Tru Living


What’s in store

As its name suggests, all the furniture in this 2,000sqf shop is for the living room. The key pieces are sofas — general manager May Goe, who oversees merchandising, chooses apartment-specific designs proportionate to small homes. Ottomans, accent chairs, coffee tables, sideboards and decor accessories complete the living room settings.

The brands are mid-priced to upscale, top-quality American stalwarts: for example Basset, known for its fine oak pieces, was founded in 1902, while Lexington Home Brands was established in 1903. Broyhill, a family of brands from different states, has been

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Scandi Style

Interior Talk

Designer Wilmer Lopez is partial to mid-century modern juxtaposed ‘with industrial design, and uses this movement as an inspiration when creating his own furniture pieces. MID-CENTURY MODERN DESIGN is a style from the mid-20th century. The pieces from this design movement are streamlined, the simplicity of which often makes the sleek, sculptural elements more eye-catching. The pioneering designers of this movement were either American or Scandinavian, which is why this design goes so well with Scandinavian pieces. Teak and fiberglass complement the many interesting colors and textures of pieces in this style, as seen in the Tulip chair

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Putting on A SHOW

Jewellery houses are increasingly displaying their wares as art, which is exactly as it should be, says Carol Woolton.

Carnelians, cabochons and diamonds shimmer seductively on a long necklace, displayed in the Bulgari store. It’s the type of piece with a story to tell, imbued with the memory of its era. A glance at it conjures a snapshot of a tanned Elizabeth Taylor in Positano, throwing the pendant over a purple- patterned kaftan, the turquoise sea lapping in the distance. It’s a Seventies masterpiece. The chaotic colour and flamboyant style mask its complex design, so the original drawing and a

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Laminated Bud Vase.

If you like the kind of woodworking project that teaches a technique, you’ve come to the right place. While building the eye-catching bud vase shown here, you’ll learn how to laminate contrasting woods for an exciting visual impact. For the waterproof container within the vase, we used a piece of copper pipe and cap. Later, try these techniques on a creative design of your own.

Form the Core Of the Vase


Using tubing cutter, a hacksaw, or a band-saw fitted with a metal-cutting blade, cut a length of 3/4 I.D. (inside diameter) copper pipe to 7 3/4 long. Solder

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“You really need to edit what you have: clothes you don’t need, books… getting rid of them really frees up a lot of space”

His initial solution to this problem was to use a curtain as a divider. At the time, though, he was spending a lot of time caring for a sick relative, and “all the curtain options I saw reminded me of hospitals,” he says.

He chose instead to build a wall that stops about half a foot from the ceiling. “It still lets the light in from the bedroom windows, but when you’re in bed, you don’t

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Field of dreams.

‘Glamping’ might seem new but British army officers of 19th-century India led the way.

Sue Herdman goes on the trail of the campaign furniture that decorated their homes from home.

Quiz any army officer today on their ‘must-have’ list for going to war and key items, after their weapon, will include a helmet, flak jacket, GPS, night-vision goggles, energy bars and, apparently, extra socks.

What won’t appear will be a dining table and chairs to seat 20, nor a four-poster bed, travelling bookcase, elegant writing slope or a nice set of maple corner shelves.

But for 19th-century postings to the

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It’s something pretty and something edge, much like the contrasting personalities of the couple that own this off-the-wall store.

THE STRIPED BLACK-AND-WHITE FAÇADE OF DuoDeco Studio already clues you in on what’s inside: pieces with character, none of which are commonplace. Take for example an ornate accent chair in ikat-print upholstery, a lamp made out of an old faucet, or artwork inspired by a favorite childhood game played during recess-quirky items that so win you over, you want to take them home right away.

It all started with «a lot of what ifs,» according to Elle Uy and Yuseff Aguell,

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Deck the walls Holiday Tree.

This season, celebrate Christmas with a different kind of evergreen—one made from hard woods! Our stylized tree brings together walnut, mahogany, and maple in one, attractive, unified design. Have a bare wall that could use a little perking up? Then try this decoration out for size. Enlarge or downsize our patterns to suit your special needs. For added beauty, consider hanging small ornaments from the boughs.

Make Your Tree One Bough at a Time

Note: We used 5/4 (five-quarter or 1 1/16) stock for this project. You can also go with

3/4, provided that you downsize the dowel rod for

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Blanket statement.

How can a design this simple produce a chest this special? Well, maybe it’s the easy-to-make but elegant box joints, or possibly the old-world appeal of the routed detailing. With its low profile, it makes a great bench for pulling on your socks and shoes, yet there’s still a cavernous space for comforters and sweaters under the lid.

First, Let’s Edge-Join Our Stock.

1. From 3/4-thick stock, cut 16 pieces to 3 1/2X44″ for the lid (A) and front and back (B). (We selected clear pine.) Next, cut 10 pieces of the same stock to 3 1/2X19″ for the ends

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Delicate and beautifully detailed, antique Vizagapatam work makes a subtle statement in today’s interiors, says Clive Stewart-Lockhart.

England, high summer, 1817. A young lady, let’s call her Emma, sits on the terrace of her country house, working at her sampler with a group of friends. As she reaches for her elegant, beautifully etched ivory work-box, she can’t help but feel a certain one-upmanship over her more provincial friends with their plain mahogany boxes. Hers, made in Vizagapatam, India, was a gift from her husband who is stationed there with the army and although she really does love it, her sense

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