WORTH the Volga BOR

My acquaintance with boron started away from him — to … Buzuluk city market. On the shelves long-burly chest mushrooms, thickly glistening brown cap oil, exuded the aroma of forest mushrooms, mushrooms, aspen. Where are they here in the Trans-Volga steppe?

— Yes, of boron, — answered prodavtsy.- This summer is thick mushroom, not only going to be lazy.

Buzuluk forest, located at the junction of Orenburg and Kuibyshev region — the only large array of tall forests on the vast steppes between the Volga and the Tien Shan. Six thousand years is it green bastion of the steppes, bonding

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7 facts about the benefits of coniferous trees

In big cities, you will see rare conifers, Is that fur-tree market before the New Year or in front of government buildings. In this case, the inhabitants of the metropolis, they are particularly needed: for good health and even to fight diseases.

Fact 1. Breathe

We all know how to breathe well in the coniferous forest — and these are not empty words. The air in this forest, literally saturated with sweet smells — biologically active compounds that have the properties to destroy pathogens. They even detrimental effect on the tubercle bacillus, which is why tuberculosis sanatorium are usually

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The authorities did not take into account people’s everyday world

"Just the thought of officials, only an idea environment, allies and associates Lukashenko. And that thinking people, nobody cares." According to the views of Mr. Sosnova, authorities’ reaction to the spontaneous protests of people in more rough: "If the speaker is not much power provoke, plant, fined, — do, as usual, as they used to. And if speakers had a lot of, then the power would go some concessions. No other. Our power to people under any circumstances and never was listed. " Protest potential in Belarusian society grows indicates sociologist Alexander pine. With 2006 A. Lukashenko’s rating fell over

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Is a configuration in social policy?

Participants: the last Minister of Labour of Belarus Alexander Sasnou economist and Misha Zaleski.Why the message begins with the social sphere?Valery Karbalevich: "His classic message Lukashenko rarely begins with social policy. In past years, these performances began with the economy, international politics, municipal construction. Lukashenko started now with the social sphere of health problems. Why so?"Alexander Sasnou: "Lukashenko first draws attention to the fact, which determines its power. Though little people publicly oppose the abolition of privileges, but there is discontent in society.’s Why so much attention to him in the letter."Mike Zaleski"What someone needs not, that zhupits. Undemocratic favorite

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Only 6% of Belarusians would protest against election fraud

Registered in Lithuania independent Institute for Socio-economic and political research (NISEPI) published results of a survey of public opinion in Belarus conducted in March. What are the new trends identified by sociologists? Tsigankov"What seemed to you the most revealing in the poll What testifies configurations affairs of the society to the same or other difficulties?Sasnou"As regards the case of the respondents to what is happening in the country, we can say that that turmoil which took place in the winter in Belarus after the oil and gas problems, slightly missing. Whereas in December it was possible to conclude that this

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How can we reach disappointed?

These questions are answered independent sociologist Alexander SasnouTsigankov: "As far as most people in the Belarusian society, which can be called disappointed — those who do not believe neither the president nor the opposition?"Sasnou: "It should be noted that in almost all societies, a significant part of the population flegmantichno relates to what is happening in politics. But in a society like ours, most political problems immediately causes division of the population into two groups. 1st never support the existing power — it achieves up to 30 percent, the second is almost always supported by the authorities and by seeking

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A. Sasnou Really unemployed 4-5 times more»

Tsigankov: "Officially, the unemployment rate in Belarus is very small — about 40 thousand. But at the same time, about one million healthy people of working age are employed in the national economy, and not the number of unemployed. Because call these people? "Sasnou: "Authorities believe the unemployed only those who regitsya the employment service. Because in their leaves only 1 percent of the unemployed. Essentially them 4-5 times more. And if applied internationally generally accepted methods of accounting for the unemployed, they would be 5 times more.One million, of which you had read, can be divided into several parts.

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Benefits bureaucrats have not canceled

Tsigankov: "Are there sociologists study how Belarusian citizens react to the abolition of privileges. And ready to defend their rights those who expressed dissatisfaction with the abolition of privileges? "

Sasnou: "As the public poll conducted in September INEC, approximately two thirds of the respondents were against the abolition of privileges. About 20 percent were in favor, to cancel them. Every fourth then said that he was ready to participate in the" Social March "against repeal of benefits. But we remember what happened even less. Tsigankov: "December 17 issued a decree of Alexander Lukashenko," On some measures of state support

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Pine Island glacier cracked

Pine Island glacier cracked Facts

In October 2011 the first flight over the island Pine in West Antarctica, researchers in the project IceBridge discovered a crack in the ice, which will cause the appearance of a new iceberg.

IceBridge — NASA, the purpose of which is to measure the thickness of the ice using laser radar and radar. Although the birth of icebergs not a rare phenomenon, the Pine Island Glacier is of particular interest to scientists. He is the most vulnerable point of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Rate of reduction of the ice island Pine at 100 meters

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