Theft of weapons and ammunition

Theft of firearms and ammunition pose an increased threat to public safety. Therefore, it is one of the most dangerous types of crimes. Usually such unlawful acts committed by armed assaults on guards, patrols, escorts; theft of weapons and ammunition left unattended during exercises, shooting and other locations of personnel; assignment gunmen got it for office use, as well as financially responsible, and officials in charge of its preparation, storage and delivery.

In order to prevent these violations is important to clearly comply with all instructions on accounting, storage and distribution of small arms and ammunition. Their storage is inadmissible

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Great places. Woodland Legend.

A Washington resort traces its logging roots to the 19th century.

After driving the narrow, winding Chumstick Road that leads to Mountain Springs Lodge outside Leavenworth, Washington, I could easily believe the story that owner Bill Newell told of his great-grandfather coming to Beaver Valley back in 1893. William Wesley Burgess got into the sawmill business on Orcas Island. He was seriously injured in an accident, and doctors told him his leg needed to be amputated. According to the story, Burgess had a gun under his pillow and told the hospital staff that he’d shoot anyone who tried to take

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Major disasters in China.

Major disasters in China. It is interesting

Many of the most numerous disasters of modern times occurred in China.

China's great earthquake in China January 23, 1556. Underground talk paralyzed almost all of China, killing 830 thousand people, most of whom were killed by landslides of loess caves or under the mudslide. Some areas of China were depopulated by 60%. The number of victims who died from deprivation, disease and the effects of this earthquake is unknown, but it holds the leadership of the earthquake on the number of known victims. His power show surviving ancient walls, sometimes deposited in

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About 2 thousand kindergartens will be opened in 2012 in the Russian Federation

A minimum of two thousand kindergartens will be built or reconstructed in 2012 in Russia, said on Thursday during a multimedia video conference Moscow — St. Petersburg RIA Novosti State Duma deputy, president of the All-Russian public organization "Russian Educators" Ekaterina Semenova.


"At least two thousand kindergartens have to be reconstructed or created new ones, except this will open additional pre-school groups in schools," — said Semyonov. She added that in 2011 returned, rebuilt or opened about three thousand pre-school, one and a half years more than 800,000 children were places in kindergartens.

According to

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In Astrakhan, opened a new kindergarten for 240 places

In Astrakhan, the grand opening of the new children‘s garden, which was built and donated to the city by "LUKOIL". The three-storey building with a total area of over 11,000 square meters staffed with the latest technology: it has a swimming pool and a modern gym.

The kindergarten equipped with several places for sports such as biking trails, as well as more than a dozen sites with grass and sand and gravel for active play. Dance and sports facilities, a computer lab, as well as 13 group rooms and nurseries room — modern kindergarten expected to take

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In p. Debesy (Udmurtia) has opened a kindergarten for 190 places

The village Debesy opened a modern two-storey kindergarten in the village. Under the project it is designed for 190 seats, but will be able to take 240 children.

In total this year in Udmurtia will be introduced 30 new kindergartens for 4000 places.

In Khabarovsk, opened a kindergarten for 230 places

September 6th opening of a new kindergarten number 36 "Rainbow" in the neighborhood "working town" Khabarovsk. Construction was carried out in 2013 for co-financing from the regional budget.

A new kindergarten for 230 places, it will set up 12 teams for children from 2 to 7 years. The institution has a gymnastic and musical halls, sensory room, rooms for additional study circles sessions logopaedic point. Kindergarten is equipped with modern interactive equipment. It will employ more than 30 teachers.


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In p. Golden Steppe Saratov region opened a school for 220


In p. Golden Steppe Soviet district opened a school for 220 places.

Construction of the school was carried out in 2009 within the framework of the federal target program "Social development of rural areas by 2013." The total funding amounted to 110 million rubles.

In the school delivered educational laboratory equipment, and furniture. In addition, the educational institution has received a bus.


In Leninogorsk (Tatarstan) opened a sports complex and a kindergarten for 140 places

On the eve of the Day of the oil and gas industry leninogortsy received from JSC "Tatneft" a few precious gifts: the city has opened a kindergarten for 140 places and a modern sports complex for tennis, basketball, volleyball and fitness.

Construction of the kindergarten "SPRING" cost oil companies of 126 million rubles.

In Yamal ready to open several kindergartens and schools

2013 on the Yamal yielding to a housewarming, but this is not the limit. The coming years will open more and more public facilities, sports complexes only in 2014 will open 12 pieces! These are the results of the "building boom" cover all areas of the county.  

In the taiga village Halyasavey put a new school building for 240 boarding school. September 1 will come here to learn Nenets children.

Kindergarten for 300 places in Labytnangi

Kindergarten for 300 places in g.Muravlenko

Kindergarten for 300 places in the city of

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