A hole in the head for Makedonskogo




Found "veschestovo soul"

The ancients believed: the physical body exists as long as there is living soul. Where is it? The Greeks believed: in the pineal gland — a kind of "pine cone", located in the center of the head. Petersburg gerontologists substance isolated from the

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Large dental fraud. Fluoride concreted your pineal gland

How often do you brush your teeth? Most likely, one or two times a day. And how often have you thought about what substances are found in toothpaste, which you use from day to day, month after month? Perhaps, just as I do — never. If like me, you rely on the recommendations of the "Dental Association." And in vain.

Image Sourceliveinternet.ru

After I caught the eye of the information about the dangers of fluoride, I really thought about the fact that never before I did not have even thought about how to read the box structure of toothpaste.

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About the chakras and the third eye

December 11, 2011 16:57

Modern man does not know what he can and should be. In his ignorance, and ignorance, he rushed to acquire material imaginary treasures and neglected higher real treasure, which is carrying all the days of his existence: "The kingdom of God is within you." The wisdom of the ages shows — "Know thyself!". This is blasphemy, that people are more revered machine (body) than great energy, which consists in them. But for all the predictions of the ancient prophets, New Age yet to come, which will be a lot of people who would replace the most

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Person relinquished the third eye. For sleep

And some animals kept this relic

Tuatara — a priceless treasure for scientists because it is — one of the oldest reptile in the world this type of about 225 million years. Leaving only a few islands of New Zealand. It is a living fossil that looks like a lizard, recalls the time when four-legged turned into turtles, lizards, crocodiles and dinosaurs. Since then, it has not changed, and therefore makes it possible to judge how it would look like "contemporaries," writes science.compulenta.ru.

Samon remarkable — this animal has education at the top of the head, which looks like

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Doctors confirm that an Indian man living in the sun and water


As has been widely reported, the study confirmed that the 62 year old Indian man, constantly observed in the hospital 24 hours a day, 120 days spent without food. He maintained a normal level of activity, using only water and looking at the sun!

Doctors from native India, as well as scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University in the U.S. alone tested this phenomenon and called it (HRM) by the name of the hero of Hira Ratan Maneka (Hira Ratan Manek). Manek — mechanical engineering, which refers to the

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As people lost their third eye

September 28, 2012 1:14

In lizards have a small point at the top of the head, which is called the parietal eye. This eye is not as complicated or useful as the other two in front of the head, but at least he reacts to light.

Female Sphenodon punctatus (photo Alan Hill).

Does this mean that in the future will be the descendants of the modern three-eyed lizard? No, it's just a vestigial trait.

In fact, the majority of animals (and humans as well) had a chance to get a third eye, but we refused.

Tuatara —

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In the experiments, often the same effect is achieved without direct sight. For some reason, people who have been trained by suggesting something to the victim, his eyes focused not so much on her eyes, but rather on the fact that they're …

Third Eye?

This phenomenon has repeatedly demonstrated psychics Nina Kulagina and Mikhail Kuzmenko. Film placed in a light-tight envelope, it was applied to the forehead, after which it appeared ordered image. Classical science of man, this phenomenon can not yet explain. But the ancient Eastern tradition claims that the ability to receive and radiate mental images

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