LOXLEY COLOUR: the complete picture.

Everyone in the UK imaging industry has heard of Loxley Colour, haven’t they? It’s that iconic, 72,000 sq. ft. Glasgow-based, state-of-the-art prolab.

But be honest. Do you really know it? Do you really get the complete picture?

MD Ian Loxley is a committed disciple of commercial innovation and regularly scours the globe to ensure his business stays ahead of the game when it comes to engaging with latest technology and providing compelling new product solutions to help his photographer customers sustain and grow their businesses.

Committed expansion of the Loxley product portfolio and the resultant take-up by customers has led

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LG 50PH660V £630

This plasma is the cheapest TV on test, and unfortunately, it feels it. For a start, it looks cumbersome, all thick shiny black plastic and chunky stand.

It is at least the only TV on test to include a satellite as well as an aerial input — a real plus point if you have an old Sky dish you don’t use any more.

So, down to business. We’ve seen plenty of strong plasmas this year, with particular strengths in black levels and contrast. Yet this is where the 660V is weakest. Even when calibrated, the performance from the Freeview HD

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Exhibited for the first time in the UK, Gunnar Smoliansky’s exquisitely unusual images are given the international recognition they deserve at the Michael Hoppen Gallery, London. Anna Bonita Evans reports.

The best milieu for me is one where it is almost entirely impossible to photograph, states Gunnar Smoliansky. This unusual modus operandi resonates through the Swedish-born photographer’s work: surreptitious subjects that commonly go unnoticed, for instance a pair of gloves hanging from a window or a broken comb lying in the grass, cannot escape Smoliansky’s astute eye.

Born in 1933, Smoliansky devoted himself to photography in his early twenties when


If I Were You

The Lizard

Suraj P. Singh is a Smart Photography reader from Navi Mumbai. He says that he has edited the picture (contrast, brightness and some sharpening) but wants to know how the framing could be improved.

Suraj, keep in mind that the background is just as important as the main subject. In your picture, the background is disturbing — the bright sky and the out of focus structure are competing for attention. May be you had no choice or may be you were afraid that the lizard would run away if you spent too much time trying to frame it

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Last order

Dear visitors, will soon end. Pay your bills! For Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright is not a joke, and the plot of the new comedy «The World’s End,» in which the race of pubs suddenly turns into a war with aliens. Getting ready for the premiere of the last part of the trilogy «Three taste cornetto», Pegg, Frost and Wright told us about her life from «dolbanutyh» to «armageddtsa»

In 1993, Wright was a freshman art college in his hometown pool. One morning he woke up after a night of drinking. Keith Moon of The Who beat

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My house in the green hills

Script writers — Sergei Bodrov, director Suleyeva ASIA — ASIA Suleyeva operators — Aubakir Sula Sula BOLAT artist — Alexander DERIGANOV composer — Tles Kazhgaliyev recordist Kadyrov biting

Roles performed:


Gubaydulla Dinmuhamed Achim

Tsmnrbek — MURAT Mukash

Medet — MEDET Imankul

Asel — Zauresh AVUTALIEVA

Serik — Kairat ZHILDEKBAEV

Rope — ANVAR Boranbaev


Dariga Bulatovna — Meruert UTKKESHEVA

Artelbek — Nurzhuman Ihtymbaev other

«Kazakhfilm». 1986


Color. 7 parts of 1838 m. At the P

Number 1300786

19.1 / 4

The world of our childhood! He is so different. For Arman,

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A round-up of the latest photography books on the market

• ON STAGE by Michael Nether, £29.90 Michael Nether has, at least according to the introduction to this book, had a varied and stimulating career in various fields of photography. You wouldn’t really know it based on the evidence provided here. This book focuses exclusively on his work photographing musicians and other celebrities on stage. The result is a drab, monotonous affair, picture after picture of unfocused, greyscale famous faces, an inordinate number of which seem to have been caught at especially unflattering moments.



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Name of Honored Artist of the RSFSR director Vadim Kurchevsky well known to fans of the animated film.

For twenty-five years of work in the studio «Soyuzmultfilm» they shot about twenty paintings, won the love and recognition of a wide range of viewers. Popular and TV program for children «Pinocchio Exhibition» undisputed master of which he is here for many years.

Have V. Kurchevsky tape, addressed mainly to children of all ages, such as, say, the «Golden Boy», «I’ll draw the sun», «Nothing is forgotten,» «Rabbit tail». There are «adult» pictures: «My Green Crocodile», «The Legend of Grieg», «Master of Klamsi», «Night of Spring», «Peer Gynt». But most films mastvra-and this is, in our view, a considerable

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Wild Wind

Script writers — Zivojin Pavlovic, IGOR Bulgarian, Victor Smirnov directors — Alexander Petkovic, Valerie Jereghi operator — Vadim Yakovlev artists — Nemanja Petrovic, NIKOLAI APOSTOLIDI composer — sound engineer Eugen Doga — I. ZHAKICH

Roles performed:

Nat — Lyubov Polishchuk

Nikolai — VICTOR Proskurin

Carmelita — Svetlana Toma

Angelina — ELENA Kondulainen

Zlata — SYLVIA Berova

Costa Sekulic — MILAN PUZICH

Svetozar — Svetozar FLOWERS

Mitre — Bronislaw LECHICH

Nesterovich — George Montgomery

German officer — ROBERT DALE Cummings

«Moldova-Film» (USSR) —

• FILM-Danas. (SFRY)


Imprint according to the permissive certificate.

3 .2 / 5

The action of

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Attention! All posts …

Script writers — Yuri Ivanov, Igor Ascension director — Igor Ascension operator — Mr. Gimlet artist — FELIX Rostockiy composer — Vladimir Shainsky sound technician — Alex ruin

Roles performed:

Viktor Koltsov — Andre Rostockiy

Ivan — Anatoly Grachev

Lucy — Vera Sotnikova

Quiet — Andrey Martynov

Dugin — Vladimir Nikitin

Luchkin — Yuri Chernov

Fedor — George Yumatov

Olga — Larissa Luzhin

Sergei Voronov — Boris Tokarev

Sibirtsev — Yuri Nazarov

STUDIO Gorky, 1985


Color. 8 parts

2220 m. The R / C number 1103385.

21.2 / 11 add.


Serene sunny morning on the streets

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