass action."As explained

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The preparations for the march of the Public?

September 27 exclusively for members of Grodno regional organization of the United civilian parties received 21 rejection of the Executive Committee — specifically as they filed applications for holding pickets against the abolition of social benefits.Belarusian independent trade union "Grodno Nitrogen" filed an application for October 2 rally against the new law "On Professor Pension Insurance." Says the chairman of the primary organization Sergei Antusevich:"In practice, this deprivation of pensions of people who worked in hazardous criteria. Today it is 300 thousand rubles, means by Belarusian standards considerable. Especially since, they honestly earned legitimately laid in harmful health criteria. For

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Policemen require released about Public march

They require people to give receipts that they will not give unauthorized pickets and inform people about the future "Soc march."Alexander Stepanenko, who applied for a picket near the cinema "October", said "Freedom" that his parents warned about night visits, which may cause the police to catch the son home.

Grodno pickets against repeal of benefits not allowed

All cancellations are based on a similar formulation: "Nominated you place the picket does not go to the list of locations approved by executive committee."Members Joint civilian Party planned to spend September 30 pickets in all districts of the town — so they want to collect signatures from residents and send them to the National Assembly.Tomorrow head of Hrodna branch of the United civilian party Yury Istomin should come in October the police department Interior Grodno. The agenda indicated that he was summoned as a witness.

Mogilev plan to hold pickets recently Euro march

Request signed Free Trade Union activists Yury Novikov and Sergey Fomin. Middle of the applicants — heads of the regional organization BPF Gregory Kastusyou city organization Joint civilian Party Sergey Streltsov, also chairman of the regional organizing committee of the Party of Freedom and Progress Alexander Silkou.Applicants are going to picket at 4 sites, three of which are in the center of town and one in the designated local authorities location. Each picket planned role of up to 10 people.BACKGROUND picket for Alyaksandr Kozulin, dated to 500 days in detention opposition politician local authority not allowed.Mogilev will seek the release

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Listeners should know that such pickets held at least some weather.

Nicholas Petrushenka "Pochetaemaya" Freedom, "I twice pleasant to listen to Tolochin District, where I live. In this regard, I can give a little comment about the announcements that the local vertical gave permission for any rally or picket in the district center a symbol of investigation for leisurely sonorous Criminal Affairsam. Hunting highlight that it is nothing else, as the intention hands inhabitants pin policemen, local vertical so very not like the new police chief. But go to the rally need even more so, If this gives the power to sanction the rally. I’m waiting for ever since local authority

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